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BritCham provides free promotion of your company events, reports and updates. If you would like to release any news and updates, please kindly contact us at (020) 8331 5013 or via email eman.zou@britchamgd.com (Guangzhou), +86 132 6001 3110 or email vicky.luo@britchamgd.com (Shenzhen).

Member News
  • DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL CELEBRATIONS AT THE PARK 广州柏悦酒店推出纯手工飘香端午粽 - Park Hyatt Guangzhou 广州柏悦酒店

    Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with Park Hyatt Guangzhou, where traditional homemade rice dumplings and an exquisite gift pack have been prepared for this special occasion. The rice dumpling gift pack is available from May 30 to June 25, 2020, priced at CNY 328 per pack. Please reserve in advance at +86-20-3769 1234.

  • Online Meeting with the Head Master 校长在线分享日 - Lady Eleanor Holles International School 埃莉诺霍利斯国际学校

    LEH Foshan would like to invite you to join us at our online meeting and talk to our Head Master Mr Steve Allen to have a deeperinsight into the School and know more about our educational philosophy. 佛山LEH诚挚地邀请您参加即将举办的校长在线分享日,进一步了解纯正的英式教育及佛山LEH的方方面面;同时,校长安弘博将会与大家分享更多学校的课程亮点及教育理念。

  • 星河产业三度蝉联“中国产业新城运营商综合实力TOP10”,位列第七 - Galaxy 星河控股


  • Tricor Acts! Work Together to Overcome Difficulties - Tricor 卓佳中国

    It’s been 4 months since the outbreak of Covid-19. The domestic pandemic has been controlled effectively, and the economic and social order has been gradually recovered. Tricor pays tribute to all healthcare workers, volunteers and people who have contributed to fighting against the virus.


    In response of the impact of COVID-19 and get the economy back on track, Chinese authorities at all levels of government have been rolling out a multitude of fiscal supporting policies to strengthen enterprises and ensure the resumption of businesses.

  • EnerGy Membership Summer Offers G式健身初夏特惠! - Residence G 深圳G公寓

    It’s May and that means Shenzhen’s summer weather is already in full swing. Now’s the time to put in the sweat for that summer physique you promised yourself for your New Year’s Resolution. 深圳的五月,阳光灿烂,如火如荼,趁没有盛夏的炎炎浮躁,快来为新年时立下的flag(健身)付出行动吧!

  • 百奥抗疫情国际儿童云派对 Baioo International Children's Day Online Party

    参与世界各地儿童抗疫大联欢:点击以下链接,观看老师视频后,让小朋友模仿老师动作并跟随音乐录制短视频,将视频发到“百奥国际幼教小助手”微信,我们后期剪辑合成后会在6月1日云派对中隆重播出,同时有机会于派对当天抽奖并获精美礼品 You are welcome to participate our Children's Anti-epidemic Gala with other children around the world: Click the following link of our teachers’ demonstration video, let your child watch and imitate the action with the music. Record a short video, and send it to us by scanning below WeChat QR code. Your child’s video will be edited and broadcast together with other children’s videos around the world at the online party on June 1st. In addition, you'll have an opportunity to receive a beautiful gift though our online lucky draw.

  • 中国大酒店扒房 Prime@ China Hotel

    中国大酒店扒房 扒房以手工烤制的扒类、和牛、汉堡、意粉、海鲜及甜品最为闻名。提供舒适优雅的用餐环境及高品质的服务,并设有户外用餐区域,可一边饱览池畔美景及最具广州味道的夕阳,一边享受盘中珍馐。以优质的食材和创新的菜品打动您的味蕾。PRIME offers an exceptional and contemporary dining experience in a classic setting. The restaurant’s menu features high quality beef, ocean fresh fish and seafood as well as modern dishes crafted with market fresh ingredients.

  • 探访深圳首间纯英式寄宿制国际学校:老师已返校 全校均复课 Explore Shenzhen First British Boarding School: Foreign Teachers are Back and the Whole School has Reopened! - Merchiston International School (MIS)深圳曼彻斯通城堡学校


  • Gecko Primary News 12th May 2020 - Shekou International School 深圳蛇口国际学校

    Dear Parents,Today's Covid-19 testing was a little more challenging than last week because of the age of our young learners. However, they were troopers and we thank parents for bringing them on time and helping throughout the process.We are excited to be bringing back the Grade 4 students tomorrow and our campus is gradually filling back up with the laughter of students!The new normal isn't all that bad. Although it is different, the learning certainly continues. Please view this short


    THE LANGHAM, SHENZHEN CELEBRATES THE FINER THINGS IN LIFE WITH THE “EXPERIENCE” CARDMedia ContactsYuky YuDirector of Marketing ServicesThe Langham, ShenzhenTel: (86) 755 8828 8062E-mail: yuky.yu@langhamhotels.comAlice WangAssistant PR ManagerThe Langham, ShenzhenTel: (86) 755 8828 9888 etx.8830Email: alice.h.wang@langhamhotels.com(Shenzhen, May 2020) As a legacy to the signature European luxury hospitality offered by The Langham brand over the last 155 years, The Langham, Shenzhen has been

  • 中国大酒店扒房 Prime@ China Hotel

    中国大酒店扒房 扒房以手工烤制的扒类、和牛、汉堡、意粉、海鲜及甜品最为闻名。提供舒适优雅的用餐环境及高品质的服务,并设有户外用餐区域,可一边饱览池畔美景及最具广州味道的夕阳,一边享受盘中珍馐。臻享久违的味道,用美味治愈漫长的等待,以优质的食材和创新的菜品打动您的味蕾。臻·午餐套餐上线微商城,每位仅需108元,扫描二维码即可购买。英国商会会员更享特别优惠,享用扒房精致午餐仅需88元/位, 夏日打卡下午茶38元/位。营业时间:早餐:07:30 - 10:00午餐:12:00 - 14:30下午茶:14:30 - 17:00地点:广州中国大酒店四楼预

  • Special Room and Dining Promotions from China Hotel, Guangzhou

    囤满惊喜,优享美好,全面开启丰盛满足的五月。各款房间及餐饮套餐热售中,享多重优惠回馈。We are proud to present several special Room and Dining promotions to enhance your experience. We hope you can enjoy this May with happiness and abundance.餐饮钜惠,华丽返场Food and Beverage Special Promotions『一盅两件配壹粽两件』品尝悠悠粽香,好事接“粽”而来,赏味粤式点心的精心匠心,共度美味小“食”光『四季厅早茶点心28选3』组合『一粽两件精品』一粽两件精品包含『传统裹蒸粽』1只及『红豆西米粽』2只微商城优惠价:

  • 首开区投资60亿元,星河(惠州)人工智能产业园奠基仪式圆满举办 - Galaxy 星河产业集团


  • 开学倒计时,我们准备好了,同学们,好久不见!| Guidelines for NAS Shenzhen students - NASShenzhen 深圳诺德安达

    在深圳诺德安达双语学校,我们将学生以及员工的安全,健康视为重中之重。深圳诺德安达双语学校为5月份的开学制定了一系列的开学准备,我们将最大程度严格按照教育局以及集团的制度来保障我们学生的健康以及安全。At NAS Shenzhen, we take the safety and health of students and employees as top priority. NAS Shenzhen has made a series of arrangements for reopening the school in May. We will strictly follow the instructions of the Education Bureau and the NAS Group to ensure the health and safety of the students.开

  • SIS CARES Community Information - Shekou International School 深圳蛇口国际学校

    SIS High School ReturnsIt has been a great week of reconnecting, reflecting and reviewing at our Bayside campus. Students were engaged with teachers and fellow students here and abroad. Welcome Back, Geckos!What is Blended Learning with Assistant Principals Nathan Lill and Craig Ortner1st Grade Celebrates Earth WeekOur first graders celebrated Earth Week in song from their homes all over the globe, under the guidance of their teachers, Mrs. Krebs and Ms. Kay. What started as a reading assignment

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