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SkyRemit Connect Episode 3 - SkyRemit

SkyRemit Connect Episode 3: 

From Graduate to Principal: A Recruiter's Guide to Maximising your International School Career


SkyRemit aims to not only help expats in China send money home in a safe and simple way but also to Connect them with useful living and working skills, facilitating 

their adaptation to life in the country and enabling a more convenient lifestyle. This is why SkyRemit Connect comes.


Livestream Details

Theme:  From Graduate to Principal: A Recruiter's Guide to Maximising your International School Career



Date and Time: April 26th 18:00pm - 18:40pm 



Hosted by: SkyRemit

SkyRemit is powered by Skyee (member of Lakala, stock code: 300773). In year of 2023, Skyee in partnership with Lakala and ICBC, offers an online remittance solution specifically tailored for expats in China to send their RMB earnings home, registered with the People's Bank of China, licensed as MSB and MSO. Recommended by Shanghai Government.

Since our launch in March 2023, SkyRemit has become a trusted choice for over 100,000 users.

SkyRemit provides low-cost, 7*24-hour online, fully English customer service, and remittance services with full payment within 24 hours, greatly addressing the challenges of foreigners in transferring funds out of China.


Special Guest: Red Brick ED

Established by seasoned educators, Richard and May, Red Brick ED deeply understands the intricacies of China’s international education sector.

Over the years, we’ve grown to become one of China’s premier recruitment agencies, celebrated not just for our reach, but for our unmatched commitment to excellence 

and understanding of our partners’ unique needs.

Bridging the gap between elite Schools in China and top teaching talent.



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