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Member News
  • Canadian International School of Guangzhou: First Week of School


    First Week of School开学第一周WOW! What a wonderful week with our students. Our campus feels complete with all of our preschool to grade 12 students at school. We hope you have enjoyed the WeChat messages from your child’s teacher and knowing that your child is receiving the optimum educational experience here at CIS. The students have had a happy first week and we cannot wait to have the best year EVER.哇!和学生们在一起的第一周真是太棒了!因为有了同学们的欢声笑语,校园也变得更加完整。我们希望

  • Merchiston International School Official Opening Ceremony Prize Sponsorship and Booth Application


    Britcham education member Merchiston International School is celebrating its opening on Saturday, 13th October 2018. The whole school teachers and staff, students, parents and the public are coming together to witness this grand occasion, as well as participating in the funfair.We would like to cordially invite youto join this Opening Ceremony on this special day as prize sponsor and/or vendor. Vendors for FB and fun games are especially welcomed –it notonly provides your company with valuable

  • Authentic International Ltd: We Offer 10% Discount on Our Mooncakes for BritCham Members!


    Authentic International Ltd澳森蒂克实业(深圳)有限公司Our mooncakes are all hand made using Australian extra virgin olive oil in both the pastry and fillings. Our campaign can be regarded as an Australian tribute to a much loved Chinese cultural tradition. The artwork shows iconic Australian animals gathered around the watering hole under a full moon, with the slogan 亲朋团圆幸福安康(“Friends and Family together. Health and Happiness”!) which we hopecaptures the spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festi

  • ISC Research: International Education for Chinese Children Continues to Expand


    The demand for international education and learning in the language of English is expanding in many countries around the world, none more so than China. Such education is now accessible for children at English-speaking or bilingual private schools that offer an international curriculum (eg the International Baccalaureate) or a curriculum other than the country’s national curriculum (often the National Curriculum of England or an American style of curriculum), and with a decidedly international

  • Stone Eden Nursery Has Established a Long-term Partnership With IQAir Group


    0-3岁的宝宝,大部分时间是在室内度过的,这一阶段宝宝的机体抵抗能力相对较低,所以,给婴儿宝宝一个环保、安全、舒适的室内环境,对宝宝的健康发育、成长至关重要。Babies aged 0-3, who they spend most of their time indoors, need an environmentally friendly, safe and comfortable indoor environment.最近是三伏天,不少宝宝特别容易生病,咳嗽、打喷嚏、发烧不断。宝宝生病的原因有很多,但其中一个元凶你可能意想不到:那就是室内的空气质量太差了!Recently, a lot of babies got a cold, cough and fever., one of the reas

  • 第一太平戴维斯中国广州公司搬迁通知 Savills China Guangzhou Office Relocation Announcement


    第一太平戴维斯物业顾问(广州)有限公司从2018年8月18日起搬迁到新地址办公: On 18 August 2018, Savills relocated its Guangzhou office to the following address:Suite 1301, RF Center, No.10 Hua Xia Road, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou, China, 510623中国广州市珠江新城华夏路10号富力中心1301室,510623 电话/Tel:+86 20 36654800传真/Fax:+86 20 36654801, +86 20 36654802此次搬迁是对我们办公环境的极大提升,亦是我们在广州市场发展的重要里程碑。新办公室以超一流的办公硬件与品牌形象令客户和员工感受到第一太平戴维

  • The British Ball is Back, Nobler Than Ever!


    Founded in 1998, The British Ball is an annual fundraiser dinner aiming to raise money for worthy causes in the spirit of fun, while celebrating Britishness in Beijing. We cordially invite you, your friends and family to attend and participate in this historic event.Thematically British, the ball is the perfect occasion to carouse, network and show support to community-serving organizations while commemorating the best aspects of British culture. Themes of previous dinners include Harry Potter,

  • St. James’s Place Offers Exclusive Privilege for BritCham members


    St. James’s Place Offers Exclusive Privilege for British Chamber Guangdong Members – 1,000RMB off selected servicesSt. James’s Place Wealth Management would like to offer all British passport holders residing in China an exclusive privilege for being a member of the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong.Our services are extended to UK citizens living in China.It is important that British expatriates receive appropriate UK and international tax guidance and ensure that they have a Will and Gua

  • 穿越半个世纪的洁净传奇


    来自瑞士的IQAir始终专注于室内空气净化技术研发及制造。自1963年起, IQAir凭借高效的性能享誉全球,为家庭、办公室、医院、学校、博物馆等提供室内空气净化解决方案。2016年IQAir 集团在中国成立全资子公司,开启直营商业模式。本着为中国市场提供更优质服务和支持的宗旨,蕴含瑞士精工制造技艺、凝聚匠人精神的 IQAir 秉承其在空气净化器领域半个多世纪的经验,更直接地服务于中国的企业和家庭用户。IQAir 空气净化系统被广泛应用于家庭、办公以及其它公共建筑环境,其室内空气净化及滤芯技术获得全球众多奖项。公司积极参与环境和健康

  • 三伏天的广州太热?快来瑞士……周清凉一夏!





    Take off to a new office lifestyle with us on next WednesdayWelcome aboard the ATLAS Spaceship! ATLAS Shenzhen Grand Opening party will be held on next Wednesday, August 8th at 4th floor of Shenzhen Aerospace Science and Technology Square. In ATLAS Shenzhen Grand Opening party, you can enjoy fantastic performance with aerospace characteristics such as Aerospace Popping and Exotic Songs, and participate in interactive activitieslikePin Ball Space Mission and the fancy face painting. You will get

  • Aug 8: 如何抓住亚马逊的财富机会


    广州市商务委丨电子商务大讲堂 主题:如何抓住亚马逊的财富机会 讲座内容: 一、亚马逊商业模式、前景及投入产出 二、亚马逊常规运营难点破解 三、亚马逊千万卖家绝密干货 四、神秘大卖家分享实战经验

  • The British Business Awards 2018 Call for Judges


    The British Business Awards 2018 Call for JudgesThe British Business Awards (BBA) 2018 is currently seeking judges in either China or the UK for nine different awards. We’re interested to hear from any senior members of the British-Chinese business communities that would be interested to use their expertise to assess the high-standards of award applications. Some of the advantages for participating judges will be: Engagement with the British business community in China. Discover more about wha

  • The Wealth Report Lunch Conference丨财富报告午餐研讨会


    Speeches from industry experts and captivating performances will illustrate the global power of wealth.

  • 2018税收制度及新政解读丨专题讲座


    背景:自2017年中旬以来,税务大事件就犹如雨后春笋,影响着国内的中小微企业。根据专家预测,调整个人所得税税率、趋向查账征收等一连串政策改革将在2018年加速实施。面对税务政策变化如此频繁的时期,不懂中国税收制度、忽略新政、随意申报,或许您不仅是让公司陷入困境,也错过了一个公司发展的好机遇。2018年,生意人最重要的话题应该有“税”讲座内容一、2018税收制度1. 公司常见经营活动的税种、税务改革措施2. 最新税收优惠,今年您报税如何省税?二、剖析热门税务大事件1. 十大热门税务事件2. 掌握税制变革,成为省税赢家讲座信息

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