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BritCham provides free promotion of your company events, reports and updates. If you would like to release any news and updates, please kindly contact us at (020) 8331 5013 or via email eman.zou@britchamgd.com (Guangzhou), +86 132 6001 3110 or email vicky.luo@britchamgd.com (Shenzhen).

  • DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL CELEBRATIONS AT THE PARK 广州柏悦酒店推出纯手工飘香端午粽 - Park Hyatt Guangzhou 广州柏悦酒店

    Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with Park Hyatt Guangzhou, where traditional homemade rice dumplings and an exquisite gift pack have been prepared for this special occasion. The rice dumpling gift pack is available from May 30 to June 25, 2020, priced at CNY 328 per pack. Please reserve in advance at +86-20-3769 1234.

  • EnerGy Membership Summer Offers G式健身初夏特惠! - Residence G 深圳G公寓

    It’s May and that means Shenzhen’s summer weather is already in full swing. Now’s the time to put in the sweat for that summer physique you promised yourself for your New Year’s Resolution. 深圳的五月,阳光灿烂,如火如荼,趁没有盛夏的炎炎浮躁,快来为新年时立下的flag(健身)付出行动吧!

  • 中国大酒店扒房 Prime@ China Hotel

    中国大酒店扒房 扒房以手工烤制的扒类、和牛、汉堡、意粉、海鲜及甜品最为闻名。提供舒适优雅的用餐环境及高品质的服务,并设有户外用餐区域,可一边饱览池畔美景及最具广州味道的夕阳,一边享受盘中珍馐。以优质的食材和创新的菜品打动您的味蕾。PRIME offers an exceptional and contemporary dining experience in a classic setting. The restaurant’s menu features high quality beef, ocean fresh fish and seafood as well as modern dishes crafted with market fresh ingredients.

  • 中国大酒店扒房 Prime@ China Hotel

    中国大酒店扒房 扒房以手工烤制的扒类、和牛、汉堡、意粉、海鲜及甜品最为闻名。提供舒适优雅的用餐环境及高品质的服务,并设有户外用餐区域,可一边饱览池畔美景及最具广州味道的夕阳,一边享受盘中珍馐。臻享久违的味道,用美味治愈漫长的等待,以优质的食材和创新的菜品打动您的味蕾。臻·午餐套餐上线微商城,每位仅需108元,扫描二维码即可购买。英国商会会员更享特别优惠,享用扒房精致午餐仅需88元/位, 夏日打卡下午茶38元/位。营业时间:早餐:07:30 - 10:00午餐:12:00 - 14:30下午茶:14:30 - 17:00地点:广州中国大酒店四楼预

  • Special Room and Dining Promotions from China Hotel, Guangzhou

    囤满惊喜,优享美好,全面开启丰盛满足的五月。各款房间及餐饮套餐热售中,享多重优惠回馈。We are proud to present several special Room and Dining promotions to enhance your experience. We hope you can enjoy this May with happiness and abundance.餐饮钜惠,华丽返场Food and Beverage Special Promotions『一盅两件配壹粽两件』品尝悠悠粽香,好事接“粽”而来,赏味粤式点心的精心匠心,共度美味小“食”光『四季厅早茶点心28选3』组合『一粽两件精品』一粽两件精品包含『传统裹蒸粽』1只及『红豆西米粽』2只微商城优惠价:

  • A relaxing and fun family day celebrating all Mothers with Liberty Brunch - Residence G Shenzhen 深圳G公寓

    A relaxing and fun family day celebrating all Mothers with Liberty Brunch!10th May 2020 Sunday, 11am - 4pm208+RMB/adult and 68+RMB/kid (4-10 years old)Additional 88+RMB/adult for free flow of ClubHouse wineComplimentary free flow ClubHouse wine for all moms and swimming pool access for the whole family!Scan the flyer QR code and RSVP by 9th May 2020

  • Capri by Fraser Shenzhen Latest promotional activities

    Capri by Fraser Shenzhen is located at the heart of Yantian District, within a mix of corporate offices, shopping malls and transportation options.It has total 184 rooms various from Studio and One bedroom apartments equipped with modern design and kitchen facilities for premier room type.The most impressive facility is our infinity swimming pool at 45A floor overlook beautiful Dapeng Bay attracted many guests from all over China and overseas to take memorable pictures at poolside.It is great op

  • Innovation & Business Park Shenzhen Galaxy World - Galaxy Industry Group 星河产业集团

    Dear British Chamber Members,Discover benefits of setting up your local offices and RD headquarters in Shenzhen Galaxy World Innovation Business Park. Our project already has over 700 companies settled in, including Global Fortune 500, famous European, American, British brands.No matter you are startup or established company, we have all types of spaces available like traditional offices, co-working and even incubator spaces where you can also register WFOE.Proximity to Futian CBD, Hong Kong K

  • 线上开放日,大咖带您“云”探校 - Yew Wah International School 耀华国际学校

    本次开放日,我们将最大程度地呈现广州耀华在过去五年里积累的教学点滴和精彩瞬间,让家长们足不出户也可以深入探知耀华校园的方方面面。 我们也将首次集合了中外籍校长、学科主管、学部主管、学生活动主管和宿舍主管等教学和生活的核心管理团队,为家长展现一个丰富多彩且温暖真实的耀华学习生活;我们还将邀请校长和主管们线上带领家长漫步校园、畅谈教育;各个学部以及各个学科的老师也将在各个分会场介绍学部及学科的详情,观众可以根据自己的需要设定你线上探索耀华的线路,根据自己的兴趣选择需要了解和咨询的内容;当天我们还开设中外籍校长在线答疑直播间。

  • 广州深圳商用物业市场回顾与展望 - Savills 第一太平戴维斯


  • 为爱加油 | 沃特宝贝英国总部,我们等你! - WaterBabies 沃特宝贝

    77天前,因新冠肺炎疫情的爆发武汉被迫按下了暂停键全国上下也笼罩在如野兽般的黑夜里望不到凛冽冬日的尽头||77天后,2020年4月8日守得云开见月明的武汉带着熟悉的热气腾腾的热干面,回来啦按下播放键,许下美好愿景▶但这只是属于中国的胜利,并不属于世界从全世界疫情现状来看这场新冠肺炎抗疫才刚刚开始而欧洲更是成为了全球疫情的重灾区春暖花开之日仍是未知数在人类命运共同体的理念之下滴水之恩,涌泉相报中国在第一时间向多个国家伸出了援手青山一道,同担风雨/ / /沃特宝贝中国总部也心系英国疫情的发展始终和沃特宝贝英国总

  • PARK HYATT GUANGZHOU PRESENTS BOTANIC AFTERNOON TEA 广州柏悦酒店悦厅推出「簇锦」下午茶套餐 - Park Hyatt Guangzhou 广州柏悦酒店

    PARK HYATT GUANGZHOU PRESENTS BOTANIC AFTERNOON TEA To celebrate the season of revival, rejuvenation and renewal, when gardens sprout and quickly reach their peak beauty, Living Room at Park Hyatt Guangzhou presents a botanic-themed afternoon tea set showcasing sweet delights infused with springtime flavors. The afternoon tea set is available from now till 31 May, priced at CNY 468 per two persons.


    With global demand for air freight being affected by the pandemic, we are helping clients secure good rates on charter flights for larger shipments from China to the UK.We have a range of aircraft available now including full freighter charters and belly charters (passenger aircraft using baggage and cargo hold).DEDICATED WEEKLY FREIGHTERS FOR HAND SANITISERSTo help service the current high demand for hand sanitisers across the UK, we have arranged a dedicated freighter flying from Guanzhou/Shen

  • Winter Special Promotion 冬季特惠推广 - Capri by Fraser, Shenzhen 深圳凯贝丽君临海域服务公寓

    连住推广:- 促销时间:2019.11.04-2019.12.29- 住宿时间: 2019.11.04-2019.12.29具体方案如下:1.Room Type Room Rate Valid time优惠户型与价格及有效时间Room Type: Studio Deluxe Seaview (21 Sqm) 户型:豪华大床房(21平米)Room Rate: CNY 548/on the First night, 50% discount on the second night,(that means for any continuous stay for 2 night and above,CNY 411 Per Night)价格:首晚人民币548元净价,次晚半价备注:即预定两晚及以上的价格是每晚411元净价Booking Period:Nov 04, 2019—Dec 29, 2019预订日期:2019

  • Children Dental Package Special Offer - Bupa Quality HealthCare Guangzhou Medical Centre

    Bupa Quality HealthCare Guangzhou Medical Centre is Bupa first integrated medical centre in mainland China, delivering professional, caring and affordable medical services to both individual and corporate clients including family medicine, pediatric, gynecology, ENT and dental service etc. We provide one-stop service solution to facilitate comprehensive medical service, specialist referrals and service benefits within our strong Greater Bay Area network.保柏卓健广州医疗中心是保柏在中国大陆首家高

  • Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou - A Sumptuous Feast of Premium Australian Beef

    From April 4 to April 8, Catch invites Chef Peter Van Es, the Brand Ambassador of Stockyard, to present local guests the most reputable wagyu beef with his well-trained cooking skills. A lavish feast of Wagyu beef will be presented at Catch by using Wagyu and Angus Beef provided by the most prestigious beef brand Stockyard.

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