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  • The British Business Awards 2018 Call for Judges


    The British Business Awards 2018 Call for JudgesThe British Business Awards (BBA) 2018 is currently seeking judges in either China or the UK for nine different awards. We’re interested to hear from any senior members of the British-Chinese business communities that would be interested to use their expertise to assess the high-standards of award applications. Some of the advantages for participating judges will be: Engagement with the British business community in China. Discover more about wha

  • AI Will Be a Big Part of Our Future – but What Does That Mean for Businesses Searching for Talent?


    AI Will Be a Big Part of Our Future – but What Does That Mean for Businesses Searching for Talent? AI大展身手的未来,企业招聘将何去何从?

  • Five attributes that multi-lingual candidates can offer any organisation 多语言求职者带给企业的五项优秀品质 @Hays


    Simon Lance 兰熙蒙 Managing Director, Greater China at Hays瀚纳仕大中华区执行总监

  • 2018 Hays Asia Salary Guide Launched


    WELCOME TO 2018 HAYS ASIA SALARY GUIDE The salary and hiring insights in this eleventh edition of our annual Guide are drawn from over 3,000 employersacross Asia representing some six million employees. Employers across the region are unanimous in the belief that business activity and their local economies will strengthen in 2018. Despite the growing optimism, many employers are remaining cautious on increasing headcount in the year ahead. Read mor

  • 2018 British Business in China Report


    2018 British Business in China Report

  • Doing Business in Hong Kong


    Doing Business in Hong KongHong Kong Business Climate and HistoryIn 1842, the port of Hong Kong was ceded to the British as part of the Treaty of Nanking. During this time period, Hong Kong’s main industries were shipping, banking as well as merchant companies. However, industries began to diversify to meet the growing needs of the local inhabitants. These growing industries included, retail and commercial services, but also shipbuilding and maintenance due to the presence of the British Navy s

  • Foreign Investment in China


    Direct Foreign Investment in ChinaSummaryChina has released a newCatalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Invested Industries. The catalogue is a legal document listing what industries are open for foreign investors. It has been revised and re-released many times since its creation in 1995. The new edition is the 7thversion since the catalogue’s inception. The official 2017 catalogue was published on the 28thJune 2017 and extended nationwide on the 28thof July 2017. Through the catalogue,several i

  • Cyber Security in China and Data Protection


    Cyber Security in China and Data ProtectionBackgroundWith China's new Cybersecurity Law, effective 1st June 2017, businesses in China will find themselves facing increased internetregulation with the aim to protect Critical Information Infrastructure (CII). Critical Information Infrastructure is broadly defined inArticle 31 of the law as public communication and information services, power, traffic, water, finance, public service, electronicgovernance and other critical information infrastru

  • The Belt and Road Initiative


    The Belt and Road InitiativeBackgroundThe ‘Belt and Road Initiative' (BRI) or ‘One Belt, One Road’ (OBOR) is a project launched by China to develop countries and improve global connectivity. First unveiled in 2013 by Chinese President Xi Jinping, the initiative has and continues to grow in scale and popularity. The initiative is focused on creating networks that will allow for a more efficient and productive free flow of trade as well as further integration of international markets both p

  • China’s Five-in-One Business License: Pressure Mounts for Foreign Businesses to Implement


    Companies in China with soon-to-be outdated certification would be wise to put theFive-in-One business license amendment on their upcoming agenda. China’s Five-in-One system combines a business’ tax registration certificate, organization code, business license, social security registration certificate, and statistical registration certificate into a single document with one social credit code. This has made setting up a business in China faster and easier for foreign investors.

  • Export Tax Rebates in China


    Any exporting enterprise in China should be well versed in its tax rebate policy. The government began to implement the policy in April 1985 as a way to enhance the country’s competitiveness in foreign markets by eliminating double taxation on exported goods. Export tax rebates refer to refunds of indirect taxes paid by exporting enterprises in the production and distribution process.

  • Not All Immigration Is Bad



  • Hong Kong’s Startup Scene: the Future of Mainland–Hong Kong Economic Cooperation


    While Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem is relatively young, it has grown quickly in recent years. Many entrepreneurs are attracted by the city’s high rate of internet penetration, which has allowed for greater adoption of tech innovations. Additionally, the Hong Kong government has been aggressively promoting initiatives to expand entrepreneurship in the face of increased competition from southeast China.

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