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The Britcham Training Series will be delivered in central business locations in Guangzhou by qualified and experienced corporate trainers from accredited organisations. The training courses aim to keep our members informed and inspired.

BritCham Training
  • Jul 5: Personal Organisation and Productivity 个人组织及效率管理


    This workshop will lead you through techniques to reduce stress and improve personal organisation, which can be applied by individuals as well as companies.

  • Jul 26: Executive Presence in Global Teams - Be Visible and Get Your Ideas Heard 培养管理者风范-让团队听到你的声音


    By the end of this half-day training, participants will have the skills to demonstrate their executive presence to get noticed through effective participation in global teams. Through using the Three Pillars of Executive Presence, participants will be able to better achieve deadlines, get resources, motivate colleagues to take action, get buy-in from senior stakeholders, and bring attention to and resolve problems when working on multicultural teams.

  • Jul 27: Better Manage Your Data - Excel Data Management & Skills 职场精英必会EXCEL数据处理技巧


    Head along to this seminar where we will learn many skills ranging from data searches to making rapid reports highlighting the information needed by others. This seminar is ideal for those who work with Excel on a daily basis and would like to improve their efficiency.

  • Aug 16: Effectively Data Report Design - Excel Pivot Table Training EXCEL快速搞定自动化报表设计


    Did you mad at making work report at the end of each month or year? How can we rapid making our report within large amount of data? How to present such diverse information and data in the most intuitive way? And for the god sake, who can end the endless overtime? Come and join our course, you will find making report can be so easy that you have never thought. Experience the rapid pleasure of completes the data report in 1min. Try the processes of build automatically updated reports and make your work easier than ever before!

  • Aug 30: Business Writing: Email, WeChat and Beyond 商务写作(邮件及微信等)


    This workshop is for anyone who wants to produce effective, modern, reader-friendly business writing. In this workshop, you will benefit from simple techniques to improve communication which take best advantage of the media you are using.

  • Sep 7: Global Leadership 跨国领导力


    By the end of this training, participants will be able to identify how culture plays a critical role in business and team interactions; adapt traditional tools to fit and work within a new cultural context to achieve greater business results; and begin to identify the best talent and organisational opportunities for continued growth.

  • Oct 25: Making Meetings Count 成功会议的促成


    This workshop is for business people who need to participate in and chair meetings on a regular basis. It has already achieved successful results for major corporations and Consulates in China. If you think you already have good communication skills, this workshop will improve them even further, whether or not you are from an English speaking background.

  • Nov 8: Presenting to International Audiences 演讲技巧— 向国际听众作报告


    During this one-day workshop, participants will improve their ability to plan, design and deliver impactful presentations to international audiences. They will learn to target presentations to specific audiences, map out the core message clearly and develop powerful content. They will leave with the techniques to build credibility, connect with the audiences from around the world and inspire people to take action.

  • May 10: Leading the Team 团队领导力


    The workshop will develop your capability to understand, strengthen and focus your team, in an interactive and engaging way. You will use tools to examine the strength of your own team and the areas where the team needs to improve, as well as the critical competencies required from you as team leader.

  • Mar 28: Excel - Data Visualisation EXCEL数据可视化


    With a large number of practical cases, it explains the problems, common needs and the short board and blind area of EXCEL related applications in the workplace. It enables attendees to understand and master functions and practical skills of EXCEL in an all-round way, which can meet the diverse data processing needs in daily work and improve employees work efficiency and data processing quality.

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