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BritCham provides free promotion of your company events, reports and updates. If you would like to release any news and updates, please kindly contact us at (020) 8331 5013 or via email eman.zou@britchamgd.com (Guangzhou), +86 132 6001 3110 or email vicky.luo@britchamgd.com (Shenzhen).

  • Join Our Webinar Next Week 相约爱莎科学城线上专题宣讲会 - ISA Science City International School 广州科学城爱莎外籍人员子女学校

    Dear Parents, 亲爱的家长, It is our pleasure to invite you to join our next Webinar, taking place on Thursday 26th March. In this next interactive session, our Founding Head of School, Mr David Edwards, will guide you through detail on the IB curriculum continuum and how this will provide wonderful learning opportunities at ISA Science City. 我们诚挚邀请您于3月26日(周四)参加爱莎科学城线上专题宣讲会。届时,校长David Edwards先生将带领您全面了解学生在爱莎科学城是如何践行IB(国际文凭项目)连续性学习。 This next Webinar will take place on Thursday, 26th March and will be a great opportunity for you to explore the IB teaching and learning at our school, as well as having your questions answered by our Head of School online. 此次专题宣讲会将是您感受IB国际文凭项目教学魅力的绝佳机会,校长还将会为您在线答疑。

  • 广州市番禺区诺德安达学校将于3月14日以在线直播的方式举办线上校园开放日 - Nord Anglia School Guangzhou, Panyu 广州市番禺区诺德安达学校

    在本周六(3月14日)早上10点,广州市番禺区诺德安达学校将以在线直播的方式举办线上校园开放日。活动环节包括: 1. 家长说明会:校长及教育学监介绍集团及学校。 2. 与教师对话:了解广州诺校强大师资团队。 3. 虚拟课堂:了解诺德安达的课堂特色。 4. 在线参观校园:安坐家中体验国际标准的校园设施 5. 校长直播间:实时答疑,了解学校最新动态,与校长保持互动。 Nord Anglia School Guangzhou, Panyu will hold a virtual open on 14th March. Let's find out the event highlights! 1. Parent Info Session: Two Principals will share their educational insights and introduce the curriculum. 2. Meet Our Teachers: know more about our school outstanding teachers’ team 3. mock classroom: a video introduces how do we have our class 4. Online School Tour: You can see our outstanding facilities at home. 5. Principals’ Q&A: Find out more information about our school by interacting with our principals online.

  • 佛山市诺德安达学校线上校园开放日中学专场活动 - Nord Anglia School Foshan 广州市番禺区诺德安达学校

    在本周六(3月14日)早上10点,佛山市诺德安达学校将以在线直播的方式举办“中学专场”校园开放日。活动环节包括: 1. 家长说明会:校长及教育学监与您分享教育心得及学校课程介绍。 2. 与教师对话:与孩子未来的老师进行“零距离”沟通。 3. “从家到家”感受寄宿生活:了解诺德安达的寄宿文化。 4. 在线参观校园:安坐家中体验国际标准的校园设施 5. 招生直播间:实时答疑,了解学校最新招生资讯,提前预约探校。 Nord Anglia School Foshan will hold a virtual open day for Secondary students. Let's find out the event highlights! 1. Parent Info Session: Two Principals will share their educational insights and introduce the curriculum. 2. Meet Our Teachers: Interact with teachers and get to know their teaching philosophy 3.’From home to home’: Boarding programme introduction 4. Online School Tour: You can see our outstanding facilities at home. 5. Admissions Q&A: Find out the latest admissions information by interacting with our Admissions Team online. We will open some opportunities for families to book

  • 《Savills大湾区甲级写字楼指数》研究报告 |线上首发,直播抢看!- Savills

    《Savills大湾区甲级写字楼指数》 报告发布会 暨疫情下大湾区写字楼市场论坛

  • Treat your loved ones this Women’s Day with Residence G ! 女神节快乐!| Residence G

    International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on 8th March. This day has rapidly turned into a celebration of the struggles women experience around the world, and a day to celebrate the women we love and cherish - our mothers, sisters, loved ones, and friends. 每年3月8日是国际妇女节。一个庆祝世界各地女性辛苦奋斗的日子,也是一个庆祝我们所爱和珍惜的女性的日子——我们的母亲、姐妹、亲人和朋友。There are many ways to express appreciation and love for the women in our lives. One extra special way would be to invite them to one of the best brunches in town that includes a free One Day Pass @ EnerGy Fitness! 生活中,有很多方式来表达对女性的欣赏和爱。G式精彩是邀请她们品尝G公寓美味的早午餐,体验健身中心(赠一日健身体验卡)! You do not have to leave the city to enjoy International Women’s Day at Residence G Shenzhen! 不必离开城市就可以在深圳G公寓享受国际妇女节! Discover our Women’s Day Brunch Special that will be held on March 8, 2020 了解我们将于2020年3月8日举行

  • 别开生面“云探校”直播报名开始啦|NAS Shenzhen Virtual Open Day Sign Up - Nord Anglia School Shenzhen 广州市番禺区诺德安达学校

    2020新年伊始一场肆虐全球的新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情,让学生和家长们措手不及。响应教育部要求,深圳市龙华区诺德安达双语学校迅速对在校学生的教学安排以及招生活动进行调整,在保证家长以及学生的安全为出发点,开启 “云探校” 直播,直播时间为2020年3月15日 上午10:00 到12:00,下面我们来看下云直播都有哪些内容吧。 COVID – 19 caught everyone off guard right after the holiday. Chinese provinces have since postponed the scheduled start time of the new semester. NAS Shenzhen quickly responded by implementing high quality online learning opportunities for our students. Moreover, while ensuring the safety of parents and students, NAS Shenzhen is following all local and national guidance with regards to our online learning and preparation for the safe return of our students and staff. Until that time, we are excited to share with you more about our school online. NAS Shenzhen will give a live online “Cloud Broadcast” on March 15, 2020 (10:00 am - 12:00 am). Parents will be able to meet the teachers and p

  • Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou Retains Five-Star Rating From the 2020 Forbes Travel Guide Awards - Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

    Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou Retains Five-Star Rating From the 2020 Forbes Travel Guide Awards

  • Vista-SK is providing online consultations for Family Medicine and Pediatrics - Vista

    ​Need a doctor but don't want to risk leaving home? Running out of your prescription medication? Don't worry, Vista's got your back. In light of the current situation Vista-SK is providing online consultations for Family Medicine and Pediatrics with our General Practitioner Dr Harvey Mao. If you just need some general questions answered Dr Harvey Mao can provide free online guidance in our new WeChat group… or speak with our reception about setting up a one-on-one online medical consultation with Dr Harvey or to get your prescription refills. Prescription medication, over the counter medication, hand sanitizer, and other supplies are also available through our pharmacy. For those suffering anxiety or needing extra support during this time our Mental Health Department is able to organize online psychology and psychiatry sessions online with Dr Rhoda Despabiladeras or Dr Emanuele Gatti. While we are still eagerly awaiting the approval to re-open our medical center, Vista

  • Construction close to completion, LEH International School Foshan opening in September 2020 佛山埃莉诺霍利斯外籍人员子女学校9月启幕 - LEH International School Foshan

    Lady Eleanor Holles (LEH) International School Foshan is preparing for its grand opening in September 2020. The School will focus on encouraging students to be bold in their learning, on achieving exceptional academic performance and developing remarkable young adults able to play a positive role in society and to become the leaders of tomorrow. 佛山埃莉诺霍利斯外籍人员子女学校正在紧锣密鼓地筹备,将于2020年9月正式开校。学校以鼓励学生大胆探索作为重点,旨在培养学术成绩优异,并且能够在社会中发挥积极作用、成为明日领袖的优秀青年。

  • Calling on the up and coming leaders in Accounting and Finance - GROWDynamics

    GROWDynamics is calling on the up and coming leaders in Accounting and Finance!

  • UISG Admissions Information Sessions UISG招生咨询会 - Utahloy International School Guangzhou广州誉德莱国际学校

    UISG is hosting information sessions on January 15th and 16th, 2020 from 10am to 12pm. This is a great opportunity to hear about the school and to visit our beautiful campus. The sessions are conducted by the Admissions Team. Please register on our Website or by phone +86(20) 8720 0517 Looking forward to seeing many of you!

  • 18 UNDER 室内高尔夫工作室 - 18 UNDER LIMITED 深圳十八杆高尔夫管理有限公司

    高尔夫? GET! 如您想掌握⼀⻔社交性的运动技能, ⾼尔夫将是您的最优之选! 来18UNDER室内⾼尔夫⼯作室我们不仅能让您学到最精致实⽤的⾼尔夫知识与技巧, 提升球技的同时还能让您凭借出⾊的姿态和礼仪在⼈群中脱颖⽽出! 单位团建还在苦恼公司团建活动的场地? 搞拓展却要看天⾏事? 来18UNDER室内⾼尔夫⼯作室吧这⾥有宽敞舒适⼜安全的活动空间

  • Volunteer Blood Drive 公益献血活动招募 - Guangzhou United Family Hospital 广州和睦家医院

    With 2020 just around the corner, its time to be thankful, and most importantly, it's time to give. A lot of us are making wishes, but for some, the only wish is to keep living. If you could be someone's second chance to live, would you? Bad Beach Swimwear, together with Guangzhou United Family Hospital, are organizing a massive blood drive on January 11th.

  • 广州四季酒店潮FUN年夜饭 - Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou 广州四季酒店

    中国,广州 – 2019年12月17日 –吉鼠迎春,潮聚四季。广州四季酒店首次于2020年1月24日除夕之夜,在裙楼三楼大宴会厅推出“潮FUN新年夜”,多款精美传统粤膳点缀新春团美宴,更有特备精彩余庆环节及惊喜抽奖,让宾客在欢腾雀跃的氛围中齐贺中国年。此次年夜饭以今年流行的国潮风为主题,大宴会厅届时将会布置一新,展现浓浓中国新年的时尚味道。活动安排则充满娱乐性,宾客可在趣味玩乐与精彩表演中度过喜庆欢聚的一夜。到场客人即可参与中国风十足的暖场游园活动,包括“时尚书法”、“国粹剪纸”等以及试穿国潮京剧戏服,拍照留念。

  • Professional Development Workshops for Early Years Practitioners - Mastermind International Education 广州美偲德迈语言教育有限公司

    Workshop 1: Development stages of early childhood; Workshop 2: Helping children self regulate their behavior; Workshop 3: Three characteristics of effective teaching and learning; Workshop 4: Exceptional practice within the early years classroom

  • DFG Christmas - Dream Makers Program 2.0 - DFG (Guangzhou) Arts & Culture 东芙吉(广州)艺术文化有限公司

    DFG is a creative platform which allows people from all walks of life to showcase their talents to inspire others.DFG is excited to introduce to you our Dream Makers Program 2.0 this is an arts and culture program that started as a summer camp for both boys and girls of all ages. DFG是一个创意平台,让各行各业的人展示自己的才华,激励他人。DFG很高兴向大家介绍我们的Dream Makers Program 2.0这是一个艺术和文化项目,最初是为所有年龄段孩子举办的夏令营。

  • International Festival Of Light 2019 - Utahloy International School Guangzhou 广州誉德莱国际学校

    It gives us great pleasure to invite you to attend our annual International Festival Of Light on the 7th December between 1pm and 6:30pm. This event brings the UISG community together as a family to enjoy the festivities and wonderful entertainment on offer to everyone. The stage programme includes performances by our choirs, dancers, string groups, rock band and orchestras. Younger children can enjoy the early Years Fun Fair including a carousel, trampoline, Face Painting, Treasure hunt, Bouncy Castle and a Santa's Grotto. The whole family can enjoy the festive atmosphere, shopping booths, rope climbing, and delicious international foods and drinks.

  • CIS Winter Festival - Canadian International School of Guangzhou 加拿大国际学校

    Jingle bells ring and carolers sing! Plus Santa Claus is on his way! Are you to join our annual Winter Festival on December 14th? Read below for details about this year's festivities! Get a nice photo with Santa under our 10 metre Christmas tree. There will be over 50 booths from CIS community waiting for you with spectacular games, books, candy, and of course great food and drinks! Click to check out video of our Winter Festival Carnival

  • Winter Festival - ISA International School Guangzhou 广州爱莎国际学校

    The Best Way to Welcome Winter Season: Come and Enjoy ISA Winter Festival at Canton Tower Winter is coming and it is time to have a party for the lovely season! Every year, ISA International School of Guangzhou organizes Winter Festival based on different themes for people coming from all over the world to embrace the beautiful winter. This year, the theme will be ‘Our Earth’. The Canton Tower 2F will transform into a small earth where forests and glaciers blend together. Come to experience the

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