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BritCham provides free promotion of your company events, reports and updates. If you would like to release any news and updates, please kindly contact us at (020) 8331 5013 or via email eman.zou@britchamgd.com (Guangzhou), +86 132 6001 3110 or email vicky.luo@britchamgd.com (Shenzhen).

  • Summer Latin Fusion Dancing Party - Shenzhen Runze ReNice Medical Beauty Hospital

    Summer Latin Fusion Dancing Party for ReNice Foreign Members is going to be held by Shenzhen Runze ReNice Medical Beauty Hospital on Friday, July 12nd, 2019.

  • 2019 Broadway Musicals Summer Camp - DreamBox Cultural Communication Corp. Ltd (Shenzhen)

    The 7th Broadway Musical Summer Camp of Dreambox in 2019 is led by a team of top teachers graduated from The Juilliard School in the United States. Join us! 2019 Broadway Musicals Summer Camp.

  • 3RS To Riches - DFG (Guangzhou) Arts & Culture

    DFG (Guangzhou) Arts & Culture holds the workshop about The 3R’s to Riches:On The Edge- The Power Series! The founder of the global brand DFG, Leeza Gorden shares her journey from London to China.

  • Health and Wealth Seminar Residence G Shenzhen - St James’s Place Wealth Management

    Health and Wealth Seminar Residence G ShenzhenThe seminars are hosted by financial planning experts from St. James’s Place Wealth Management, together with Vista-SK International Medical Center Shenzhen established in 2014. It is an international standard medical center offering superior medical care in a comfortable and caring atmosphere.Medical Departments include:Family MedicinePediatricsOb/GynDental ClinicRehabilitation (Chiropractic, Physiotherapy Sports Medicine)Traditional Chinese Medic

  • St James’s Place wins 3 awards at the Wealth Adviser Magazine Awards in London! - St James’s Place Wealth Management

    St James’s Place wins 3 awards at the Wealth Adviser Magazine Awards in London!It was a triumphant month in May for St. James's Place as we won a number of prestigious awards at the Wealth Adviser magazine awards ceremony held in London. We retained the ‘Best Wealth Planning Team’award and in addition for this year, also separately won the ‘Best High Net Worth Team’and'Best Wealth Manager – Growth Portfolio’award categories.Readers of Wealth Adviser magazine, which includes instit

  • Dream Team Summer Camp - DFG (Guangzhou) Arts & Culture

    Dream Team Summer Camp Improving Children's confidence through performing Arts. Only 8 children

  • Every Day English - DFG (Guangzhou) Arts & Culture

    Every Day EnglishWe are available to take our next round of classes June 24. We have the availability to take on at least 20 students for one on one and classes no more than 4 people. Our classes are on and offline.

  • 3 Day Retreat - DFG (Guangzhou) Arts & Culture

    3 Day Retreat A personal development workshop concentrating on a cross cultural relationships and business, scan QR code for more information Workshops for building your brand and business. Leading a diverse team successfully and how to it make it work for you.Relationships The mind of a man Finding your true purpose.Techniques for success Cross cultural relationship - how to build successful cross cultural relationship.Wellness work shop.

  • MH LakeFest 2019 - Mission Hills

    Celebrate Summer at the one-of-its-kindMH LakeFest 2019A lifestyle event not to be missed!Seven themed zones spread over 50,000sqmMH LakeFest 201915-16 JuneMission Hills Sport Eco ParkLonghua District, ShenzhenActivitiesCome 15-16 June, head on down to the Mission Hills Sport Eco Park in Longhua District for a summer carnival, unlike any other. The inaugural MH LakeFest will feature hipster fun, food galore, a creative bazaar, family fun and pets activities, an outdoor cinema and live performa

  • 2019 亲子运动嘉年华赞助方案 - Bubble Kingdom International Kindergarten

    汇悦天启幼儿园 2019 亲子运动嘉年华赞助方案汇悦天启幼儿园简介汇悦天启幼儿园,是侨鑫集团旗下侨鑫教育又一次全新的创想。予以中、西方教育智慧同样的尊重,广邀国际上卓越的师资力量,在广州珠江新城汇悦台东侧搭建起一个绝无仅有的幼教乐园,让孩子们在探究式的教学中,体验感受生活、以熏陶分享喜悦、以乐趣探索未来、用爱心超越国界。汇悦天启幼儿园是一所 IB 学校,同时也是天河区区一级学校,致力于培养积极上进终身学习,关爱社会,勇于创新,追求和平的国际公民。幼儿园采用小班制,中外方园长管理制度有效保障国际化与本土化教

  • 2019 CBIS Summer Camp - Citic Lake Bilingual International School

    This camp is aim for expat family children to learn more about Chinese and culture. Children will take some of the classes with our students. Using IB philosophyto learn Chinese culture, this unique experience couldn't be missed.

  • UK Internship Program - UK-CHINA Culture & Education Exchange Centre

    【项目简介】英国优职计划之英国带薪实习项目 UK INTERNSHIP PROGRAM 中英文化教育交流中心,总部位于英国伦敦。多年来一直专注于中英教育事业发展,海外文化输出及高科技引进项目。通过中英友好学校建立,国际研学,出国留学服务以及个性化背景提升,海外社会实践等活动,为广大精英学子提供一流的国际教育交流平台和最优质专业的服务。此项目是根据英国政府信息及中国教育交流法案制定的面向中国大学生的暑期文化交流项目。为期2~3个月的短期带薪实习,并利用实习之余的时间,在英境内旅游或实地体验英国生活。项目全程接受英国政府监管

  • Current Markets Analysis & Investor Tips for Expats in Guangzhou - St. James

    We are delighted to invite you to an evening in Guangzhou, China, with Martin W. Hennecke, St. James’s Place Asia Investment Director. In this session, Martin will share insights on current global market, and provide you some crucial investor tips.Martin W. Hennecke, with a career spanning 20 years in the financial services industry, mostly based in Hong Kong, is a sought after speaker at Investment Forums across Asia and well known through appearances on television and radio programs including

  • "Love Is In The Air" Wedding Pop Up - Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

    Love Is In The Air Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou launches Wedding Pop Up showcases with a theme Afternoon Tea and a series of wedding workshops【23 April 2019 Guangzhou, China】From May 1 to May 31, Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou launches the “Love Is In The Air” wedding pop up in Atrium, partnered with renowned wedding planner, wedding photographer as well as the famous wedding dress brand in Guangzhou. The Pop Up is to showcase the Four Seasons wedding and the craftsmanship of the talented chef

  • Student Summit “Future Global Leaders” 2019 - GROWDynamics Asia Limited

    GROWDynamics Student Summit “Future Global Leaders” 2019 A LIFE-CHANGING LEARNING EXPERIENCE brought by Edinburgh Business School in partnership with GROWDynamics, London Gifted & Talented and the Duke of Edinburgh's Award CALLING ASPIRING STUDENTS AGED 15+ TO: Be student delegates at the summit, welcomed and supported by Scottish officials Develop as future leaders in the changing global market Sharpen critical thinking skills using Adam Smith, the "father of modern economics", Excel in IB/A-Level/SAT and in your future career

  • Summer Red Salsa Party - Shenzhen Runze ReNice Medical Beauty Hospital

    Shenzhen Runze ReNice Medical Beauty Hospital 深圳润泽瑞尼丝医疗美容门诊部 Summer Red Salsa Party As a member of British, France, Korean and Spanish Chamber of Commerce, we cordially invite you to join us at The Summer RED Salsa Party for ReNice Foreign Members.Meet and interact with over 120 members from all over the world. Sipping a mouthful of fresh wine and fine delicacy,you are sure to enjoy with your friends and business partners on such a beautiful night, with the presence of Mr. Jump, the Champion of Korea National Salsa Competition.

  • Merchiston International School - Mis Reception

    Mis reception information session commences on Thursday 18th Apr., from 16:00 to 17:00.

  • Merchiston International School - 2019-2020 A Level奖学金开放申请

    2019-2020 深圳曼彻斯通城堡学校 A Level奖学金开放申请 包括学术、音乐、体育等各类奖学金

  • Utahloy International School - International Summer School 2019

    International Summer School 2019 June 17th - July 12th, 2019 Enjoy our New Facilities with a 4 Weeks Programme of English Acquisition and Interactive Learning through Art, Sports, Cooking, Music and STEAM Projects !

  • Crowne Plaza Guangzhou City Centre - Easter party

    Easter party is here! You are invited to our sumptuous Easter Brunch with interactive Easter Gamer and plenty of Present For kids! Go bunny

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