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BritCham provides free promotion of your company events, reports and updates. If you would like to release any news and updates, please kindly contact us at (020) 8331 5013 or via email eman.zou@britchamgd.com (Guangzhou), +86 132 6001 3110 or email vicky.luo@britchamgd.com (Shenzhen).

  • Shenzhen HarMoniCare Women & Children’s Hospital - The Night of Italy & HarMoniCare Member Party

    As a member of British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong ,we cordially invite you to join us atThe Night of Italy HarMoniCare Member Party.Meet and interact with over 150HarMoniCare foreign members from all over the world andsenior managers from 7 international Chambers( Britain, Japan,Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Korea). Sipping a mouthful of fresh wine and fine delicacy,you are sure to enjoy with your friends and business partners on such a beautiful night. All the proceeds from this event will

  • The British School of Guangzhou - International Day 2018

    BSG'S BIGGEST EVENT OF THE YEAR!SATURDAY,17TH NOVEMBER,11AM - 3PM2,000+ expected guests are invited to BSG for a relaxing day of fun activities,music and prizes plus great food drinks.The event caters to all foreign nationals living in Guangzhou.Each year we invite you to be a part of this.This year, all event proceeds will be donated to HOPEFUL HEARTS.Please click the READ MOREfor full information on how to become a sponsor, vendor or country stall volunteer!

  • Ivey Business School (Asia): 2018-19 毅伟高潜力领导者发展课程

    2018-19 毅伟高潜力领导者发展课程- 现正接受报名毅伟高潜力领导者发展课程最大的价值在于:替非竞争和具领导地位的企业之间创造了协同学习的经历,提升高管人员的决策能力,并造就有利环境使学员在中国商业实战中交流观点和经验。通过毅伟著名的案例教学法,和广泛使用的亚洲和中国案例,学员将具备更敏锐的的战略直觉,磨练商业技能,加强对不同商业文化的敏感度,并且扩大在中国的商业关系网络。本课程一共有四个模块:第一模块 -财务业绩与资源管理2018年12月6-8日. 广州第二模块 -践行领导力2019年1月10-12日.上海第三模块 -战略分析

  • Hays - 《2018 瀚纳仕亚洲多元化与包容性报告》发布会

    诚邀您参加 《2018 瀚纳仕亚洲多元化与包容性报告》发布会您将获得利用多元化的活力来发展公司潜力的绝佳方法。您将学会如何:● 发展包容的领导风格● 从最广泛的人群中吸引最优秀的可用人才● 创造积极的职场文化,促进员工长期留职并培养所有员工的潜能日期:2018年11月22日(星期四)12:00 - 14:00地点:广州市天河区珠江新城冼村路26号W酒店Verve(辉)厅 (邮编:510623)本研讨会包括专家演讲与专题讨论环节,会上将提供午餐与点心。请在2018年11月1日(星期四)之前发送邮件至Sue.Su@hays.cn注册该活动。

  • ATLAS Announces Completion of New Fund Raising at RMB 6 Billion Valuation

    ATLAS together with ATLASPACE (ATLAS), announces the completion of Round A2 Financing from Mr. Li Sze Lim, Star River Group Limited ('Star River') and Times China Holding Limited ('Times China') (in alphabetical order) with the latest valuation of RMB 6 billion.ATLASPACE Hong Kong, nearly 5,000 square metres. premium serviced offices andco-working space located at The Gateway, Harbour City with 180-degree Victoria Harbour ViewThe joint investment from Mr. Li Sze Lim, Star River a

  • Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou - Taste of Artistry

    This year's Taste of Artistry brings you the best of culinary fanfare meticulously prepared by our team of Master Chefs and Mixologists. During the unique three day launch Gala, guests will enjoy original and expertly crafted cocktails and art inspired food bites in The Atrium before proceeding to savor a gourmet dinner enriched by a fascinating light show. Catch will take you to into a Aqua Garden featuring an amazing Dessert Room offering a tempting array of sweet treats for guests to choo

  • Crowne Plaza Hotel Guangzhou City Centre - Country Western Music Fest 西部牛仔音乐啤酒节

    11月2号星期五晚,广州中心皇冠假日酒店每年的西部牛仔音乐啤酒节又来啦,现场有丰富自助晚餐可以任吃,可以尽情畅饮国内外精选品牌啤酒,有美国西部乐队助阵,可以畅玩互动游戏,更有机会获得广州中心皇冠假日酒店周末豪华房一晚、阳江华邑酒店高级房一晚或由章镇牛仔赞助的施华洛世奇兔子洛伊,还有其他丰富礼品等着你!The annual Country Western Music Fest of Crowne Plaza Hotel Guangzhou City Centrecoming again on Friday night (2ndNovember). There are a lot of buffet dinner for eating and beers which are elected bran

  • ISA: 2018 Winter Festival Sponsor & Vendor Invitation 冬季庆典赞助商及参展商邀请函

    Dear ISA Prospective Vendors/Sponsors,亲爱的广州爱莎国际学校意向赞助商/参展商,The 4th Winter Festival will be held at Canton Tower on December 19th, 2018.第四届爱莎冬季庆典将于12月19日(周三)在广州塔举办。We kindly invite vendors and sponsors to join us and we would try our best to help you establish good brand recognition through this event.现诚邀各行业赞助商及参展商,本次活动将帮助各位赞助商/参展商扩大品牌影响力,为品牌树立良好形象。Form 形式Winter Festival is a major annual festival of ISA

  • 2018 South China Marriott International Charity Golf Tournament- The Westin Guangzhou

    2018万豪国际集团中国南区高尔夫球慈善赛2018 South China Marriott InternationalCharity Golf Tournament2018年11月22日Nov.22, 2018地点:广州风神高尔夫球会Guangzhou Foison Golf Club绿色,氧气,阳光,友谊这是高尔夫球的含义万豪国际集团一直致力于慈善事业愿为慈善事业贡献一份力我们诚邀热爱公益事业的您参与以球会友,让高尔夫球赛事点亮慈善之心We sincerely invite youto join the charity golf tournament and let it light the heart of charityCHARITY慈善活动微笑行动Operation Smile这不仅仅是一场高尔夫球赛事,还是一

  • 深圳华侨城洲际大酒店 — Michelin Stars Shine Here 洲际行家星宴

    Discover the fusion between the classic Spanish cuisine and the Chinese 5 elements in an adventure with Michelin Start Chef David Guzman. His delicacies will be paired with fine wines carefully selected by our sommelier. Do not miss out on this limited opportunity to taste his extraordinary creations with passionate flamencio, only at PIPETTE.对于博大精深的饮食文化而言,阴阳五行哲学观念是理解中国传统饮食文化的一条主线,是实现天地人和谐统一的关键点。五行宴以五大洲食材为主题,融合自然天文的五行概念

  • The Westin Guangzhou - Canton Fair Service

    Attractive Offer from Westin Guangzhou to Our Members Attending Canton Fair.THE WESTIN GUANGZHOUThe Westin Guangzhou is located in the heart of the business district – the Tian He District, adjacent to the CITIC Plaza, 2 subway stations connecting to Baiyun Airport and the rest of Guangzhou, and 10 minutes’ walk to high-end shopping mall and the Guangzhou East Train Station – a major access point into Guangzhou from Hong Kong.The Westin Guangzhou offers 444 oversized guest rooms and beautiful

  • The Wine People - Langham Place GZ & SZ Dinner

    The Wine People is hosting wine pairing dinner at Langham Place in both Guangzhou and Shenzhen.For more information, please check the flyers below.

  • 广州中心皇冠假日酒店 —— 德国啤酒节小食狂欢

    广州中心皇冠假日酒店德国啤酒节小食狂欢开始啦!焦脆的外壳酥香逼人,滑嫩的肉质还吐露着芳香,佐以冰镇的啤酒,咕噜咕噜的爽快喝下,实在是唯有美食与啤酒最动人,摄人心魂,使人辗转反侧。单 点 小 吃维纳炸肉排(鸡排或猪肉排)RMB58.00/份香辣手指鸡块RMB58.00/份沙爹肉串(鸡肉或猪肉)RMB58.00/份彩椒鲜虾串RMB58.00/份芦笋烟肉卷RMB68.00/份小 吃 拼 盘香肠拼盘(鸡肉、牛肉、猪肉肠)配酸黄瓜条和德国酸菜RMB78.00/份德式拼盘香肠、炸肉排、香辣鸡块芦笋烟肉卷、炸薯条RMB98.00/份啤 酒 畅 饮 A B 套 餐 任 选A啤酒畅饮套餐门市价

  • The Canton Residence: The 4th Canton Cup - Guangzhou International School Football Tournament

    World Cup has been a keyword in 2018, and the passion of football will continue into the fourth Canton Cup which will be held by The Canton Residence at the Xin’an Sports on October 13, 2018.Eight teams from AISG, BISG, UISG, GNIS, EFIC, ISA, UISZ, JKSC will compete for glory against each other based on the friendship and love. Besides, the mysterious soccer star would show up and cheer for the kids! Stay tuned and join us on Oct. 13, 2018!For more information, please clickhere.

  • ATLAS 寰图商学院 X Franklin Covey


  • Announcing the Finalists of the 2018 British Business Awards

    Announcing the Finalists of the 2018 British Business Awards After strong competition from companies across China and the United Kingdom, 43 finalists have now been selected for the 2018 British Business Awards. Beijing, 26 September 2018 – After a rigorous vetting process of applications for the 2018 British Business Awards, finalists for each of the 9 categories of awards that are open this year were announced today. Applications for the awards were submitted from the 7th of June, with appli

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