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The Britcham Training Series will be delivered in central business locations in Guangzhou by qualified and experienced corporate trainers from accredited organisations. The training courses aim to keep our members informed and inspired.

  • Apr 9: Coaching Techniques to Develop your Team 训练团队的技巧培养团队的指导技巧

    A lot of leaders and managers focus on developing individuals. One-on-one coaching conversations with employees are increasingly common. However, rarely do people in organizations work alone. Ideally their collective efforts should be greater than their individual efforts. But they can be less effective if the team members are not on the same page. As a leader, you can extend your coaching responsibilities to entire teams to increase collective efficiency.In this practical workshop you w

  • Apr 23: Theta Leadership: the Science of Persuasion

    Theta leadership is about relationships. It's about understanding how does persuasion happen in the brain's decision-making process, how to use the science of color, body language, and social psychology to fully connect to the customers, consumers and team members. By understanding and mastering the process of influence, we can succeed better in this highly competitive world.

  • May 14: Effective Business Writing 商务英语写作

    Business Writing in English has been identified as one of the greatest skills shortfalls in China, with a huge impact on company reputation and continued business. However, many companies in south China continue to neglect staff training in this vital area. This half-day workshop focuses on the skills needed to make your emails clear and concise, efficient and meaningful.

  • May 19: 运营“黑客”特训营

    培训特色知识分两种,一种是显性知识,一种是隐性知识。传统学习更多是针对显性知识的。课程刚结束的头两周还热情满满,感觉学到了很多,可一直用不出来。时间一长,渐渐又回到上课前的状态了。所谓知行合一,知和行是一体的。很多隐性知识无法通过”倾听”的方式获得,你必须进入那个场域,和大家一起为用户分层,绘制用户情绪地图、寻找北极星指标、分析用户流失漏斗、设计增长模型、制定具体的运营全流程拆解。全程不用讲义,所有的知识来自于现场的演示、交流、案例分享、真刀真枪的实操和复盘。你可以通过这个课程学到什么:1. 帮助你

  • Jun 4: Managing through a VUCA Landscape

    In this half day workshop, delegates will understand what VUCA is, how to recognise and score how volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous their person & professional environment is. Through case studies and analysis of current state world to apply a toolkit to manage through that; with an outcome of more pragmatic and practical approach to managing personal/professional life. Delegates can apply the toolkit immediately with measurable outcomes bringing a greater degree of balance to their daily lives. This workshop is suitable for anyone that feels that their environment is constantly changing, feels that the world is fast pace where they are constantly trying to keep up where they have little or no control. The skills and mindset will allow for the delegate to have a greater sense of comfort and purpose in what they do.

  • Jun 18: 全新商业时代创新客户关系管理及客户体验管理思维


  • Jul 16: Influencing with Stories

    By the end of this one-day training, participants will be able to write and tell stories that inform, inspire and influence others in their daily work. Participants will understand what makes a great story and learn key storytelling techniques, so they can move their audience to adopt new perspectives and effectively sell ideas, whether in presentations or meetings. To create an engaging training and increase the learning transfer to the participants’ work this workshop will use skills practise and video examples. Each participant will write their own story which they can deliver at work.

  • Jul 23: Leading Teams in a VUCA World

    This workshop is targeted for managers and leaders of an organisation; attendees will be from a background where there is constant change in their organisation, and having to lead a team through transitions and transformations. Typically 'Change' is due to reacting to business/external changes, and often leads to a 'VUCA' environment, that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Leading self, team and organisation through VUCA requires a distinct set of skills & mindset, where this workshop will provide managers and leaders a set of toolkits that they can apply immediately back in the workplace. This workshop is a objective yet pragmatic, which requires delegates to assess, apply and reflect through a series of case studies. This workshop has been designed specifically for leaders of teams/organisations or those running transition/transformation projects.

  • Aug 6: Super Learning

    We are in a modern, digital agewhere the only certainty is uncertainty, the knowledge and experiences from 2 year ago is barely relevant to predict the success for today or next year.Those companies with people who can learn continuallyand gain multiple skills, can out-compete against those companies with employees with stayed skills. Our Super Learning course fundamentallyrevisit the way of learningin terms of brain waves, note taking system and cross-brain-area exercises. By mastering THETA le

  • Aug 20: Improving Collaboration with DiSC

    By the end of this one-day training, participants will be able to improve collaboration by recognising and appreciating their core behavioural traits and those of their stakeholders. In this workshop we will use Everything DiSC’s four Behavioural Styles — Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness — to analyse people’s priorities, motivators, stressors and limitations. Participants will gain an understanding of the four styles and look at best practices for leveraging each style to improve collaboration. To create an engaging training and increase the learning transfer to the participants’ work this workshop will include interactive activities and skills practise.

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