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The Britcham Training Series will be delivered in central business locations in Guangzhou by qualified and experienced corporate trainers from accredited organisations. The training courses aim to keep our members informed and inspired.

  • Dec 3: Theta Health: Maximize Health in the Workplace

    Business leaders stay smart and act early to the business environmental changes of the world. One important thing is preparing the employees to reduce the health risk in order to stay productive, or leading the company to survive from virus outbreak, This class will take leading scientific knowledge on health and bring it down to an understandable action plan so that everyone in the company can benefit from the stable health state.You will learn: -How to maintain a stable energy level in differe

  • Oct 14/21/28: Effective Business Writing 商务英语写作 - Online

    Business Writing in English has been identified as one of the greatest skills shortfalls in China, with a huge impact on company reputation and continued business. However, many companies in south China continue to neglect staff training in this vital area. This half-day workshop focuses on the skills needed to make your emails clear and concise, efficient and meaningful.

  • Nov 11: Inspiring a Growth Mindset at Work

    Overview: By the end of this one-day training, participants will be able assess to their own mindset and better direct their journey to adopt a growth a mindset at work. This practical workshop will include tools and methods focused on transforming personal mindsets, influencing team members to find a Growth perspective and contributing to a team culture that values growth and perseverance.In this workshop we will use models of Growth Mindset and Grit popularized by Dr. Carol Dweck and Dr. Angela

  • Jan 13 & 20: Influencing with Stories

    This workshop will benefit professionals looking to compelling influence and communicate ideas to teammates, clients or other stakeholders.

  • Improving Collaboration with DiSC

    By the end of this one-day training, participants will be able to improve collaboration by recognising and appreciating their core behavioural traits and those of their stakeholders. In this workshop we will use Everything DiSC’s four Behavioural Styles — Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness — to analyse people’s priorities, motivators, stressors and limitations. Participants will gain an understanding of the four styles and look at best practices for leveraging each style to improve collaboration. To create an engaging training and increase the learning transfer to the participants’ work this workshop will include interactive activities and skills practise.

  • Excel在职场中的高效应用

    课程简介本课程将会给您讲解Excel新版本新功能和数据处理技巧。通过企业实战案例来掌握Excel新增的切片器、增强的图标集和数据条功能、筛选中的搜索功能、 表格中的新功能和数据处理技巧、公式及函数、数据管理及透视表等技术。对于个人而言,成为Excel高手不仅能够实现工作效率的提升,更重要的是助力您个人的职业发展,提升您永久职业竞争力。培训目标1. 掌握 Excel 新功能和 Excel 操作技巧、工作表美化2. 熟练数据分析、可视化、函数、数据透视表等使用技巧授课对象本课程适用于有一定基础的,企事业单位市场销售、行政办公人员、人力资

  • Coaching Techniques to Develop your Team 训练团队的技巧培养团队的指导技巧

    A lot of leaders and managers focus on developing individuals. One-on-one coaching conversations with employees are increasingly common. However, rarely do people in organizations work alone. Ideally their collective efforts should be greater than their individual efforts. But they can be less effective if the team members are not on the same page. As a leader, you can extend your coaching responsibilities to entire teams to increase collective efficiency.In this practical workshop you w

  • 公益直播&公开课列表-Eddic-易迪思

    了解更多信息,请咨询官网:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Bi0kBpO3KnfYJhwIX-6pVw客户服务、课程咨询、报名支付、培训合作敬请联系:010-85890861 / training@eddic.net易迪思专注企业培训服务超过17年财富500强企业优选供应商多:丰富的课程体系,完备性培养方案快:高效的服务能力,24小时快速响应好:专业的顾问团队,大师级讲师阵容省:省心省力省时,选易迪思培训服务

  • Apr 27: 线上课题:故事营销法:6模块纵向技巧

    国外的广告圈传说:“A Well-Crafted Story Is TheMost Powerful Force In The World.”人人都爱听故事。对于企业来说,只要涉及传播,无论是播出电视广告,或者在公众号上写企业最新的公益活动,或者发布一款活动海报招募参与者,或者对合作伙伴宣讲成功案例……这些传播行为,都基于内容。而内容如何才能为受众更易于接受?答案就是:故事。故事与内容的定义不同。故事是经过设计、策划、撰写、编辑的内容,是提炼精华以后的“有目的性和传播属性”的内容。 故事无处不在,企业从HR写员工团建总结,到市场部发布一篇软文,到公关部写企业宣传手册,都需要掌握熟练的故事撰写技巧。 写故事是可以掌握的技巧。本课将聚焦于具体的写作技巧,帮助学员“即学即用”地掌握这一实用工具。

  • May 8: iLead领导高绩效团队 – 可实践的领导力

    为适应变化不断加速的未来 ,企业要能够快速决策和反应,要有高度的灵活性,并能够有序地应对变化,快速实现资源 的优化配置。《领导高绩效团 队》就是要顺应未来的变化,依据员工的不同发展阶段因势利导,从领导艺术 的角度来实 现人力资源的最优配置和最大效用。课程亮点iLead国际版权游戏试玩,拟真团队管理情景体验游戏回归工作,小组案例讨论、经验交流经验对照理论,专家讲师帮你整合“标准化工具”实践代替空想,课后理论行为实践记录,社群沟通促进落实 课程收益 帮领导者建立因人而异的领导风格为领导者整合沟通、聆听、反馈、激

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