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Winter Fesstival @ ISA International School


This year, ISA has a wonderful celebration for children and families. We welcome you to join us at the ISA Winter Festival 2017, which this year will be held at the Canton Tower (second level) on Wednesday 13 December from 4-8pm. There will be performances, fine foods and drinks, games, gifts and exciting raffles.


Entry tickets will be available at the ISA finance office from 7 December or at the reception of the Canton Tower East Entrance from 14:00pm Wednesday 13 December. The price is 10 yuan. All monies from the entry tickets will be donated to charity. This ticket can be used as a ticket for the raffle with a chance to win some fantastic prizes:


  • Singapore 3 days+2 nights Double Travel Package
  • The Magic of Musicals Winter School (7 days+6 nights at Crowne Plaza)
  • IPad Mini
  • Golden Lake Garden Villa (One Night) + Meal Voucher
  • 150-Person Fresh Fruit Ice Cream Coupon
  • Perfume (Burberry, Gucci and Bvlgari)
  • Room Vouchers at Excellent Apartment (5 nights)



You can increase your chances of winning by buying extra tickets! Please use cash to purchase your tickets, as the money will be donated to charity.

For more detailed information about the event, please check the following Invitation and Program.







• 新加坡32晚双人旅游套票

• 英国TNS音乐剧魔力冬令营(五星翡翠皇冠假日酒店76晚)

 iPad mini 苹果平板电脑

• 金湖花园别墅(一晚)+500元用餐券

• 价值4000元的150人次鲜果冰淇淋到会礼券

• 香水套装(巴宝莉,古驰,宝格丽)

• 兴盛公寓住房券(5晚)



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