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BritChams UK Door-knock 2023 Day 3: Meeting with CCCUK & London-based DBT

This Wednesday marked the beginning of our week-long doorknock journey, during which the British Chamber participated in a business roundtable with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the UK (CCCUK). We were extremely honored to have the presence of many key Chinese businesses in the UK, including Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Air China, Minmetals, and many others in attendance.



Amidst the roundtable discussions, the British Chamber had the valuable opportunity to present the findings of our position paper, which centered around the theme of Cautious Optimism. Simultaneously, Vice-Chair Wu Lin of the Chinese Chamber introduced key findings from CCCUK's recent report, shedding light on the shifts in Chinese business optimism and sentiment within the UK market over the past few years. Notably, the report highlighted the challenges posed by uncertainty in bilateral relations, which have been impeding Chinese companies operating in the UK.

在圆桌讨论中,英国商会很荣幸介绍了《在华英国企业:建议书2023》的关键信息 -在华英国企业谨慎、乐观的态度。同时,中国商会秘书长吴麟介绍了英国中国商会CCCUK最近报告的主要内容,同时也介绍了在过去几年在英国市场的中国企业的乐观性以及商业情绪的转变。值得注意的是,吴秘书长提及中国商会的报告强调了双边关系的不确定性带来的挑战,这些不确定性一直阻碍着中国公司在英国的运营。


The discussions primarily focused on identifying collaborative avenues between the two Chambers, particularly in the domain of business-led research and reports. Through this collaborative effort, our objective is to strengthen both advocacy work and deliver valuable insights to our respective memberships and governments. Many thanks again to CCCUK and Bank of China for hosting us.



Prior to the launch of our Position Paper, we had the privilege of presenting key findings and recommendations to the DBT team in Beijing. It was an exciting opportunity to meet the London-based DBT team during our Doorknock, comprising departments specialising in policy, international strategy, and health and life sciences, for an in-depth discussion.




Under the guidance of our Chair, Julian Fisher, the discussion revolved around providing recommendations to the UK government aimed at fostering trust and confidence for British businesses in China. We emphasised the importance of employing nuanced messaging, identifying areas of clear mutual opportunities, and maintaining and enhancing engagement to support British businesses.

在中国商会商会主席Julian Fisher的带领下,讨论围绕着向英国政府提供建议展开,旨在促进英国企业对华的信任和信心。我们强调了采用细微信息传递、明确相互合作领域机会以及保持和加强参与度以支持英国企业的重要性。


Furthermore, we explored potential UK-China opportunities in healthcare, energy, and hydrogen sectors. We also discussed the significance of expanding opportunities beyond Beijing and Shanghai to provincial and regional levels, particularly in South and Southwest China.



As the voice of British business in China, the Chamber takes pride in providing feedback, recommendations, and requests to the British government. We believe it is crucial to address the need for increased China capabilities within the Civil Service.



We greatly appreciate the opportunity to engage with the DBT team and contribute to shaping policies that benefit British businesses in China. By working together, we can create a more favorable business environment and drive mutual prosperity.



We look forward to continuing our journey throughout the week and fostering stronger ties between the British and Chinese business communities. Stay tuned for more updates on our doorknock activities!



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