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BritChams UK Door-knock 2023 Day 2: Meet with CBBC, BCC, CSRI & Jenny Bates at FCDO

On Tuesday, we embarked on the second day of our Doorknock trip in London. In the morning, we had the pleasure of being joined by Andrew Seaton and Sir Sherard at the China Britain Business Council (CBBC). Together, we engaged in fruitful discussions about British business sentiment and confidence in the China market. We also explored the current climate and narrative surrounding China in the UK. As membership organisations dedicated to supporting UK businesses and promoting trade and investment between China and the UK, it is crucial for the British Chamber and CBBC to continue exchanging views and on-the-ground perspectives from both countries. Together, we play a vital role in bridging the knowledge gap and fostering a better understanding of China.

周二,中国英国商会代表团开始了伦敦之行的第二天。上午,代表团拜访了英中贸易协会(CBBC)的Andrew Seaton(奚安竹)和Sir Sherard(古沛勤爵士)。两方就英国商业情绪和对中国市场的信心进行了富有成效的讨论。除此之外还探讨了当前英国国内商界倾向围绕中国市场的整体考量。作为致力于支持英国企业、促进英中贸易往来和投资的会员机构,英国商会和英中贸易协会将持续交流中英两国的观点和市场的实际角度。双方携手,在消除认知差异和增进对中国市场的了解方面发挥着至关重要的作用。

Our meeting with British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) Chair Sarah Howard OBE, Director of Membership Anne-Marie Martin, and Head of Research David Bharier was incredibly productive. The Chamber presented the findings of our 5th position paper, while BCC shared their research and survey results regarding the domestic business environment and post-pandemic confidence in operating in the UK. As part of the global network of BCC, BritCham China takes pride in its association and looks forward to further brainstorming and engagement now that borders reopen and more communications made possible. 

中国英国商会代表团与英国商会(BCC)主席Sarah Howard OBE、会籍总监Anne Marie Martin和调研主管David Bharier的会面非常富有成效。中国英国商会代表介绍了《在华英国企业:建议书2023》的调查结果,随后英国商会负责人分享了他们关于英国国内商业环境和后疫情英国商业信心的研究和调查结果。作为英国商会全球网络的一部分,中国英国商会以英国商会为荣,在现今中国边境重新开放的情况下中国英国商会期待着与英国商会进一步深入地交流、集思广益更多的合作。


We had the privilege of meeting with representatives from China Strategic Risks Institute hosted at the House of Lords. CSRI is a newly established think tank in the UK specialising in assessing risks and opportunities in the China market. During our discussion, we explored the current sentiment of UK businesses in China and the de-risking approach some companies are adopting in response to the growing uncertainty in the Chinese market.

商会代表团有幸在上议院拜访了中国战略风险研究所的代表。中国战略风险研究所(CSRI) 是英国一家新成立的智库,专门评估中国市场的风险和机遇。在会议中,商会代表团与CSRI代表探讨了目前英国企业在华的商业情绪,以及一些企业为应对中国市场日益增长的不确定性而采取的去风险方法。

Our productive Tuesday concluded with a meeting with Jenny Bates, Deputy General for Indo-Pacific at the FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office). We had the opportunity to present our Position Paper and engage in a meaningful conversation about the quality of economic policymaking. During our discussion, we also explored strategies to enhance government-to-government engagement.

Jenny shared valuable insights into the UK government's plans to strengthen its China capabilities. This includes expanding the depth and breadth of China knowledge within the Civil Service through increased training and recruitment for China-specific roles within the global network. The Chamber deeply appreciates the close engagement and communications with the FCDO, as it supports a greater understanding of China. We are committed to sharing regular on-the-ground business insights and eagerly look forward to hosting potential visits to China later this year.

商会代表团充实且富有成效的周二行程以拜访英国外交、联邦和发展事务部印太事务司司长Jenny Bates(詹妮·贝茨)结束。在会上代表们介绍了本次《在华英国企业:建议书2023》的关键信息,并就经济政策制定的质量进行了建设性的讨论对话。此外,还探讨了加强中英政府间参与的策略。


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