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Home >> Member News >>Events >> Construction close to completion, LEH International School Foshan opening in September 2020 佛山埃莉诺霍利斯外籍人员子女学校9月启幕 - LEH International School Foshan

Construction close to completion, LEH International School Foshan opening in September 2020 佛山埃莉诺霍利斯外籍人员子女学校9月启幕 - LEH International School Foshan

Construction close to completion,

LEH International School Foshan opening in September 2020



Opening in September 2020



Lady Eleanor Holles (LEH) International School Foshan is preparing for its grand opening in September 2020. The School will focus on encouraging students to be bold in their learning, on achieving exceptional academic performance and developing remarkable young adults able to play a positive role in society and to become the leaders of tomorrow.



We are pleased to announce that after months of hard work, construction of the School is close to completion as we prepare to welcome students in September 2020.



Mr. Steve Allen: An Experienced Head Master with a Reputation for Excellence

校长Steve Allen先生:国际教育经验丰富、卓有成效的耕耘者

LEH International School Foshan is delighted to introduce Mr Steve Allen, the founding Head Master. Mr. Allen has over 30 years of experience educating young people at leading UK Independent Schools and top British Schools across Asia. Under his leadership, Shrewsbury International School in Bangkok became the top academic school in the region with students achieving outstanding examination results and winning places at the top universities of around the world; 95% of students were accepted by their first-choice university.

佛山埃莉诺霍利斯外籍人员子女学校的创校校长,Steve Allen先生曾在一流的英国私立学校和亚洲英国国际学校从事教育管理工作30余年。在他的领导下,曼谷的什鲁斯伯里国际学校(Shrewsbury International School)一跃成为该地区最好的学术学校,学生成绩优异,并获得世界各顶尖大学的青睐;95%的学生被其首选大学录取。


As an educator, Mr Allen’s approach is student-orientated. In addition to producing exceptional exam results, Mr Allen strives to produce confident and creative thinkers, excited by problem solving and entrepreneurship, prepared to take on new challenges. “Our goal is that LEH students become expert learners, unafraid to tackle new and challenging ideas, prepared to take risks, and able to learn from their mistakes,” said Mr Allen.



An Enhanced and Dynamic British Curriculum





The dynamic, British curriculum offered at LEH will allow students to tailor their studies whilst providing a broad and balanced academic base on which to build. The British curriculum focuses upon students learning collaboratively in small classes, developing curiosity through asking searching questions and developing a deep, personal understanding through collaboration and personal commitment. Our talented British teachers will get to know each student well, working with the students to develop their academic skills and craftsmanship leading to excellent academic results.




As students progress through the School and develop a clearer understanding of their personal learning journey they will be able to focus their studies to suit their personal ambitions and university aspirations. Throughout their time at LEH, teachers will counsel students carefully about their choices and provide full support for their university applications.



State-of-the-art Facilities


The 58,000 sqm campus boasts an impressive selection of high-quality facilities designed to create an environment where students can safely explore their interests and passions alongside new ideas and embark on their journey to becoming expert learners.



The collaborative classrooms have been designed as a space where students have the room to learn and the freedom to experiment. The Science & Technology facilities are fully equipped for students to curiously and confidently engage in the practical study of biology, chemistry and physics as well as modern design engineering and robotics.




Given the importance of student wellbeing at the school, it is no surprise that the campus is equipped with excellent sports facilities. In addition to the curricular requirements of Physical Education, students will be able to participate in extracurricular sports clubs including badminton, basketball, touch rugby, football and swimming.



“Our campus has been designed with the needs of secondary-age students at its heart,” Mr. Allen explains. “It offers a secure and positive learning environment where students can develop a quiet self-confidence, together with the courage, creativity and support to achieve their personal goals.”

佛山LEH的校园设计以中学生的需求为核心。” Allen先生解释道,“它提供了一个安全、积极的学习环境,学生可以在这里培养自信、勇气和创造力,并且支持其实现个人目标。”


Equally important are the creative spaces that are available to all students as part of their curricular and extra-curricular activities. Students will have access to superb music and drama facilities that will enable them to develop and excel, learning to extend their creative skills beyond school life.



Finally, the school’s en-suite boarding facilities will provide a home-away-from-home for students, allowing them to spend more time on their studies and interests and less time stuck in traffic. The quality of care and communication will ensure students thrive at School and will allow for high quality family time when they are at home. LEH emphasises the value of community and Mr Allen believes boarding provides students with life-long friendships and a future network of peer support.



Experienced British Teachers and A Lifelong Network of Alumni


Even more important than the exceptional facilities are the high-quality, experienced British teachers who have the students’ wellbeing and success at heart. These teacher’s share Mr Allen’s vision of nurturing expert learners and have a wealth of experience in creating the foundations to ensure their students excel in all walks of life.



Over the past 300 years, LEH’s  sister school, LEH UK, has produced a rich network of alumni who have accomplished extraordinary achievements in their chosen fields  from cutting-edge technologies, national government and professional services to world class sporting and creative arts Recent alumni include senior business leaders for major international organisations such as Dyson, Apple, the United Nations, the British Government and Deutsche Bank. Students have also gone on to become best-selling authors, professors, and government leaders.



Hope Favours the Bold


In 2020, LEH International School Foshan is excited to welcome a new generation of young learners who will one day go on to become leaders in their chosen field. With Mr Allen’s leadership, a rich alumni network and exceptional teaching and learning opportunities, the future is bright for the students beginning their academic journey with LEH in 2020.



With the guidance of talented and dedicated teachers, students will discover new passions and explore new avenues of learning. LEH International school Foshan is thus an ideal environment for young people with hopes of achieving great things.  as the School motto says, “hope favours the bold”.




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