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Home >> Event Sponsorship >>Latest Events >> GZ & SZ British Day | Booth application is now open 深圳英国日摊位正式上线

GZ & SZ British Day | Booth application is now open 深圳英国日摊位正式上线

GZ SZ British Day

The COVID-19 has caused many events to be postponed and even cancelled, this has also affected our British Day in Shenzhen which was due to be held on 21st March at Shekou International School Shenzhen - the school has kindly offered an alternative date in Nov. for us, so we shall now have 2 British Day's scheduled across our Guangdong cities in Autumn.

- Guangzhou British Day Sat 7th Nov. Canton Place

- Shenzhen British Day Sat 21st Nov, Shekou International School

We look forward to seeing you at both. Date's being confirmed, we are open to opportunities for collaboration and booth application on these two great fun BritCham GD gala events. 


- 广州英国日 11月7日星期六 广粤天地
- 深圳英国日 11月21日星期六 蛇口国际学校


Early-bird Booth Application Deadline

30th Jun. 2020

Booth Application Deadline

31st Aug. 2020

Event Introduction

  • British day in Guangdong celebrates the great British culture 

  • Have a relaxing day with family and friends

  • Fun activities, music, prizes and great food & drink 

  • Locals and global friends are all welcome


Highlights from Last Year

4,000 (SZ: 1500+) people joined our British Day:

  • BritCham members and partners from a variety of industries

  • Over 60 (SZ: 40) different stalls 

  • Chinese and international families 

  • Friends from all over the world and UK alumni

超过 4,000 (深圳: 1500+) 人参与了英国日活动:

  • 来自不同行业的英商会会员 

  • 超过60 (深圳: 40) 个摊位

  • 中外家庭 

  • 来自世界各地的朋友以及留英校友等等……

Great exposure on multiple online channels with nearly 100,000 views:

  • Event Registration Platform: 23,000+ views

  • BritCham Wechat: 21,000+ views

  • BritCham Weibo: 16,000+ views

  • BritCham EDM: 5,000+ views

  • Other BritCham channels: 8,700+ views

  • Media Partners: 12,000+ views

多渠道高曝光 总曝光量高达100,000+:

  • 活动报名平台:  23,000+ 浏览量 

  • 英商会微信公众号: 21,000+浏览量

  • 英商会微博: 16,000+浏览量 

  • 英商会邮件推送: 5,000+浏览量 

  • 英商会其他渠道: 8,700+浏览量

  • 媒体合作伙伴:  12,000+浏览量等等…

For more information about our last British Day Click Here
想了解更多上届英国日的信息? 点击此处

How to market your business
 in Shenzhen British Day?

Option 1:Collaborate with us
选项一: 与英商会合作

BritCham Guangdong is offering tailor-made sponsorship opportunity to all those are interested in marketing your brand through the BritCham community, joining the majority of our dots and into the Greater Bay Area. We cater to your marketing needs prior to the event, during the event and post-event so that you can feel the tangible outcome of this sponsorship.


  • 英商会及媒体伙伴多渠道宣传,曝光量高达50,000+
    Great exposure on BritCham and Media Partners' channel with 50,000+ views

  • 宣传摊位以及主题游戏引流
    Booths and Theme Games to Drive the Customer Flow to Your Booth

  • 微信推文软文公司介绍
    Soft Company Advertisement on BritCham Wechat Channel
    (more than 8,000 followers)

  • 活动手册商标展出以及全页彩页广告版面
    Logo and full page advertisement in event brochure

  • Free Ticket

  • 活动背景板商标露出
    Logo Display on Backdrop

  • 主持人口头鸣谢
    Verbal Recognition in MC opening speech and  Sponsor speech 

Option 2:Be a booth vendor
选项二: 成为英国日摊主

What you could offer?


  • Sports or games 运动项目或小游戏

  • Activities 小活动

  • Crafts or product selling 工艺品或其他产品销售

  • F&B 餐饮

What will you get?

  • A sheltered booth with coverage   一个带棚的标准摊位

  • Chairs (2x)  椅子(2把)

  • Basic electric system set up  基本电力设施

  • Design and decorate your own booth  可装扮自己的摊位

  • Chance to interact with more than 4000 guests  同超过4000名活动参与者互动

Booth Vendor Opportunities 

(Limited booths. Priority given to BritCham members. First come first served.
摊位数量有限,会员优先,先到先得 )

booth price.png

 Apply Now 

More opportunities await. Interested in collaborating with us?

Please contact:

Guangzhou Session 广州场 - Ms. Chris Chen 陈思敏
Deputy Executive Manager 副执行经理
Email: chris.chen@britchamgd.com
Mobile: 020 8331 5013 ext.602

Shenzhen Session 深圳场 - Ms. Vicky Luo 雒苗
Membership Services Manager 会员服务经理
Email: vicky.luo@britchamgd.com
Mobile: +86 132 6001 3110

Contact Us

Tel: +86(20) 8331 5013 ext. 602

Email: admin@britchamgd.com

Guangzhou Office

Room 2201B, 22/F, Guangzhou International Finance Centre,

No. 5 Zhujiang Xi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 


Shenzhen Office

33/F, Building C, Galaxy WORLD, No.1 Yabao Road, 

Longgang District, Shenzhen 


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