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Inaugural Discover ISA Science City Event Review - ISA International School Guangzhou

ISA celebrated its inaugural Discover ISA Science City events at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Guangzhou on Wednesday, June 26th and Saturday, June 29th, with approximately 100 guests from American Chamber, member companies of British Chamber, Australian Chamber, JLL, Sodexo, ISS, Aramark and our strategic partners such as That's PRD and Urban Family, Korn Ferry, Singapore CPG Group, R&F Group, the China Construction Third Bureau and Guangdong Architectural Design Institute. The inaugural Discover ISA Science City events aim to provide audiences with a deep understanding of our new school and allow us to gain valuable feedback and perspectives on our philosophy and plans.

爱莎国际教育集团于6月26日周三和6月29日周六在广州丽思卡尔顿酒店首次举行了两场爱莎科学城见面交流会活动,共邀请了近100名来自美国商会、英国商会会员企业、澳洲商会、JLL、Sodexo、ISS 和 Aramark 的嘉宾以及 That's PRD & Urban Family、Korn Ferry、新加坡CPG集团、富力集团、中建三局和广东省建筑设计院等多家爱莎战略合作伙伴代表参加,通过此次宣讲会,到场嘉宾对爱莎科学城有了更加深入的了解,同时,也让我们获得了很多来自嘉宾关于爱莎科学城办学理念及未来计划的宝贵意见和反馈。

Inaugural Discover ISA Science City Event Review.jpg

ISA Science City will open in September 2020, providing 1800 students from Early to Senior Years (2-18 years old) with a high-quality K-12 international education, world-class facilities, and international standard boarding services for approximately 300 students. Its vision is to be an outstanding international day and boarding school reflecting effective learning, teaching, and leadership practices from around the world, as well as a rich array of cultural traditions.


ISA aims to “provide a balanced education affording the intellectual, physical, emotional and social growth of all students in a caring and supportive learning environment, and enabling students to engage positively and insightfully with people from diverse nationalities and cultures.” Mr Gary Butner, Director of New Schools Project Development, ISA International Education Group, stated in his speech that “ISA Science City is distinctive in four ways: in its Curricular, Pastoral Care, and Co-curricular Models, and in its World-class Facilities.”

爱莎为学生提供均衡发展的教育体系,让学生在充满爱与关怀的学习环境中实现智力、体魄、情感和社交的全方位发展,培养学生成为具有国际视野和跨文化融合能力的复合型精英人才。爱莎国际教育集团新学校项目发展总监Gary Butner先生在他的演讲中说道:“爱莎科学城校区拥有四大独特优势:创新的特色课程模式、全方位的关怀式辅导、丰富多样的综合素质课程以及世界一流的校园设施” 。

Inaugural Discover ISA Science City Event Review.jpg

Following Gary’s speech, Mr Louis Huang, Deputy Director of Project Development, ISA International Education Group, explained school facilities and emphasised that ISA Science City campus is based on the latest research linking school design to student learning and wellbeing. ISA Science City aspires to high levels of international standards of environmental protection & human wellbeing such as the US-based LEED system and the China National Green Building Certification (Two Stars), providing a pollution-free green campus for students and staff.


Mr Stephen Lai, Vice President of Project Development, ISA International Education Group, used an interesting metaphor to describe ISA’s vision of setting up a solid, outstanding and sustainable school – “We fuse the spirit, soul and body to create an excellent school. The philosophy and ethos are the spirit of the school; the curriculum, co-curriculum and pastoral care are the soul of the school, and the facilities are the body of the school. Also, I believe that one of the most important things in education is having the right people, especially our leadership and management team.”


Inaugural Discover ISA Science City Event Review.jpg

To help guests experience our IB inquiry learning approach and to collect their opinions and expectations on international education, valuable interactive activities were conducted by our guest facilitator, Mr Ben Massen. By utilising an inquiry learning approach, guests were provided with opportunities to discuss questions in groups and to report findings to the entire audience. Some questions included “How do we develop healthy, well-rounded young women and men?” and “How effective are ISA’s plans for developing such young people?”.


为了让来宾更深入和直观地体验我们的IB探究式学习方法,同时收集大家对国际教育的想法和期望,我们特别请来了嘉宾主持Ben Massen先生为来宾开展了一系列的互动活动。通过小组讨论的方式,大家都围绕着所给的问题进行了热烈的讨论和分享,这些问题包括了“我们应该如何培养健康且全面发展的年轻一代”以及“爱莎的办学理念和计划是否与您认为的培养全面发展的年轻一代所需的条件相一致“。

All guests were fully engaged in the discussions, and shared positive perspectives on ISA Science City’s philosophy and plans with each other and with us. Guests also proposed valuable ideas on "how the ISA International Education Group can enhance its philosophy and plans to be an outstanding international day and boarding school". We received extremely positive feedback from participants about this type of interactive marketing.


Inaugural Discover ISA Science City Event Review.jpg

As our Mission proclaims: “ISA Science City is committed to cultivate confident, knowledgeable, skilful, and caring young women and men who make sound judgements, wise decisions, and lead and serve their communities around the globe.” By collaborating with professional friends, strategic partners and parents, ISA Science City aims to build a community in which students experience, “the joy of learning, strive to achieve their potential, and navigate the ever-changing world” in keeping with our strategic intent.


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