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3RS To Riches - DFG (Guangzhou) Arts & Culture

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Leeza Gordon- C.E.O of D.F.G (Guangzhou) Arts & Culture, is the main speaker of the event. She is an international business expert who has created the global brand of DFG stands for DFG which stands for Destined for Greatness, which is an international creative platform to showcase art & culture in China and globally, whilst dually serving as a business and events platform to support the formation of meaningful connections on national & international scales. Leeza will discuss how to turn your dream into a reality and chronicle her journey from London to China; having started teaching English into becoming a businesswoman who has cultivated skyrocketing success

DFG (Guangzhou) Arts & Culture Holds Workshop: 3RS To Riches.jpg

Topic moving from A to B. How do we move from points in our life? We may feel stuck; we may feel like we are trapped in a situation that we cant get out of. Leeza Gordon will be talking about how to get up again after a failure or set back. She will focus on how to quit the life you dont want and start living the life you do.

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Women in Leadership Luncheon 3RS To Riches - The Power Series

  • Stream Live on 7/7/2019 from 2pm


  • There will be two sessions 7th July and 28th July.

In July, DFG will host an Women in Leadership Luncheon. The 3Rs to Riches: On The Edge -The Power Series. This Power Series will guide women to rediscover how to create and to live their best lives. The objective is that this retreat will empower and equip its attendees with practical tools to enable them to create and transform their lives.

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