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The British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong Executive Committee Nominations




 The  British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong

Executive  Committee Nominations


The British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong  (Britcham) is one of the most active overseas business  chambers in Guangdong. Operating from its offices at the  British Centre in the IFC, Britcham hosts on average over 56 events for its 150 corporate members.


As declared by the Executive Committee of  Britcham, in accordance with BCCGD Bye-laws, nominations for  the next Guangzhou and Shenzhen Executive Committee  elections will be open from 7th January and  close at 16:00 on the 16th January 2019.


If you are interested in joining the  Guangzhou or Shenzhen Committee of Britcham, and are a  current fully paid up member of BritCham, please fill out  the attached Nomination Form and return it back to us by the  deadline above.


There are a total of 14 positions  available on the Guangzhou & Shenzhen Committee. These  positions are as follows:


Guangzhou Committee

Shenzhen Committee

Chairman (x 1)

Vice Chairman (x 1)

Treasurer (x 1)

Committee Member (x 7)

Chairman (x 1)

Vice Chairman (x 1)

Committee Member (x 6) 

For full details of what is expected of  each role, please refer to the Guangdong Executive Committee Roles & Responsibilities.


To stand for a position on the Committee,  please complete the  Nomination Form and return it by  email or post to: 

2019 BritCham Guangdong Guangzhou ExCo Election Notice+Guidelines+Application.doc

Chris Chen

Email:   chris.chen@britchamgd.com

Tel: +86 (20)  83315013 ext. 602

Post: Room 2201B,  22/F, Guangzhou International Finance Centre, No. 5 Zhujiang  Xi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 510623, PRC


The deadline for  submitting your nomination is: 16:00, 16th  January, 2019

(Late nominations will not be accepted.)


*Kindly note that  Executive Committee meetings takes place in Guangzhou and  Shenzhen each month.





The British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong  Committee election takes place every year under the  authority of the BritCham Guangdong Bye-Laws.


   Nominations  will be open to BritCham Guangdong Members for a period of 8  working days. Representatives of member companies may apply  for one or more of the positions available. Any nominations  received after the deadline will not be accepted.


   After the  close of nominations, the candidates standing for each  position will be announced throughout Guangdong. Any  contested positions will be determined by voting.


   The election  result will be declared on the next Monday after the close  of voting (if any).



Voting  (In the case of contested  positions)


   Voting will  be conducted via email.


   Only votes  cast by BCC members (one vote per member) in Guangdong will  be counted.


   The voting  period will last 7 working days, closing at 16:00 on the  25th January 2019.


   All voting  will take place simultaneously during one election.



2019 Election Schedule


7th Jan (Mon)

Election Announced & Nominations Open

 16th  Jan (Wed)  Nominations Close (by 16:00)
 17th Jan (Thu)    Candidates Announced & Election Voting Opens
25th Jan (Fri) Voting Closes
28th Jan (Mon)  Results Declared





By the appointment of the British Chamber  of Commerce Guangdong, all Committee members shall fulfil  the roles below. These roles outline how Executive Committee  members shall conduct business and carry out their duties.


1. Committee Chairman


a) Supervise  the Chamber and support the staff.

b) Represent  the Chamber at meetings and events when required to do so.

c)  Chair  the monthly Committee meetings.

d)  Assign  roles and responsibilities to Committee members


2. Committee Vice Chairman


a)  Report  directly to the Chairman

b)  Support  the Chairman in carrying out his/her duties

c)   Assume  the responsibilities and duties of the Chairman in his/her  absence


3. Treasurer


a)   Exercise supervision over the financial affairs of the  Chamber

b)   Prepare and present the annual financial reports and budgets  of the Chamber, coordinate the efforts of the auditors  appointed by the Committee

c)   Coordinate the establishment and implementation of  procedures and standards for the orderly conduct of the  financial affairs of the Chamber

d)  Supervise the Executive Manager in the maintenance of the  financial records of the Chamber


3. Committee Members


a)  Report  directly to the Committee Chairman

b)  Support  the Chairman and Vice Chairman in carrying out their duties

c)   Assume  an assigned role within the Committee


Objectives of the  British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong:


To promote  trade/investment between the United Kingdom and China  (Guangdong in particular)

To engage Chamber  Members via business and social events

To assist Chamber  Members with business development

To act as a platform in Guangdong for the benefit of all  relevant stakeholders


Should you have any  queries, please feel free to contact us via   chris.chen@britchamgd.com

or call our  Guangzhou office at (020) 8331 5013 ext 602.


Contact Us:
020 8331 5013
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