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深圳东海朗廷酒店 -“爱耀童心”圣诞慈善下午茶

Mercury drops. Our pace turns cheerful and light. These are signs that another heart-warming Christmas is just around the corner. This year, Father Christmas once again will travel in his sleigh to locations with or without snow to turn children’s dreams into reality. Between 1 December and 27 December, Palm Court at The Langham, Shenzhen invites you to join the hotel to create Christmas surprises for 24 children with congenital heart diseases. While enjoying exquisite Christmas desserts, scented coffee and teas, and special Christmas drinks, you can also play a role in making the dreams of a child come true.


Melodic music, aromatic mulled wine, fresh green Christmas trees, and tender shadows cast by the warm afternoon sun are well-known features of Shenzhen’s afternoon tea spot, Palm Court. During Christmas, the hotel’s Executive Pastry Chef Francesco Mannino is ready to turn this location all the more special, making by hand a dazzling array of adorable and much-loved Christmas desserts in either classical, green and red variations. Such desserts include blackcurrant chestnut tartlet with “Rudolph antlers”, a lovely “Christmas tree” loaded with sweet tropical fruits on the top of a black forest cake, and a white chocolate “snowflake” fallen with sweet wishes, all of which carry special meanings for Christmas. In addition, Palm Court will provide special Christmas mulled wine and eggnog, as well as an array of carefully-selected Wedgwood teas, filling this Christmas with sweet happiness.

在颂歌悠扬的旋律中,在热红酒醇香的氤氲里,在挺拔翠绿的圣诞树下,当午后暖阳透过窗棂洒下温柔的倩影,城中下午茶圣地「廷廊」已漾满节日的醉人甜蜜。以经典的深红深绿为基调,酒店饼房行政总厨Francesco Mannino精心设计一系列娇俏可人的圣诞甜品,令人爱不释手:黑加仑栗子挞上长出了“鲁道夫的鹿角”;一棵翠绿挺拔的迷你“圣诞树”让黑森林蛋糕更添别致;晶莹洁白的巧克力“小雪花”盈盈飘落,也携着节日的盛意。「廷廊」更为您备下现场制作的圣诞热红酒和蛋酒,数十款Wedgwood精选香茗,让这个圣诞的午后都浸于甜润的幸福中。


In addition to savouring delicacies, Christmas is also a time to give warmth and love. Since its opening, The Langham, Shenzhen has been striving to provide attentive care in order to help underprivileged children grow up healthily. This season, the hotel will join hands with Shenzhen Handpicked Love Foundation again since last year in helping children with congenital heart diseases get their wishes. The 24 children come from disadvantaged areas in Hainan, Hunan, Guangxi and Guangdong provinces and they were given a chance to provide their desired present for this Christmas. With innocent hearts come simple wishes. It turned out that ordinary, useful gifts such as a new schoolbag, a new down coat, or just a doll or toy, are already enough to make these Christmas wishes come true. To grant them their wishes, you simply need to inform our staff of your participation and the hotel will share half of the cost with you. This seemingly small act can make a big difference in a child’s life.



Christmas is a very magical time of year that brings people both happiness and contentment. Let’s give and contribute. Join us in delivering kindness and promoting charity this holiday season.



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