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Termination of Employees under PRC Law – what you need to know 劳动合同解除的深度解析


Friday 23rd Mar, 2018



Termination under PRC law is never an easy job and if not handled properly, is always the main reason leading to labor dispute. In case of illegal termination, the employee may choose either severance compensation or reinstatement of the labor contract. In recent years, more and more employees go for the reinstatement of the labor contract in practice, especially the senior ones.


In this seminar, our speakers will share the cases study and also provide the audience with an in depth analysis. For any employer operating in China today, this presentation should not be missed.


To be able to properly handle a termination, it is crucial for company to have a general understanding of issues like


▪  procedures of a labor lawsuit and how to respond to it


▪  what are the considerations which will make the judicial authority to uphold reinstatement claim  


▪  practical considerations for the employer in case of a reinstatement claim  



If you would like to raise particular questions during the seminar regarding labor dispute, please submit your inquiry to by 21st Mar.

如果您有任何关于劳动争议的问题希望在此次研讨会上提出,请在3月21日前把问题发送到 的邮箱。



■ Zoe Zhou - Partner, Wei Tu Law Firm


Zoe is a partner at Wei Tu Law Firm which is a PRC registered law firm based in Guangzhou and under a CEPA association with Stephenson Harwood.

Zoe specialises in corporate legal issues and has more than 10 years of experiences in merger and acquisition, overseas listing, private equity, foreign direct investment and general corporate issues. Zoe is familiar with employment issues and regularly advises foreign clients on their employment compliance issues. She is also experienced in the protection, licensing and enforcement of intellectual rights and advising on franchising arrangement. In addition, she has represented various overseas companies in the PRC courts in relation to commercial disputes, intellectual property infringement, and employment matters.




■ Kehua Zhang - Partner, Wei Tu Law Firm  


Kehua is a partner at Wei Tu Law Firm which is a PRC registered law firm based in Guangzhou and under a CEPA association with Stephenson Harwood.

Kehua has experience with a broad range of matters involving M&A, foreign direct investment, international trade and labour and employment. His clients are mainly European and US large and medium-sized international companies. Kehua is very experienced in foreign direct investment, cross-border equity and asset acquisitions including cross-border transaction, due diligence and providing pragmatic advice to assist the clients to achieve their commercial goal. Kehua also works on matters on international trade dispute and other cross-border dispute resolution. He relies on his in-depth insight into foreign related dispute resolution to help clients navigate complex Chinese juridical procedures and safeguard client’s reputation.





About Wei Tu Law Firm

Wei Tu is a PRC law firm based in Guangzhou. With a fully integrated and experienced professional teamand in-depth local knowledge, Wei Tu provides full legal services to clients from home and abroad. Wei Tu’s clients include banks, all types of enterprises,and individuals. Wei Tu and Stephenson Harwood (a law firm registered in HongKong) are in a CEPA association under the name “Stephenson Harwood – Wei Tu (China) Association”. 
Wei Tu’s core services include corporate, merger & acquisition, banking and finance, commercial litigation, marine and international trade, employment and labour and IP protection.

Event Details


Date 日期 :Friday 23rd Mar, 2018 3月23日周五

Time时间 :14:30-17:00

Language 语言: English 英语

Venue地点 : The British Centre 英国中心

Address:22/F, Guangzhou International Finance Centre, No.5 Zhujiang Xi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou


Price : RMB 150 Member  会员价

            RMB 350 Non-Member  非会员价

**Due to strict security, ID card/passport number needs to be provided**

To register for this event please contact Annabelle via email to or call at 86 20 8331 5013-607.  You could pay HERE to buy your ticket. 

请发电邮至,或致电 86 20 8331 5013-607进行报名. 您也可以点击购买,直接购票。

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