2017 BritCham Guangdong Review | 广东英商会本年度精彩回顾

2017 has been another great year for BritCham featuring many highlights, from meeting with royalty, connecting businesses, inspiring women and supporting worth charities…here are just a few of the highlights from the BritCham team in 2017!


BritCham organised over 60 events and trainings throughout 2017. The majority of the events were held in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, but this year we’ve spread the events out to other cities as well like Dongguan and Foshan. BritCham will continue this trend in our future operations and try to have more events held in surrounding areas while focusing on these two main cities. 

Also in 2017, Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne visited China in July and several BritCham members were invited to a Reception with Her Royal Highness to celebrate the Queen's Birthday Party in Changsha. In November, members of the UK Parliament’s All Party Parliamentary China Group (APPCG) visited Guangzhou. BritCham’s new Executive Manager, Barry Kirkwood was joined by five BritCham members at an exclusive lunch with the MPs.

※ Flagship Events

•Women in Business Forum (March)


We have invited five women who are forerunners in different industries to share their perspectives and stories about how they use new technology and overturned existing traditional concepts to combat daily life and social problems. Through this forum, we hope to establish a platform for women to exchange and inspire each other, allowing them to find their true character and place in life. 


•Intellectual Property Protection Event (April)

Tom Duke, UK’s Intellectual property attaché to China, visited Guangzhou in April. During his visit, BritCham invited him to share us with the IP protection in China.

•BritCham Business Referrals (April)


BritCham Business Referral Events aim to help our members meet like-minded contacts and develop business opportunities. This year, BritCham held 4 Business Referrals, providing an unparalleled opportunity for our members to have communications with companies from different fields to boost further cooperations.  

Business Referral photoP71025-144040.jpg


•BritCham British Day (Guangzhou and Shenzhen) (May and November)


This British cultural event is organised by British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong annually. Numerous guests and booth vendors gathered together in the fantastic day, enjoying the amazing performances, tasting delicious traditional British food and beverages, and taking part in some fun games and activities. 


•BritCham Golf Tournament (June)


The Annual Golf Tournament has proven to not only be a gathering of international golfers but also an event that successfully promotes the British tradition of golf in South China.


•Dongguan BritCham Business Exchange (July)

This Business Exchange focused on the opportunities and challenges at the era of economy transformation.

•Christmas Party (Guangzhou and Shenzhen) (December)

Christmas Party is an annual event held both at Guangzhou and Shenzhen. To celebrate the festive season, once again this year BritCham held its Christmas Gala Dinner in Guangzhou and Christmas Party in Shenzhen, welcoming almost 200 guests for Christmas food, drinks, festive music and prize giveaways. 



This year, BritCham has welcomed 44 new members to our membership in 2017 including two Supporting Members.

Supporting Member is an industry exclusive VIP membership. It will give the members more services from the BritCham. We currently have 5 supporting members and they are Age6000(Retail and Wholesale), Canton Global Academy(Education), Mission Hills(Hospitality), QWOS(Overseas Investment), Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City(Property Management).


If you would like to know more about our Membership, please contact:

Jiaying Li

Marketing and Communications Manager.

BritCham Social Responsibility (BSR)

While receiving support from members, BritCham never forgets to give back to society. In 2017, we supported Sunshine Academy, Promised Land, Animals Asia, GIVES and Captivating International.  Altogether, we donated RMB31,980 to help those in need. Hope next year we can do more. 


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