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2017 BritCham & AustCham Shenzhen Christmas Party

Christmas is a wonderful time to share joyful times with friends, family and colleagues. To celebrate the festive season, the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong and the Australian Chamber of Commerce, South China hosted a Christmas Party for our Shenzhen members on 7th December at the InterContinental Hotel Shenzhen, welcoming over 100 guests.


The evening started with the welcome speeches and Christmas greetings from Mr. Barry Wilson, Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong Shenzhen Branch, Mr. Nick, Chairman of the Australian Chamber of Commerce South China, Mr. Andrew Macintosh of the Australian Chamber of Commerce HK & Macau and Mr. Daniel Arbenz, the General Manager of the InterContinental Shenzhen. Then guests were treated to the wonderful Christmas choir from Shekou International School, who sang several Christmas Carols to get the guests into the festive spirit.

晚宴由广东英国商会深圳分会主席Mr. Barry Wilson, 中国澳大利亚商会-华南的主席Mr. Nick, 香港及澳门澳洲商会主席Mr. Andrew Macintosh, 深圳华侨城洲际大酒店总经理Mr. Daniel Arbenz的欢迎致辞而拉开了序幕。晚会伊始,深圳蛇口国际学校的合唱团为我们歌唱了圣诞颂歌,让宾客们切身体会到圣诞的节日氛围。

(From Left to Right: Mr. Barry Wilson, Mr. Nick, Mr. Andrew Macintosh and Mr. Daniel Arbenz)

(Christmas Carols Performed by Shekou International School Students)

We would like to give a huge thanks to the great support from our members and guests who attended. During the evening, Barry Wilson, the Chairman of BritCham Shenzhen Committee and the AustCham representatives gave a toast to thank all the members and guests present and wished them great success in 2018.

我们在此感谢所有会员和嘉宾的大力支持。在酒会的当晚,英国商会深圳分会主席Barry Wilson与澳洲商会代表向现场的会员们、宾客们敬酒表示感谢,并祝愿他们在2018年取得成功。

The tasty food provided by the InterContinental Hotel, accompanied with the festive music created a pleasant and enjoyable evening for our guests.


Thanks to our generous sponsors, the fabulous prizes marked a highlight the evening and brought great excitement to all those lucky winners!

由赞助商提供的精美奖品是圣诞酒会的另一大亮点, 得奖观众们心情也十分激动,将酒会推向高潮。

With Thanks

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and all who attended, the evening was full of fun and festive cheer. We heartily thank members and friends for participating in the event, as well as all our sponsors without whose kind support, the night could not have been such a great success. We would like to give our huge thank you to all our sponsors listed below. For more information about this event, please contact Shenzhen Office Manager: lesley.li@britchamgd.com



关于此次活动的更多信息,请联系我们深圳办公室经理: lesley.li@britchamgd.com

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