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Senior Graphic Designer 高级平面设计师 - C2W Group 珠海中西电子科技有限公司

Senior Graphic Designer

The C2W Group is looking for an In-house Senior Graphic Designer.

The role requires previous proven experience, and the ability to work as part of a team, perform under pressure, and meet tight deadlines.

The candidate that fills the role will join a dynamic international team and learn about manufacturing, business, and the behind-the-scenes of building an e-commerce brand.

Since our inception in 2005, the C2W Group has grown into a Global Group with multiple businesses across multiple sectors including our own Factory, a Bar & Restaurant, and a Fitness Brand.

Job Responsibilities

1.     Corporate and product branding.

2.     Packaging design.

3.     Business card/catalog/leaflet design.

4.     Logo design.

5.     Website design and maintenance.

6.     Sketch enhancement (image tracing)

7.     Product artwork.

8.     Email design.

9.     Image editing and artwork creation for e-commerce websites and Amazon.

10.  Amazon A+ content.

11.  Onsite photo and videography (some travel might be required).

12.  Image and video editing.

13.  UI/UX design.

14.  Report writing.

15.  General graphic design tasks.



Skills & Qualifications

1.     Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design or equivalent experience (+3 years of proven experience)

2.     Highly skilled in Adobe Design Suite, including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, etc.,

3.     Proficient in MS Office Software.

4.     Being familiar with other design software such as 3D Studio Max, and AutoCAD is not necessary but is a plus.

5.     Excellent communication skills.

6.     Excellent level of English (verbal and written).


-      Salary negotiable depending on experience and skill set.

-      Growth opportunities inside the company dependent on performance.

-      Social insurance and individual income tax paid by the company.

-      Chinese public holidays, Christmas Day, and 7-12 days of annual leave after the first year increase over the duration of employment.

Please send your CV to hr@china2west.com

if you are interested in this post, and indicate "source from BritCham Guangdong".








1.    业和旗下产品的品牌设计

2.    包装设计

3.    名片/产品手册/传单张设计

4.    标志设计

5.    网站设计及维护

6.    图优化(图像跟踪)

7.    参与产品研发的构思和优化

8.    订阅邮件版面设计

9.    电商品牌独立站及亚马逊的图像编辑及版面设计

10.  亚马逊A+广告内容设计

11.  摄图片及视频 (尔涉及户外拍摄)

12.       饰图片及视频剪辑

13.  UI/UX设计

14.  撰写汇报

15.  其他平面设计任务



1.    本科学历,平面设计相关专业,或有相关经验(三年以上的受认可经验)

2.    精通Adobe Design Suite,包括Adobe IllustratorPhotoshopAfter Effects

       Premiere ProLightroom

3.    熟练使用MS Office软件

4.    熟悉其他设计软件,如3D Studio MaxAutoCAD(非必要,但可作加分项)

5.    优秀的沟通能力

6.    良好的英语能力(口头及书面)



1.     薪酬可谈,根据经验及能力而定

1. 根据表现,有内部晋升机会

1. 社保及个人所得税将由公司支付

1. 享有中国公共假期、圣诞假期,工作满一年,根据年资可享7-12天年假。




About the company 关于公司

China 2 West Services, founded in 2005 by a former Royal Marines Officer, is a western owned and managed manufacturing & supply chain consultancy providing services such as quality control and product development in Asia.We have helped 1000s of western companies to move their production to China with minimum disruption to their business and helped those already here to improve quality, efficiency and price.From our foundations as a manufacturing consultancy based in China, the China 2 West brand has grown into a Global Group with businesses in multiple sectors including our own Factory, a Bar & Restaurant and a Fitness Brand.

C2W (珠海中西电子科技限公司) 成立于2005年,是一家正处于不断快速成长的英资企业,总部位于中国珠海,专业于对外贸易,业务涉及范围相当广泛,包括五金、塑料、电子产品、纺织品等。C2W 在英国,美国, 中国香港等地区驻有办事处,并在东莞,深圳和江门及其他省份有多个稳定的制造型工厂,并于2019年底,在三灶胜利路成立了自己的约4000平米的组装工厂,工厂名字为:珠海盛世熙德电子科技有限公司,为不同客户组装各类的产品。



Learn more by visiting china2west.com





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