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Home >> Event Reviews >>BritCham Event Reviews >> 中英科创精英齐聚鹏城,共商大湾区科创发展机遇 —— 广东英国商会主办“2021 大湾区科技与创新峰会”圆满落幕

中英科创精英齐聚鹏城,共商大湾区科创发展机遇 —— 广东英国商会主办“2021 大湾区科技与创新峰会”圆满落幕


—— 广东英国商会主办“2021 大湾区科技与创新峰会”圆满落幕

On the afternoon of 26 August, 2021, the "GBA Technology and Innovation Summit 2021", hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong (BritCham Guangdong) was successfully held at the Renaissance Shenzhen Bay Hotel, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. At the Summit, we invited four industry experts from BritCham Guanngdong's technology and innovation community to share industry insights and their outlooks on trends to over 180 key contacts from across industry, government and media organizations and to an audience of over 6.7 million domestic and foreign viewers via live-streaming broadcast across four dimensions, namely Technology+ AI, Technology+ Finance, Technology+ Capital and Technology+ Education.

2021 年 8 月 26 日下午,由广东英国商会主办的“2021 大湾区科技与创新峰会”于深圳南山区深圳湾万丽酒店圆满落幕。本次峰会邀请了四位来自英商会科创社群的行业专家,就科技+ 人工智能、科技+ 金融、科技+ 资本、科技+ 教育四个领域,为在场逾 150 名政企代表、投资人、媒体来宾、及 60 万名通过在线直播观看的海内外受众分享行业洞察与趋势展望。




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Focus on the Technology and Innovation in the GBA Help Establish an Industry Platform

聚焦大湾区科创领域 助力打造行业平台


As a non-profit organization dedicated to serving Chinese and British-related members in the GBA, BritCham Guangdong always pays attention to local industry development trends in the field of technology and innovation, and is committed to building a community and platform for Chinese and British enterprises to conduct industry-related communication and resource docking. Shenzhen, as a leading technological hub city in the GBA, is geographically well positioned and is a focus of related and thus was a natural choice for the location of this year's Summit.





At the beginning of the event, Mr. Jeremy Sargent OBE, Chairman of British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong, first delivered a welcome address to all the guests as the representative of the event organiser. "Albeit the pandemic, we are honored to receive the support and endorsement from all parties and successfully held the summit as planned," he added, "We hope to take this event as an opportunity to create an international cross-field exchange platform for GBA District's Chinese and British technology companies in different stages of the development cycle."


活动开始,广东英国商会主席赵利民先生(Mr. Jeremy Sargent OBE)首先作为主办方代表向到场的所有来宾致欢迎辞。在疫情等众多因素的影响下,我们很荣幸仍然能获得各方支持,按计划顺利举办这次峰会。”他补充道,“期待我们以这次活动为契机,为大湾区内不同发展阶段的中英科创企业打造一个国际化的跨领域交流平台。”



Ms. Vinny Ho, Head of Business Promotion, Plainvim International Science Industrial Park (our Diamond Sponsor), said that in the past two decades, Plainvim has independently operated 15 modern industrial parks in the central cities of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and of the Yangtze Delta, helping global high-end manufacturing enterprises to establish in China and achieve their business goals. 

谈及此次峰会聚焦大湾区的话题,本次大会的钻石赞助商——平谦国际科学产业园招商负责人何婉红女士表示,过去 20  年,平谦已在粤港澳大湾区、长三角核心城市自持运营 15 个现代化产业园,助力全球高端制造业企业落户中国,实现商业目标。


Industry Big Figures Focus on GBA Emerging Technology Triggers Reformation 

行业大咖聚焦湾区 新兴技术引发变革


In the keynote speech session, the first speaker was Mr. Joseph Smith, Founder of TrueAI Systems, who gave a keynote speech entitled "How does Technology+ AI Play a Crucial Role in the Developing Industry in the GBA". As the Former Vice President of Global Business Transformation, Huawei, Mr. Joseph Smith was the first foreign national to come and live and work with Huawei. In the 22 years of cooperation with Huawei, with his rich experience in AI and patent research, he has been a leader in the innovation and transformation of Huawei.


第一位演讲嘉宾是 TrueAI Systems 创始人周哲夫先生(Mr. Joseph Smith),为现场来宾带来了题为“科技+ 人工智能如何在粤港澳大湾区的行业发展中发挥关键作用”的主题演讲。周哲夫先生作为前华为集团全球业务变革副总裁,也是华为的首位外籍员工,在与华为合作的 22 年中,他凭借在人工智能领域丰富的从业经验和专利研究,领导了华为的创新变革。


Technology+ AI





Mr. Joseph Smith, Founder of TrueAI Systems and Former Vice President of Global Business Transformation, Huawei explained the development and application trend of AI in GBA

 TrueAI Systems 创始人、前华为集团全球业务变革副总裁在 2021 广东英国商会科技与创新峰会中讲解人工智能技术在大湾区的发展与应用趋势

In his speech, Joseph listed 10 changes that AI can make in the future. One specific example is model training. With the help of AI, it only takes few minutes or even seconds to complete the model training. On top of that, he also illustrated the edge of analog circuits over digital circuits, explaining that analog circuits are much faster at performing mathematical functions like differential equations and vector multiplication, both of which are fundamental to machine learning. 


演讲中,周哲夫(Joseph Smith)列举了未来人工智能会带来的十大改变。其中一个例子就是模型训练。在人工智能的帮助下,模型训练的算法只需不到几分钟、甚至不到几秒的时间就可完成。除此之外,他还对比了模拟电路相比于数据电路的优势。他解释道,模拟电路可以更快地完成数字计算功能,像是微分方程和矢量乘法,这两个计算都对机器学习有着举足轻重的地位。


Technology+ Capital




Ms. Wing Fong, Head of Technology and Life Science of Southern China Region and Capital Market Group Partner of KPMG China, provided a referential development path for the listing of science and innovation enterprises

毕马威华振会计师事务所(特殊普通合伙)深圳分所审计合伙人、华南区高科技及生命科技主管合伙人房炅女士在 2021 广东英国商会科技与创新峰会中为科创企业的上市之路提供了具有参考价值的发展路径

The second speaker is Ms. Wing Fong. Ms. Fong delivered a speech entitled "Capital Market Choices for Technology Companies - Comparison of Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and US", which described a clear path and development blueprint for the science and innovation enterprises who have the listing vision in the three regions for all science and innovation enterprises with listing vision


Wing compared the similarities and differences of the company's listing in Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and the United States. She explained that if companies intend to list in Chinese Mainland, the listing procedure will be supervised by China Securities Regulatory Commission and regulatory authorities, whereas if in Hong Kong SAR or in the United States, it is Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing or U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that checks the credibility and reliability of the listing applicants and the listing companies need to provide listing documentation.


在演讲中,房炅横向比较了企业在中国境内、香港及美国上市的异同,并介绍如企业在国内 A 股上市,除科创板与创业板外,由监管部门及中国证监会主导审核;在香港或美国上市时,则由香港交易所或美国证监会审查上市申请人资质, 上市前向监管部门提交相关信息的注册制。


Technology+ Education




Mr. Li Huiyu, Director of Business Development, Zhixin International School and Former Co-Founder and Head of Curriculum Design of CodeMonkey, TAL

广州执信中学国际部项目拓展部主任、前学而思·小猴编程联合创始人李晖域先生在 2021 广东英国商会科技与创新峰会中为“双减”政策下,科技+教育行业发展趋势进行了分析和展望

The third speaker is Mr. Huiyu Li, graduated from Peking University and Stanford University. Mr. Li's speech topic is "EdTech Trend under New Education Guidelines" As an education consultant and the international education expert, he predicted the influence of "Double Reduction" policy on the products as well as the business model in the Technology+ Education sector.


第三位演讲嘉宾是广州执信中学国际部项目拓展部主任李晖域先生。毕业于北京大学和斯坦福大学。李先生为本次峰会带来了题为“‘双减’政策下,科技+ 教育行业路在何方?”的主题演讲,从科技+ 教育领域专家顾问及国际教育工作者双重身份的角度,基于近期教育界“双减”政策的颁布,对科技+教育产品和业态的影响及未来趋势走向做出了分析和展望。


Mr. Li reckoned that one of the manifestations of Technology+ Education is to use technology as the teaching aids. For instance, qualification courses can not only help the students improve their intelligence but also increase the teachers' productivity with the help of technology. A children's  coding course, as one of the qualification courses, features technology and entertainment, which can satisfy the needs of children at different ages. Hence, this is a course with broad entrance and narrow exit. At the end of the speech, Mr. Li said that the advancement of technology is required so as to help improve teachers' efficiency on the grounds that the education focus has been transferred from off-campus to in-school. Mr. Li pointed out: "After the release of "Double Reduction" policy, Technology+ Education should help improve the school teaching efficiency and cultivate the students' technological capability. 


演讲中,李先生认为,科技+ 教育的其中一个体现,就是利用科技作为教育教学的辅助工具。例如素质类课程就可以借助科技的力量,帮助小朋友们提升智力和成长,也同时解放老师的生产力。作为素质类课程的其中一门,少儿编程课程科技性大、兴趣性强,可以满足不同年龄段小朋友的需求,是一个宽入口、窄出口的课程。在演讲的最后,李晖域表示双减政策之下,教育重心从校外转移到校内,这也意味着需要有科技的进步,让老师减负增效,方可以让这条路走的长久、走的更远。在双减政策下,李晖域指出,教育科技应当提高学校教学效率,和广泛培养学生的科学素质素养。


Technology+ Finance




Mr. Musheer Ahmed, Founder & Managing Director of FinStep Asia

FinStep Asia 的创始人兼董事总经理 Musheer Ahmed 先生

The fourth speaker, Mr. Musheer Ahmed, is the Founder and Managing Director of Finstep Asia. At the Summit, Mr. Ahmed, as Co-Founder, Fintech Association of Hong Kong and Co-Founder, Virtual Fintech Fair, delivered a speech entitled "Why GBA is the Global Innovation Hub for Fintech?" He shared his abundant experience and industry insight in the field of financial services and technology that he accumulated for more than 16 years. In his speech, Musheer also shared his opinions about the influence of emerging technologies (such as AI, digital bank, supervision technology, fortune technology and supply chain) on the investing bank, which triggered extensive interest amongst participants.


第四位演讲嘉宾 Musheer Ahmed 先生是 FinStep Asia 的创始人兼董事总经理。本次峰会上,Musheer 作为香港金融科技协会联合创始人及虚拟金融科技展联合创始人,为来宾带来了题为“为什么粤港澳大湾区成为了世界金融创新中心?”的主题演讲,分享他作为金融服务和技术领域超过 16 年的丰富经验和行业洞察。演讲中,Musheer 还表达了他对新兴技术(如人工智能、数字银行、监管科技、财富科技和区块链)为投资银行业务带来的重大影响的分析和看法,引发业内人士的关注和深思。


Mr. Musheer Ahmed insightfully predicted that Shenzhen will surpass other similar hubs owing to its identity as a Silicon Valley of China and its shifting to manufacturing to research and development in the technology sector. He also listed some impressive GBA-based blockchain projects such as eTrade Connect, FISCO, Bay Area Trade Finance Blockchain Platform. GBA will be the innovation bridge for Chinese Mainland and the rest of the world. The combination of Hong Kong and Shezhen will create the world's most innovative and strong "FinTech" Hub. GBA is the key hub for innovative business models, for a constantly evolving internet economy.


Musheer 预测,由于深圳作为中国硅谷的身份以及它从制造业转向科技领域研发与制造重心转移,未来,深圳极有可能超过西方大湾区。他还列出了一些令人印象深刻的基于大湾区的区块链项目,如:eTrade Connect、FISCO、湾区贸易融资区块链平台等。大湾区将会成为中国内地乃至全球的创新基地。香港和深圳将会一起创造出全球规模最大、影响力最深的金融科技港湾。大湾区是创新商业模式和持续变化的互联网经济的重要港湾。


British Projects Appeared at the Summit All Circles in the GBA Boost Innovation

 英国项目亮相峰会 湾区各界助力创新



During the Summit, representatives from British universities and enterprises held a round table discussion on technology innovation to explore how all sectors of society can help the operation and development of technology enterprises in the GBA. Ms. Sherry Pan, Head of Technology (China), Department for International Trade, Dr. Penny Chen, General Manager, UCLan Technology (Shenzhen) Ltd., Ms. Ivy Liang, Director of the Gowling WLG (UK) LLP Guangzhou Representative Office and Mr. Duncan Harrison, Executive Director - Head of Asia, Hamlyn Williams were invited as special guests, and MsPenn Zhao, IT Risk and Control Manager of Fortune 500 International Bank, as the host, participated in this session and conducted Q & A interaction with the on-site guests.


本次峰会,大会还特别安排了来自英国高校及企业的代表上台,就科技创新议题进行圆桌讨论,探讨各界如何助力大湾区科创企业的经营和发展。来自英国国际贸易部科技事务主管(中国)潘阳女士、兰开夏科技(深圳)有限公司总经理陈泽敏博士、英国高林睿阁律师事务所驻广州代表处授薪合伙人梁颖女士、翰林荟萃人才服务(深圳)有限公司执行董事及亚太区负责人邓肯先生作为特邀嘉宾,世界 500 强国际银行 IT 风险控制官赵紫畔女士作为主持人参与此环节,并与现场来宾进行问答互动。



In response to question of the opportunities and challenges that the COVID-19 has brought to the tech sector, Sherry replied that since 2020, there has been a boom in tech-sector, especially in digital setting. Last year, there were approximately £15 billion invested in this field in the UK, reaching a record high. Among it, a noticeable surge is witnessed is the tech-for-good sector. This field is dedicated to making positive contributions to both the environment and society. Penny also shared some constructive suggestions to UK companies who want to enter Chinese market. She thought being aware of and familiar with local regulations and the local culture is important. She recommended that UK companies  have at least one Chinese founding member when entering the Chinese market. In regard to start-ups' intellectual property management, Ivy advised that start-ups should apply for patents as early as possible to get prepared and have legal protection. At the end of the panel discussion, Duncan talked about a gender pay gap, a topic which is heatedly discussed nowadays. He gave a good example of Scandinavian companies which transparently publicise wages of all employees.

针对疫情为科技领域带来的机遇和挑战,潘阳回答说,自 2020 以来,科技领域出现了繁荣,尤其是数字技术。去年在英国约有 150 亿英镑的商业投资用于科技领域,创历史新高。其中,一项激增是“科技向善”行业。该领域致力于为环境和社会做出积极贡献。陈泽敏还向希望进入中国市场的英国公司提出了一些建设性的建议。她认为了解和熟悉当地法规和文化非常重要。她建议英国公司在进入中国市场时,至少有一名创始成员为本地中方人士。关于初创企业的知识产权管理,梁颖建议初创企业尽早申请专利,以便做好准备并获得保护。在小组讨论末尾,邓肯(Duncan)谈到了如今热烈讨论的性别薪酬差距问题。他举了一个很好的例子,斯堪的纳维亚的一家公司透明地公布了所有员工的工资,以可视化每个员工的个人收入。


Finally, the Summit also invited four technology enterprise projects with British backgrounds for roadshows to showcase the unique project concept and business value of technology in different fields to the investors and relevant government and enterprise representatives. The following items were as followed:


Technology+ Risk Management




Mr. Haibin Li, Founder & CEO, Anlan Technology is giving a project roadshow speech at the event site


Anlan Tech is a leading Insurance Technology company by using predictive analytics, data and AI to transform commercial P&C (Property and Casualty) insurance.

安蓝信息科技作为全球化的保险科技公司,专注于提供财产险 SaaS 风控管理平台,协助保险公司完成数字化转型。

Technology+ Medical



Dr. Keith Tsui, CEO & Co-Founder of Medwise AI Ltd connecting in the UK to introduce its medical platform project

Medwise AI Ltd 首席执行官兼联合创始人徐瀚龙医生在英国进行连线介绍其医学平台项目

Medwise.ai is on the mission to ensure every patient receive the best healthcare possible. We use Artificial Intelligence to enhance the capabilities of clinicians so they can provide the best practice care to patients.


Medwise.ai 是款基于 AI 的临床问题解答平台。运用最先进的 AI 模型,不仅仅只是给医生提供相关链接或者文献,而是直接为医生提供全面又简洁的临床方案,以辅助临床医做出最终的决定。


Technology+ Energy




Mr Leigh Purnell, Founder & CEO of Petalite Limited connected from the UK to introduce its fast charging service

Petalite Limited 创始人兼首席执行官 Leigh Purnell 先生从英国连线,介绍其快充服务项目

Petalite is a new movement in electric vehicle charging solutions. Our patented SDC Technology is a highly reliable and low future cost.


Petalite Limited 提供的超级快充服务(15 分钟充 80% 的电量),产品级别达到了 TRL Level 6,并拥有专利和专门的配套设置。在 2018 年, VivaRail 成为其第个客户,实现了 15 分钟为 800V 压的电动火车电池组充电的目标。


Technology+ HR



Mr. Gareth Christian-Lim, Founder & CEO of Recii introduced to the guests how their project improves recruitment efficiency and reduces costs with the help of AI technology

Recii 创始人兼首席执行官 Gareth Christian-Lim 先生向来宾介绍其项目如何通过人工智能技术提升招聘效率并降低成本

Recii is an automated candidate engagement platform utilising the latest innovation in voice technology.

Recii 是一家通过人工智能技术实现招聘流程自动化的企业,在招聘人员评估、分析和确认应聘者方面可节省高达 70% 的费用。其使命是提供人工智能语音解决方案,使招聘业务得以增长。


Partial Attendees


Antal International

ATLAS Shenzhen

Baker McKenzie Fenxun

Brinc Global Venture Accelerator

British Chamber of Commence Guangdong

British Consulate-General Guangzhou

British Embassy Beijing

BSI 英国标准协会


China Britain Business Council

City University of Macau    

Coding Girls


Decison Process International

Denuni HK Limited    

Dezan Shira & Associate    


Department for International Trade

FESCO Adecco



Fortune X


Guangdong GTL Law Firm    

GXS Partners    

GZ LangerGroup

Hamlyn Williams    



Insurance Risk Exchange Pte Limited

Kinyu SCM Ltd


London & Partners

Ladies Who Tech



Ruder Finn

Scottish Development International

Shenzhen Valley Ventures

Startup Grind Shenzhen

That's GBA

Tomorni Computer Techmology (ShenZhen) Co.Ltd

TrueAI Systems


U.S. Consulate General Guangzhou


Wilosophy Limited












































Thanks for the great support from our Co-Creators!






Plainvim International Science Industrial Park, founded in 1991 and headquartered in Hongkong China, is the number one developer and operator of industrial real estate in China. Over the past 20 years, Plainvim has developed and operated 15 international industrial parks in the major cities of Greater Bay Area and Yangtze River Delta. The total developed area has reached over 5 million㎡. Plainvim International, as the champion of China Industry 4.0, has the vision of building state-of-the-art industrial parks for high-end EU and US manufacturing cluster center.


平谦国际科学产业园成立于 1991 年,总部位于香港,是中国人工智能工业地产开发运营商。过去 20 年已在粤港澳大湾区、长三角核心城市自持运营 15 个现代化产业园,累计面积超过 500 万㎡。平谦国际以打造欧美高端制造业集聚中心及中国一流产业园为愿景目标,是中国工业 4.0 实践者。



CELFULL is a brand of PURESSENCE. It was founded in the United States in 2001 and has been built over 20 years by a strong team led by biomedicine doctors, focusing on anti-aging of cellular mitochondrial. The brand is committed to improving the health of each life stage through medical research of mitochondrial, exploring, developing and producing products and services that are beneficial to health, and is committed to setting quality, safety and value standards.


CELFULL®(中译:赛立复)是 PURESSENCE(美国纯菁)旗下品牌,2001 年创立于美国,是由一支强大的生物医学博士带领的技术团队历时 20 余年打造的、专注于细胞线粒体抗衰的品牌,致力于运用线粒体医学研究改善每个生命阶段的健康状况,探索、开发和生产有益健康的产品与服务,并致力于设定品质、安全和价值标准。







About The Event



The Greater Bay Area Summit is one of the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong's (BritCham Guangdong) flagship events. The event has been held for the past three years in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, invited over 20 speakers for sharing their insights and welcomed over 400 guests in total, co-branding with media partners with more than 800,000 online and offline exposures.

大湾区峰会是广东英国商会的旗舰活动之一。该活动已 3 年成功在广州举办,邀请了超过 20+ 位嘉宾分享,将近 400+ 观众线下参与峰会活动,合作媒体、品牌联动,线上线下曝光  80 万+ 。

Through this summit, BritCham Guangdong will establish a platform for tech-related industry members, investors, governments, and so forth in the GBA (i) to hear from key industry professionals on their predictions and outlook for the year ahead across a range of industries and sectors, (ii) to add value to you and your business and to better inform business planning decisions and (iii) to increase awareness amongst our members and business community via sharing insights and predictions.


Contact Us 联系我们

Tel: +86(20) 8331 5013 ext. 602

Email: admin@britchamgd.com

Guangzhou Office

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