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Home >> Job Search >>Recruitment >> Account Executive and Consultant - Ruder Finn Public Relations Consulting (Beijing) Ltd. Guangzhou Office 罗德公共关系顾问(北京)有限公司广州分公司

Account Executive and Consultant - Ruder Finn Public Relations Consulting (Beijing) Ltd. Guangzhou Office 罗德公共关系顾问(北京)有限公司广州分公司

Position 职位:Account Executive 客户主任


1. Study the characteristics of consumer groups and gain insight into consumer demand 

2. Analyze public relations distribution channel opportunity point, study brand and social public  opinion 

3. In combination with the company's core strategy planning and the characteristics of the public  relations carrier, the public relations opportunity is excavated, and the planning and creation of  PR communication content is carried out 

4. Assist the project leader to write and edit daily manuscripts 

5. Participate in core tasks actively such as project planning, develop creativity of project,  brainstorming, input ideas and understand ideas quickly and clearly and organize it into PPT or  essay.


1. 研究消费群体特点,洞察消费者需求; 

2. 分析公关发布渠道机会点,研究品牌和社会的舆情; 

3. 结合公司的核心策略策划及公关载体的特点,挖掘公关机会,进行公关传播内容的策划与创作; 

4. 协助项目负责人进行日常稿件撰写及编辑处理; 

5. 需要积极参与项目策划、项目创意、头脑风暴等核心工作,输入创意,并能迅速清晰地理 解、将创意整理成 ppt 或文字。


1. Good English, IELTS 6.5 or above (study abroad or exchange experience is preferred) 

2. Have the habit of browsing English websites and English articles, and l use Google, Bing and  other search engines 

3. Be sensitive to words, have a good base and be fond of writing, have an excellent level of writing  in Chinese and English 4. Thinking logically, be able to clearly present creative ideas through PPT and text 

5. Interested in technology, it will focus on news related to new technologies and new technology  products (robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, VR, artificial intelligence...), etc. 

6. Have strong interest and insight in social media, and have multimedia skills. Make h5 with tools  such as PS, EQXIU and MAKA, and use PowerPoint flexibly 

7. Cheerful, willing to communicate, open learning attitude.


1. 英语好,雅思 6.5 分或以上(留学或者交换经历更佳); 

2. 平时有浏览英文网站、英语文章的习惯,会使用谷歌,Bing 等搜索引擎; 

3. 对文字敏感,文字功底好,热爱写作,中英文写作水平优秀; 

4. 逻辑思维紧密,能清晰通过 PPT、文字呈现创意想法; 

5. 对社会化媒体有浓厚的兴趣和洞察力,有多媒体技能,会使用 PS、易企秀、MAKA 等工 具制作 h5, 灵活使用 PowerPoint; 

6. 性格开朗,乐于沟通,有开放的学习态度。

Position: Consultant 顾问


1. Assist the client to propose and organize the planning of various public relations events and plan  social marketing solutions 

2. Formulate annual and monthly communication strategy plan, write relevant news articles, reports,  etc. 

3. Comprehensive analysis of customer's products, competitors and other aspects of the status  information, constantly excavate customer demand 

4. Provide professional solutions to customers according to customer requirements and situations timely 

5. Maintain and establish customer relationship, responsible for the realization of potential and  malleable demand of customers.


1. 协助客户提出并组织实施策划各类公关事件及策划社会化营销解决方案; 

2. 制定年、月度传播策略方案,撰写相关新闻稿件、报告等; 

3. 综合分析客户的产品、竞争对手等各方面的状况信息, 不断挖掘客户需求

4. 及时根据客户要求和情况,向客户提供专业化的方案; 

5. 保持、建立客户关系, 负责客户潜在及延展性需求的实现。


1. 4 years or above professional PR consulting company, social (new media) marketing, advertising and  other related industry work experience 

2. Excellent leadership and management skills, rich experience in customer service 

3. Fluent in English communication, writing, and experience in overseas study 

4. Have the technology, luxury accessories, fast elimination industry experience is preferred 

5. Familiar with social project operation and public relations media operation, media planning  experience is preferred 

6. Good sense of teamwork and collaboration, good at learning and summarizing, planning and  organized.


1. 4 年或以上专业公关关系咨询公司、社会化(新媒体)营销、广告等相关行业工作经验,; 

2. 优秀的领导和管理能力,丰富的客户服务经验; 

3. 流利的英语沟通能力、书写能力,有留学经验更佳; 

4. 有科技、奢侈品、快消行业经验者优先考虑; 

5. 熟悉 social 项目运营和公关媒介运作,有媒体策划经验者优先; 

6. 富有团队意识和协作意识,善于学习和总结,计划性条理性强。

How to Apply:

Please send CV to Ms. Chen via laney.chen@rfcomms.com and indicate "source from Britcham Guangdong".

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