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Multiple Job Opportunities - LIH-Olivia's Place Shenzhen(LIHOP)ڳʹ̶ͯﲿ

Position: Clinical Psychologist

Job Description


  • Evidence of specialist psychological assessment and treatment of clients with a range of psychological and/or educational & learning needs.

  • Experience working with children with developmental disabilities, learning disorders or mental health problems in health or school based settings.

  • Experience of selecting, administering, interpreting standardized psychological assessments and tests.

  • Experience of writing complex reports that incorporate information from a broad range of sources including formal assessment.

  • Experience working within a multidisciplinary team.

  • Experience with evaluations and providing feedback to parents, caregivers, and other team members as a member of a multidisciplinary assessment team.

  • Experience supervising and/or mentoring student therapists and/or less experienced staff.

  • Deliver psycho-educational talks / workshops to children, families and schools.

  • Provide training and support for parents in management of children behavioral issues.


  • A Master's or Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology

  • A valid Practicing Certificate.

  • Experience in pediatric or working with young children with special needs preferred.

Position:Speech and Language Therapist

Job Description


  • Assesses clients communication skills (e.g. articulation, fluency, voice, expressive and receptive language, etc.) for the purpose identifying communication disorders, determining program eligibility and developing recommendations for treatment.

  • Develops treatment plans, interventions and/or educational materials for the purpose of minimizing the adverse impact of communication disorders in compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Coordinates meetings and processes for eligible students, testing/screening, parent workshops for the purpose of providing training to parents/students/staff.

  • Instructs assigned support staff for the purpose of providing information on communicative disorders, use of assistive devices and feeding techniques and/or implementing prescribed treatment plans.

  • Participates in meetings, workshops, and seminars (e.g. training, IEPs, team meetings, etc.) for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information.

  • Performs other related duties as assigned for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit.

  • Provides supervision and training to junior speech therapists


  • Bachelor's Degree in Speech Language Pathology.

  • A valid Practicing Certificate.

  • Experience in pediatric or working with young children with special needs preferred.

  • Preferred 3-5 years of experience working with pediatric population.

  • Competencies in principles and practices of speech and language therapy.

Position: Occupational Therapist

Job Description


  • Provide occupational therapy assessment, intervention, and evaluation to children individually or in group session with a variety of physical, intellectual, neurological, emotional, genetically abnormal conditions, mobility problems or illness.

  • Provide child care development and knowledge building training to caregivers.

  • Prepare written reports and attend case review meetings to provide updates, assessments and recommendations.

  • Understand and use standardized documentation procedures for reporting key performance indicators.


  • Bachelor's Degree or above holder in Occupational Therapy.

  • A valid Practicing Certificate.

  • Experience in pediatric or working with young children with special needs preferred.

  • We will consider a new graduate position for the right candidate.

  • Proactivity, positive attitude, a team player and hold strong problem-solving skills.

Application: Interested parties please apply with your CV to pei.li@lih-oliviasplace.com and indicate "source from BritCham Guangdong". For more information about LIH Olivias Place, please visit our websitewww.changhedayun.com or the Wechat official account ChangHeDaYun.

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