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Industry Pulse about Media, Business and Consulting Services

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BritCham Guangdong connects and promotes businesses in the Greater Bay Area and bridges British business with Chinese enterprises. Every month BritCham Guangdong brings you news from our members which you may want to know about - Pulse offers you up-to-date industry insight through a 20-min read. BritCham Industry Pulse aims at joining the dots between our members and their market sectors. 

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 2020 Comms Report: Measuring Up To The Moment

In a year like no other, this fourth annual Comms Report from Cision and PRWeek tells the story of an industry that is confidently confronting old and new challenges by bolstering its C-suite influence, amplifying its realtime data capabilities and advancing its social media prowess.

Challenge: Accepted and Confronted

Numerous obstacles comms has long faced such as tech adoption and proving ROI have only been heightened by the perpetual uncertainty of 2020. As evidenced by this fourth annual PRWeek/Cision Comms Report, PR is up to the task and others are recognizing it.

There comes a time when a corporate discipline needs to step up for the health and future of not only itself, but also the organization and sector it represents. Perhaps more than ever, that moment for comms is now. PR is being asked to rise to that challenge and is doing so, suggest the findings of the fourth annual Comms Report from PRWeek and software and services company Cision. Entering 2020, PR had already established itself as a trusted adviser to top management. That status, however, is reaching a new level this year. Of the 314 survey respondents, all U.S.-based PR and marketing professionals, 85% said the C-suite sought the counsel of comms even more after COVID-19 hit our country. The challenges are formidable. The novel coronavirus has left employees anxious about how to safely do their jobs (not to mention whether they will continue to even have those jobs). Meanwhile, consumers are worried about how to conduct themselves as the pandemic stretches on.



PRWeek partnered with Cision on this survey, which was sent via email to both communications and marketing professionals in the U.S. A total of 314 senior-level professionals, from both agencies and in-house, completed the online survey, conducted by PRWeek, between August 12 and September 14, 2020. Results are not weighted and are statistically tested at confidence levels of 90% and 95%. 

About the respondents 

Total: 314 (all in the U.S.) • 39 of the 50 U.S. states are represented among the respondent pool. The five states most represented are New York (19.4%), California (15.3%), Illinois (8.3%), New Jersey (6.4%) and Florida (4.8%)

For more details about  2020 Comms Report: Measuring Up To The Moment, please click here 

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Tricor & Ipsos Joint Research Report - Trends of Doing Business in China in the Post-Pandemic Era

With COVID-19 effectively under control and a robust economic recovery underway, China has taken the lead entering the post-pandemic era. It was the first country to achieve growth after the pandemic. This report analyzes business opportunities and provides professional guidance to companies and executives interested in establishing, operating, expanding, and capitalizing on the countrys huge growth potential.



For more details about  Tricor & Ipsos Joint Research Report - Trends of Doing Business in China in the Post-Pandemic Era, please click

Tricor-Ipsos Joint Report - Trends of Doing Business in China in the Post-Pandemic Era - EN (04Nov20).pdf

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Opportunities for Foreign Investors in China's Service Industries After COVID-19 

Since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020, the world has been plunged  into a cycle of tracking daily reports on the outbreak and its impact on societies, economies,  and governments. At the level of business and industry, enterprises have had to accelerate all  decision-making aimed at their survival and relevance.  Having suffered through the worst of the outbreak in the initial months of the year, China now  offers the world a way to move forward. The immediate lessons from the almost overnight  executive decisions are near unanimous. To survive a public health crisis of pandemic proportions,  enterprises in China have had to digitize all contact-facing operations to the utmost extent  possible, refit core company assets and redirect resources to manage sudden changes in market  needs, salvage customer relationships by quickly adapting to new realities, and either expand  the scope of business through technology solutions or withdraw to core operation strengths. In this edition of China Briefing Magazine, we focus on how key industries in the services sector  have entered into a new normal since the outbreak began. We also provide an overview of new  opportunities for foreign investment that have emerged as a result of major disruption to the  status quo. Finally, we spotlight two major industries impacted by COVID-19, healthcare and  food and beverages, where new opportunities represent the larger trends towards technology  mobilization, industrial upgrades, and online retail.




For more details about  Opportunities for Foreign  Investors in China's Service  Industries After COVID-19 , please click

Opportunities for Foreign Investors in Chinas Service Industries After COVID-19.pdf

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