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Director of Human Resources - American International School Of Guangzhou (AISG) ˹ѧУ

Position: Director of Human Resources 

Reporting to: Director of Finance and Operations

Scope of Responsibilities:

The Director of Human Resources (HR) provides executive-level leadership and guidance to the HR operations. The Director is a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

In addition to the oversight and day-to-day management of the Human Resources department, the Director is responsible for setting, enforcing, and evaluating legally compliant human resources policies, procedures, and best practices, and identifying and implementing long-range strategic talent management goals in line with the mission. The director will be proactive in recommending and implementing policies and improvements.

This role ensures the long-term goals of the school are met and that the academic and activities programs are efficiently and effectively supported.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Recruitment, Hiring, and On-boarding:

 Advertise and conduct preliminary interviews for all staff positions and make

 recommendations on shortlists for hire.

 Work with Principals/School Director on hire of faculty/administrators in establishing lane/step placement prior to offer of employment.

 Analyze pay structure for new overseas hires including estimates on provident fund, taxes, net salary, etc.

 Prepare and provide orientation packages, movement assistance, and other pertinent relocation information to new faculty and administration during recruitment, and the repatriation, and the termination of contracts.

 Oversee all aspects of new hire transition to ensure smooth on-boarding process. Including housing.

 Serve as Single Point of Contact by providing all the necessary information to new hires.

 Organizing and coordinating new faculty orientation program.

 Undertake HR Orientation sessions with all new hires during the orientation program primarily to provide in depth information relating to tax laws, salary and benefits, and general expectations in matters relating to contract of hire.

 Provide assistance to communications in updating the recruiting materials as and when required.

 Continually source, recruit, update, and maintain a database on a pool of substitute teachers for all divisions.

 Oversee the preparation of mid-term and new contracts on an annual basis.

 Update and maintain up-to-date job descriptions for all positions within AISG.

 Prepare appointment letters to be accompanied with the Personnel Manual for all staff positions.

 Ensure that all employees are provided with contracts and/or appointment letters, including temporary or casual hires.

 Maintain up-to-date faculty & staff databases for completion of surveys and/or for official school reports.

 Administer all related matters pertaining to background checks for all faculty, staff and outsourced personnel through international and domestic background Agencies.

 Ensure that all expat employees and eligible dependents are on a valid pass throughout their employment with AISG and in China.

2. Compensation and Benefits:

 Help to develop a long-term strategy for compensation.

 Review and recommend salary and benefit policies on an annual basis or as and when required.

 Review salary increments upon consultation with Director of Finance and Operations and School Director; issue appropriate letters of increments/promotions to staff.

 Prepare budget projections for salaries and benefits.

 Liaise with AISG External Tax Executive and monitor the calculation of income tax deductions, tax allowances, and the verification of residency requirements.

 Enroll and de-enroll all employees for all insurance coverage.

 Administer benefit programs and plans such as health, dental, pension, medical and long term disability.

 Act as school liaison with the health insurance provider.

 Administer payroll management and its related functions.

3. Regulations & Procedures:

 Work with the Director of Finance and Operations and School Director to adapt the schools staffing strategy to support AISGs Strategic Plan.

 Regularly review and revise Personnel Handbook for Staff for smooth implementation of policies and guidelines.

 Update and publish Faculty Employment Packages at the beginning of each school year.

 Ensure policies instituted by the Board of Directors conform to the requirements of Chinese Law for both faculty and staff.

 Participate actively in discussions with Staff, Faculty, and Admin Department Heads about issues raised by members.

 Monitor e-leave applications for all employees.

 Monitor and advice regarding Chinese government labor law and work visa policy developments. 

4. Training, Growth, and Performance Management:

 Manage staff training plans and budgets effectively for the benefit of professional development for all support staff.

 Identify training needs for staff through annual appraisal evaluation records or through training needs analysis.

 Inform staff about training opportunities and organize appropriately within budgets allotted.

 Ensure that all staff trainings are updated and recorded in the HRMS system for review by department heads during year-end evaluation exercise.

 Collect year-end faculty evaluation reports from respective school Principals for filing purposes and maintain database on levels of supervision.

 Provide advice, guidance, and support in areas of discipline, job enhancement, promotion, job transfers and job reassignments.

 Conduct investigations and institute discipline hearings for cases of dismissals or termination, when necessary.

5. General Human Resources Administration:

 Administer and oversee functionality of HR Officer (Payroll/Leave) and HR Executive.

 Oversee and monitor the works of Manager, Government Relations and Government Relations Officer on matters relating to teaching permits, employment passes, dependent passes, and student passes.

 Adhere to all government relations matters concerning the hire of expat employees.


 Knowledge of and experience with applicable laws, regulations, and emerging practices pertaining to assigned responsibilities.

 Skills demonstrating high level of integrity, commitment, and work ethic.

 Skills demonstrating to build internal and external relationships.

 Strong interpersonal, negotiation and leadership skills.

 Entrepreneurial skills and creativity.

 Knowledge and experience with advanced technology with human resource information systems.

 Strong communication and presentation skills.

 Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

 Ability to prioritize tasks and to delegate them when appropriate.

 Demonstrated aptitude and competence to perform duties and responsibilities of position (references required).

Core Qualifications:

 Bachelors degree in Human Resources; higher degree preferred.

 At least 8 years of successful managerial experience in the field of human resources.

 Exemplary skills in written and oral Mandarin and English.

 International experience preferred.

This position description is designed to outlined primary duties, qualifications and job scope but not limit the employee nor AISG to only the work identified. It is the expectation of the school, that each employee will offer their services wherever and whenever necessary to ensure the success of our organization. 

Interested and qualified applicants are welcome and encouraged to apply to this position by CLICKING https://hrbrg.co/vn8pe2, or visiting the Current Opportunities Page on the AISG website. Please indicate "source from BritCham Guangdong" When you apply.

NOTE: Candidates are encouraged to apply early, as AISG reserves the right to conclude the search prior to the announced deadline

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