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Music Specialist-Foshan EtonHouse International School ɽ¼ٹѧУ



Foshan EtonHouse International School

Job Title: Music Specialist

Classification: Performing Arts

Department: Music

Reports To: Principal

Location: Foshan City, Guangdong province, China

            Deadline30th, September

  • Job Summary: The Music Specialist will develop and support the creation of a successful instrumental and choral music programme, encourage active student participation in a wide variety of musical events and performances and work closely with all staff and administration.

  • Job Qualifications: 

1.      Fluent English Speaker (necessary) 

2.      Bachelors degree in Music or Music Education (preferred)

3.      Qualified Teacher (necessary)

4.      IGCSE / A Level Curriculum training/ experience (desirable)

5.      IB experience (desirable)

6.      2 (Two) years or more teaching experience in British or International schools (preferred)

7.      Clean National Criminal Record Check


  • Essential Duties: 

1.      Support instrumental music performances at practices, concerts, competitions, and festivals. 

2.      Promote an appreciation of instrumental music and teach music across all year groups. 

3.      Communicate effectively with all members of the school and community.  

4.      React to change productively and handle other tasks as assigned. 

5.      Support the philosophy and vision of the school and the schools brand.

6.      Assist in building and maintaining a successful and dynamic music programme that provides for maximum student participation in a wide variety of activities that bring positive recognition to the music programme, school and community. 

7.      Assist in presenting performances of high musical quality in which groups are well disciplined and make an exemplary appearance. 

8.      Attend and assist rehearsals as defined by the Principal.

9.      Adhere to all school health and safety policies.

10.    Manage Choir (both practices and performance).

11.    Keep facilities in proper order, with instrumental equipment being properly used, maintained, and stored.

12.    Assist the Principal with paperwork as assigned.

13.    Establish and maintain open communication with students, parents, staff and administration.

14.    Adhere to the chain of command for programme/administrative concerns.

15.    Assist in maintaining and updating a handbook outlining Music Policies and procedure. 

16.    Adhere to all school health and safety policies.

17.    Other duties as assigned by the Principal.


  • Other Duties and Responsibilities

Maintain a professional standard of conduct, dress and communication.


  • Physical Requirements:

Physical and emotional ability and dexterity to perform required work and move about as needed in a fast pace, highly intensive work environment. Other requirements include:

1.      Requires prolonged sitting or standing. 

2.      Frequently requires physical exertion to manually move, lift, carry, pull, or push heavy objects or materials. 

3.      Frequently stooping, bending, and reaching. 

4.      Must work indoors and outdoors year-round. 

5.      Must work in noisy and crowded environments. 


  • Benefits:

1. Twelve (12) months payment per year  (2 year contract - international)

     Thirteen (13) months payment per year ( 3 year contract - local) 

2. Salary range is dependent on experience, qualifications and position. Gratuity payment of two months salary is awarded for contract completion and early sign-on bonus for renewal, if mutually agreed (international)

3. Monthly housing allowance (international)   

4. Annual flight fare (international)

5. Moving allowance (overseas international)

6. International Medical Insurance (international)


  • Contact

Please kindly send your application to  hr-foshan@etonhouse.com.cn  or heather.liang@etonhouse.com.cn if you are interested in the position and indicate source from BritCham Guangdong.

Web: http://foshan.etonhouse.com.cn/ 

If you are interested in our job, please email your application documents to Ms. Heather Liang. The application documents should include: resume, cover letter, copy of passport, copy of degree(s) and relevant teaching certificate(s), a recent photo and at least two reference letters.

For more information about our school or EtonHouse International Education Group, please follow our OR code.


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