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Industry Pulse about Logistics, Banking, Cap Rates and Workspace


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大湾区 “跨境理财通” 启动


继中共中央、国务院于2019年2月印发了《粤港澳大湾区发展纲要》及有关机构于2020年5月发布了《关于金融支持粤港澳大湾区建设 的意见》后,“跨境理财通” 是另一推动粤港澳大湾区金融服务便利化的重要举措,旨在促进大湾区整体发展。我们认为,“跨境理财通” 将有助 






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APAC Cap Rates Report | Q2 2020

The retail market has generally continued to have weak performance due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19, with increases in cap rates from 0.25% to 0.5% in over 50% of the APAC cities covered in this report. 

In some Asian cities, malls have been closed for months with only essential stores such as supermarkets and pharmacies open for business. Despite the observed flat cap rates in Hong Kong, the majority of its retail transactions were on the higher range when valuated.

Lockdowns and social distancing in Australia also led major shopping centres in CBDs experiencing a significant drop in customers. Higher tenant incentives and pro-longed letting-up periods coupled with decreasing rentals have resulted in lower values in the retail market across Australia’s major cities in the last quarter.

The office sector across APAC remained relatively stable, with only Beijing, Shanghai and Manila each observing a 0.5% increase in cap rates. However, unlike most other markets, Yangon saw downward movements across all three sectors, reflecting the continued demand for quality assets in emerging markets. In Yangon, the retail and office sectors remained strong and rental rate adjustments led to minimal pressure on investments. 

Across the APAC region, cap rates in the industrial sector have generally remained flat and in some case experienced tightening. The industrial/logistics sector has proven to be most resilient and has performed well in the current economy. This is the result of a boom in e-commerce and virtual meetings, creating a surge in demand for storage spaces such as warehouses and data centres. 

For more details about APAC Cap Rates Report | Q2 2020, please click here.

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Flexible Workspace Outlook APAC | 2020


In January, we predicted five flexible workspace trends to watch. These included enterprise outsourcing becoming mainstream; highly amenitised assets with best-in-class hospitality being ‘table stakes’ for any new office development; a continued boom in wellness offerings; and a revival of suburban locations and further operator fragmentation. The impact of COVID-19 has accelerated these trends, while new trends – such as the integration of home as a place of work and the growing importance of the digital experience – have also emerged.

Flexible workspace will play a pivotal role in occupier models. As markets start to recover from the effects of COVID-19, we expect to see an increase in demand for flexible workspace models, particularly because there will be a greater emphasis on health and wellbeing, hygiene, and work/life balance in the workplace going forward. Businesses will likely adopt smaller office ‘hubs’ in decentralised locations, allowing them to save on space/cost while also benefiting their employees who will have shorter commute times. 

For more details about Flexible Workspace Outlook APAC | 2020, please click here.

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