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Industry Pulse about Business, Logistics, Banking and Insurance


BritCham Guangdong connects and promotes businesses in the Greater Bay Area and bridges British business with Chinese enterprises. Every month BritCham Guangdong brings you news from our members which you may want to know about - Pulse offers you up-to-date industry insight through a 20-min read. BritCham Industry Pulse aims at joining the dots between our members and their market sectors.



The British Business in China: Position Paper 2020



The British Business in China: Position Paper is a report created by the British chambers of commerce in China to provide advocacy and representation on behalf of British businesses operating in China. In these unprecedented times, there is more need than ever for British businesses to be able to speak with a strong, unified voice.

British businesses across a range of sectors in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Southwest China come together to raise the regulatory barriers that they face, areas of opportunity for bilateral cooperation and recommendations for market access reform.

The Position Paper is directly presented to the UK and China governments in order to directly inform trade policy and negotiations.

Key Recommendations


  • Strengthen the implementation of market reforms at all levels

  • Address longstanding and continuing concerns around cybersecurity and IT restrictions

  • Promote greater liberalisation of the capital account

  • Reduce the direct presence of state-owned enterprises in the market

  • Keep conversations on bilateral trade frequent and open

For more details about The British Business in China: Position Paper 2020, please click here.

在华英国企业:建议书2020 中文版请点击此处



Greater Bay Area Logistics Markets and Opportunities

Insights & Recommendations

This report identifies three logistics clusters from the mainland Greater Bay Area (GBA)* cities and among these clusters highlights five recommended logistics cities for occupiers and investors.


Zhuhai-Zhongshan-Jiangmen’s existing Grade A warehouse stock is relatively low compared to other clusters, yet the new supply is planned to double in next three years, providing more new logistics facilities with competitive rent

amid rapid economic growth in the local markets.


The limited logistics land and future supply, coupled with the relative high occupancy costs of Grade A warehouses in Shenzhen created spillover demand, accelerating the warehouse development of neighboring emerging cities, especially Huizhou.


Guangzhou, the most populous city in Guangdong, has a strong economic connection with Foshan. The urban integration of these two cities has benefitted the logistics development of the emerging market in Zhaoqing.

For more details about Greater Bay Area Logistics Markets and Opportunities, please click here.



Hong Kong Banking Report 2020

KPMG’s 32nd annual Hong Kong Banking Report reviews the overall sector’s financial highlights in 2019 and analyses key metrics for the top 10 locally incorporated banks in Hong Kong. It also examines the impact of COVID-19 and what this means for banks as they adapt to a New Reality.

In this year’s annual Banking Report, we review the financial results of banks inHong Kong in 2019, and also offer our views and predictions on the future of theindustry, especially in light of the onset of COVID-19. 

In terms of the performance of banks in Hong Kong in 2019, there were somedifficult times operationally, but banks generally fared well and profitability was up.Margins held up, costs were flat overall and in line with income increases, creditcosts remained low, and the cost-to-income ratio remained fairly stable despitethe social unrest in the city in the latter half of 2019. 

However, the reality of the situation is that the largely positive results in 2019are likely to be forgotten as the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused significantdisruption and challenges to economies, businesses, communities and peopleworldwide. The effects of COVID-19 are expected to have a significant impact onthe results of banks in Hong Kong in 2020 – and likely beyond – and will changethe banking landscape permanently. 

Indeed, the pandemic has been a catalyst for change in the banking sector, withthe industry having to respond, recover and adapt to a New Reality. In our view,as banks respond to the effects of COVID-19, they will go through four phases: Reaction – responding to immediate challenges; Resilience – managing throughuncertainty; Recovery – resetting and identifying opportunities; and the NewReality – adapting to a new world. 

Navigating through these phases and adapting to the New Reality will be keyfor banks in order to continue to grow and succeed, especially with profitabilityexpected to be significantly impacted in 2020.

For more details about Hong Kong Banking Report 2020, please click here.





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