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TEACHER: SCIENCE/STEAM - Nord Anglia School Guangzhou зخŵ°ѧУ


Job description



Nord Anglia School, Guangzhou

Job Purpose

Teaching Position (Full Time) Science/Steam   Primary/Middle School (Chinese and International Teachers)

Reporting to

Head of Learning Area/Curriculum   Coordinator/Division Head/Co-Principals

Direct   Reports


Other Key   RelationshipS

Collaborative Year Level, Section, Division,   School Improvement Teams


We are ambitious for our students, our people and our family of schools. We believe that:

There is no limit to what every person can achieve.

Creativity and challenge help us get better every day.

Learning should be personalised.

Unique global opportunities enhance the learning experience.


The NAE Commitment

At Nord Anglia Education, we work every day to inspire our schools, our students and our employees to be the best they can be, and we are ambitious for them all to achieve more than they thought possible in their personal, social and academic endeavours. Within our family of schools, this aspiration is underpinned by a commitment to always act with respect, integrity, openness, courage and ambition. These qualities are the foundation of how we approach our work and roles within NAE and are shared by everyone in our global family.


Teacher Core Scope and Purpose 

Engagement and Interaction C School Ambassador to   Internal Community

  • Promotes excellence, equality, collaboration and high expectations for students

  • Represents the schools values in every interaction with students, parents and colleagues

  • Acts as an advocate for the school in the wider community

Learning and Teaching

  • Engages and challenges student learning through questioning and discussion techniques and proven-pedagogical strategies

  • Knows where students stand as individuals,   responds to their needs and evaluates and tracks progress

  • Creates a culture of learning and manages student behaviour to ensure an environment of respect and collaboration

Planning and Preparation

  • Sets clear instructional outcomes

  • Demonstrates expertise in content/discipline with the ability to translate into coherent instruction

  • Designs lesson plans, activities and assessments that are aligned to the schools curriculum and that engage students

Professional and Personal Development

  • Participates in extra-curricular duties that assist in growing the school programme of opportunities for students

  • Contributes to the professionalism of instruction through engagement in PD, sharing best practices and support for colleagues

  • Reflects on own practice, open to feedback and dedicated to developing professionally





Establishes a high performing culture and accepts accountability for organisational performance


  • Accountable for meeting performance targets 

  • Sets ambitious goals for self. Challenges students to set ambitious learning targets for themselves 

  • Committed to the Be Ambitious vision and is able to articulate how his/her classroom strategies contribute

  • Creates a classroom culture where students feel there are no limits to what can be achieved   

  • Takes initiative in implementing new teaching strategies that align with strategic vision of the school/ department

  • Challenges self by being creative while working within budget limitations


Leads opportunity and is committed to continuous improvement aligned with the organisational vision and direction


  • Is aware of the strategic direction of the department, Be Ambitious identity and works with others to apply this to the classroom 

  • Seeks innovative teaching practices and implements them to improve the student experience and outcomes

  • Inspires students to think outside of the box and implements different and personalized strategies to improve outcomes 

  • Is reflective about own teaching and student outcomes and pushes self to continuously improve


Works collaboratively with others to achieve organisational outcomes

  • Builds strong relationships and works collaboratively with colleagues and parents

  • Enables collaboration by providing opportunities for students to work collaboratively 

  • Uses NAU to collaborate more widely across the organisation, promotes opportunities for students to take advantage of NAE global initiatives

  • Creates a classroom environment where students act with integrity and are receptive to the ideas of others 

  • Is receptive to feedback from others

  • Is a student advocate - modelling integrity and   trust and celebrating student success


Creates organisational value for diverse   stakeholders and achieves commercial success.   

  • Is an ambassador for the school.  Articulates the value of the NAE experience and how it benefits his/her students.  

  • Takes ownership in of their classroom by being cognizant of budgets and impact of performance on budgets

  • Implements innovative ways of engaging students and parents to the wider school & NAE community

  • Shares and contributes to ideas within the school and on NAU


Drives excellence through valuing and developing others. 

  • Drives excellence by reflecting on own performance, encourages students to do the same.

  • Engages students- creates a feeling of energy,   excitement and personal investment in the classroom 

  • Shares best practice with colleagues and peers

  • Celebrates success in and outside the classroom /   team and finds the opportunity to allow others to shine

  • Coaches teaching assistants and others to do   their best work

  • Leads students to enable them to make decisions,   develop personal goals and achieve success

  • Establishes good relationships with students and parents




  • Embraces change and alternative views and is   inclusive and respectful of other viewpoints

  • Adapts lesson plans, teaching style to meet changing conditions and differing student needs 

  • Open to learning and seeks out new ideas and   innovation for the classroom

  • Regularly seeks advice on own performance

  • Creates a classroom environment with a high degree of cultural sensitivity and a respect for diversity. 

  • Able to positively navigate and lead in an   environment of ambiguity



  • Copes well in a fast paced environment and embraces change

  • Demonstrates enthusiasm and optimism about the   department and school 

  • Is aware of emotions and the impact of personal actions on student

  • Demonstrates a positive attitude towards challenges and setbacks and is open to learning from mistakes

  • Seeks feedback from mentors, line managers and   others when challenging situations arise


Nord Anglia Education Teacher Standards

Planning, Preparation and Subject Matter   Expertise

  • Has a well-developed, extensive knowledge of   subject specialism and related pedagogy

  • Conceptualises, plans and teaches well-structured   lessons and programmes that engage, inspire and stretch students; encouraging   them to be ambitious

  • Has high expectations of behaviour, establishes   leadership in the classroom and uses a variety of management strategies to   ensure effective and productive classes for students

Students Progress, Outcomes and Assessment

  • Sets high expectations for students; inspiring,   motivating and challenging students to achieve excellent progress and   ambitious outcomes

  • Demonstrates extensive knowledge and use of   informal and formal assessment to refine practice and promote the highest outcomes

  • Adapts and tailors teaching to the needs of   individual students, creating a student-centric environment, with independent   learners prepared for life in the 21st century

Professional Conduct and Relationships

  • Demonstrates the highest levels of integrity,   ethics and standards of personal and professional conduct; deeply committed   to her/his own personal and professional development

  • Actively and enthusiastically contributes beyond   the classroom in the wider context of the school community

  • Establishes and maintains positive, respectful,   ethical and collaborative relationships with students, parents and colleagues


Science/STEAM Teacher Duties*

This Science/STEAM Teacher position requires the   ability, expertise and training to teach Science and Technology/STEAM   learning across primary to middle school. Additional experience or training   in high school and related areas of Science/STEAM and ESL in the Mainstream   certification or its equivalent will also be considered a plus.


Knowledge and understanding:


A) Have a detailed knowledge and understanding   for the Chinese Science and Technology Education and has a qualification   certificate issued by Department of National Education Under the guidance of   China's New National Curriculum Standards, Science and Technology Education   teachers must make major changes in teaching concepts and teaching methods.   They must guide students to learn in practice, learn with individuality,   focus on enriching and integrating teaching materials, pay attention on   cultivating students learning interest and transforming students learning   methods, by encouraging students cooperative learning, to achieve mutual   knowledge exchanges


B) Have a detailed knowledge and understanding of   the subject of Science and integrated-interdisciplinary programme STEAM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Mathematics)   with experience in national or international curriculum (such as CNC, iPC,   iMYC, PYP/MYP/IBDP; IGCSE, British NC or similar)

Able to guide and support student subject-related   questions and facilitate inquiry-based learning in their specialist   subject(s)

Knowledge and understanding for curriculum and   assessment development in Science/STEAM.


Planning and setting expectations:

  • Identify clear teaching objectives, content,   lesson structures and sequences appropriate to the subject matter and the students being taught

  • Set appropriate and demanding expectations for   students learning and motivation

  • Set clear targets for students' learning,   building on prior attainment and experiences

  • Identify and provide for students who have special educational needs (either in additional foundation learning support or for extending challenging learning opportunities)

  • Where applicable, implement and keep records on Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

  • Liaise with the Science/STEAM team of teachers to determine the learning objectives of learning topics, themes and integrate  interdisciplinary tasks

  • Additional tasks will include assisting in development   of online resources, administration and Science/STEAM applications as well as interdisciplinary course development.


Teaching and managing student learning:

  • Ensure effective teaching of whole classes,  groups and individuals so that teaching objectives are met, momentum and challenge are maintained, and best use is made of teaching time

  • Use teaching methods especially aligned with inquiry-based learning that keep students engaged, including stimulating students'  intellectual curiosity, effective questioning and response, clear   presentation and good use of resources

  • Set high expectations for student behaviour, establishing and maintaining a good standard of discipline through well-focused and inspiring teaching and through positive and productive relationships

  • Promote positive behaviour patterns, encourage self-esteem, and improve independent working for students to assist their education and growth.


Assessment and evaluation:

  • The assessment and evaluation of Science and Technology courses must be based on the requirements of national curriculum standards, focusing specifically on the knowledge application ability of students on solving practical problems 

  • Assessment for and of learning in how well learning objectives have been achieved and use this assessment for future learning development tasks and teaching

  • Mark, record and monitor student class and homework providing constructive oral and written feedback, setting appropriate targets for student progress

  • When applicable, understand the demands expected of students in relation to the national curriculum, international standards   and alignment.


Relations with parents and wider community:

  • Know how to prepare and present high quality informative and appropriate reports to parents

  • Recognize that learning takes place outside the school context and provide opportunities to develop student understanding by relating learning to relevant, authentic, real and context related examples

  • Understand and act upon building effective relationships with school agencies and partnerships beyond the school.


Managing own performance and development:

  • NAS Guangzhou teachers understand the need to   take responsibility for their own professional growth and development and to keep up to date with research and developments in pedagogy and in the courses they teach

  • NAS Guangzhou teachers understand their professional responsibilities in relation to school policies, guidelines and practices

  • NAS Guangzhou teachers set a good example to the students they teach in their presentation and their personal conduct

  • NAS Guangzhou teachers evaluate their own teaching critically and use this to improve their effectiveness.


Managing and developing staff and other adults:

NAS Guangzhou teachers establish effective working   relationships with professional colleagues, such as, co-teachers, specialist teachers and associate staff to ensure a high quality and engaging professional learning community.


Managing resources:

  • Select and make good use of books, equipment, IT and other learning resources that enable teaching and learning objectives to be met.

  • Assist in maintaining an up to date learning resources and materials inventory including classroom hardware and software


*NAS Guangzhou recognises the special   contribution our teachers make to our community and especially in regard to   duties other than teaching. Please note that all teachers at NAS Guangzhou   participate in duties other than teaching. These duties include roles and   tasks as home room teacher, before and after school bus and campus grounds,   boarding house study support, play and general facility areas during break   times, team and faculty meetings, professional development, school   improvement workshops and projects, and support for school community   development events such as Open Days and Presentations. These duties are all fairly   accounted for in the day to day teaching load assignments. Teacher preparation   time is carefully protected to ensure responsible and appropriate   professional duty of care for all teachers and staff.


Personal Specifications C Skills, Knowledge and Experience

  • At least Bachelors Degree and Teaching qualification

  • Minimum of 3 years teaching experience


  • International teaching experience

  • Experience in a bilingual language learning environment

  • ESL in the Mainstream certification or equivalent




  • Hold current Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure or equivalent for countries lived in outside of the UK

  • Compliance with visa requirements for working in China

  • All Nord Anglia staff make a commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all students and undertake appropriate child protection training when required


Application: https://jobs.51job.com/guangzhou/119060893.html?s=01&t=0 and indicate "source from BritCham Guangdong"

NAS GUANGZHOU, PANYU - School Overview 




Opening in September 2020, Nord Anglia School Guangzhou, Panyu (NAS Guanghzou, Panyu) will provide a state of the art, world-class learning and teaching environment with a total student capacity of 1,800 and a boarding capacity of 880 for students aged 6-15.  Providing a unique blended learning experience, NAS Guanghzou, Panyu will offer students the best of Eastern and Western education resources and philosophies.  The bilingual programme will follow a progressive blend of core elements of the Chinese National Curriculum with other renowned international curricula taught through the medium of Mandarin Chinese and English.


As part of the Nord Anglia Education family of schools, it shares resources and knowledge with 61 other schools around the world. The Global Campus will connect NAS Suzhou students with other Nord Anglia Education schools based in 28 different countries worldwide.  Students will be able to extend their international experience through opportunities to learn abroad, to connect with more than 61,000 students through the innovative online platform and to take advantage of exciting experiences and expeditions.


Through our collaborations with The Juilliard School, MIT and UNICEF, we embrace innovation to ensure students and teachers have the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in the future.


Fast Facts:

  • NAS Guanghzou, Panyu is expected to open in September 2020, catering to students aged 6-15 years

  • The school offers a progressive blend of core elements of the Chinese National Curriculum with renowned international curricula, taught in Mandarin Chinese and English

  • The schools capacity is 1,800 students, with boarding facilities to accommodate 880 students

  • World-class school facilities include:

  • Specialist classrooms for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM)

  • Outstanding performing arts facilities including auditorium, drama and dance studios, a black box theatre and music practice rooms

  • Extensive sports facilities; full-sized indoor gymnasium, a 25-metre indoor swimming pool, a full-sized grass football pitch, basketball courts, tennis courts, and an athletic area and indoor athletics and activity area.






Nord Anglia Education is the world's leading premium schools organisation, with campuses located across 28 countries in North America, Europe, China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Together, our 61 schools educate more than 61,000 students from kindergarten through to the end of secondary school. We are driven by one unifying philosophy: we are ambitious for our schools, students, teachers and staff, and we inspire every child who attends a Nord Anglia Education school to achieve more than they ever imagined possible.


Every parent wants their child to excel so do we. Nord Anglia Education schools deliver high quality, transformational education and ensure excellent academic outcomes by going beyond traditional learning. Our global scale enables us to recruit and retain world-leading teachers and to offer unforgettable experiences through global and regional events, while our engaging learning environments ensure all of our students love coming to school.


For more information, please visit www.nordangliaeducation.com



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No. 5 Zhujiang Xi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 



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