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The British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong 2020 Executive Committee Announcement

After 8 days of voting, the final results of the Executive Committee Election are in. It is with pleasure that we announce the new British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong Executive Committee for 2020, please join us welcoming the following:



Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman



Commitee Members

Executive Committee

As the region grows and our Chamber footprint increasing across all the cities in Guangdong, it was decided that this year and going forward is to not have city specific committees and to instead provide diversity across the Bay area where the voting results reflect a good spectrum of industry and cities spanning from Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. 

We would like to our members for casting their votes where the voting has reflected what we believe to be a nice mixture of new and old faces, and at the same time would like to thank all other candidates that spent time to contribute to the 2020 Executive Committee nominations - having 18 candidates compete for the 11 roles gives us confidence that our members care about the direction and strategy of where BritCham GD is going.

Should you wish to acquire the final results, which was closed at 16:00 on Fri 10th Jan, please contact us via admin@britchamgd.com.
We sincerely thank all those that have been most gracious in accepting their unsuccessful application, and particularly warmed that despite not being able to provide an active committee role, have offered their full support and time to engage with BritCham GD 2020 agenda.

We trust that the Executive Committee will deliver and take the Chamber forward, our first Committee meeting is likely to be mid February.

BritCham GD thanks you ALL and wish you all Happy Spring Festival Year of the Rat!

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