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2019 Women in Business Forum

2019 Women in Business Forum

The 8th Women in Business Forum was successfully organised by The British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong. This year’s event was held on 31st May 2019 at the Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai Hotel, and the theme of the Forum was #BalanceforBetter.

由广东英国商会主办的以#BalanceforBetter为主题的第八届杰出商业女性论坛于2019 年 5 月 31 日在深圳蛇口希尔顿南海酒店圆满落幕。


The overall aim of the event was to establish a platform for women to exchange ideas and inspire each other, showcase inspiring female leaders in business and hear about their stories about balance for better.



2019 Women in Business (WIB) was held in Shenzhen for the fourth consecutive year, and we were delighted to welcome more than 230 business leaders, including business women from many different industries, nationalities and levels of experience. We were also delighted to have men in the audience, who were there to show support to their friends and colleagues, and to also get inspired!



We were honoured to be able to invite six inspiring women leaders, each bringing their own stories and personal journeys to be the guest speakers of WIB. Each of the speakers brought their own unique perspectives and ideas to the stage, providing the audience with a wide range of amusing, insightful and at times emotional stories.


Kara Wutzke, founder and head coach of K2Fit, shared with us the experience of fighting against cancer and going through numerous surgeries and extreme setbacks but still staying positive in life. After the tragedy, she inspired and helped thousands of people to live a happy and healthy life. Her positive energy was infectious.

K2Fit的创始人兼首席教练Kara Wutzke与我们分享了她如何抗击癌症,在经历无数手术和挫折后,她仍然保持积极乐观的生活态度。癌症痊愈后,她激励并帮助成千上万的人过上积极健康的生活。她的积极能量感染了在场的观众。


Chelsea Perino, managing director, Global Marketing & Communications of The Executive Centre, shared her insights on balance between life and work, family and friends, men and women and women and men. She enlightened us that it’s not only about gender equality, it’s about the equality of ideas and choices. Ms. Perino also advised the audience to listen, be fearless and be true to yourself.

德事商务中心全球市场与公共关系董事Chelsea Perino分享了她对生活与工作,家人与朋友,男女,女性与男性之间平衡的见解。她认为平衡不仅仅是性别平等,还是思想和选择的平等。她还给出建议希望大家可以倾听,无所畏惧并忠于自己。

Leiya Lei, founder and executive chairman of Lean In Shenzhen, Shenzhen Women Leadership Development Association. Ms. Lei managed to develop a successful business career while building an equally successful part-time life of leader of female networking and business support association. She shared with the us the opportunity and intention of starting a second life, ways to keep balance and the choice between sink or swim. The truth is that there is no real perfect balance, just make the sacrifices to make it work and yourself happy.


Jessie Li, founder of Melt Fashion Consultancy and Sushan Zou, managing partner of Melt Fashion Consultancy brought us the topic of “Enabling others to shine ourselves, we are age 29.” The story of them saying no to the leftover women stereotype echoed with the participants. They also advised the audience of ways to break into the fashion industry.

Melt Fashion Consultancy的创始人李嘉颖和管理合伙人邹素珊为我们带来了“赋能于人闪耀真我, 我们今年29”的主题演讲。她们对剩女刻板印象的“反叛精神”引起了观众的共鸣。他们还向观众分享了小白打入时尚界的建议。

Laurie Underwood, communications specialist, author, journalist and corporate communication director, talked about the three lemons she encountered through life, including company downsizing, financial struggles and job changes. She then guided us through the steps and tools to turn these lemons into lemonade. Right friends, right attitude, strong social network, knowledge, positive psychology and other means are necessary in this process.

公共关系专家,作家,记者和公关部董事Laurie Underwood谈到了她一生中遇到的三次挫折,包括公司裁员,经济困难和工作变化。她向我们分享了苦中作乐,巧把生活中的酸柠檬变成美味柠檬汁的方法和手段。在这个过程中,合适的朋友,正确的态度,强大的社交网络,丰富的知识,积极的心理等等都是必要的。


Panel Discussion


The afternoon was a huge success and it was great to see so many of our audience taking inspiration from the panel of speakers, and the conversations and sharing of stories continued long after the event closed!


With Thanks

This event would not have been possible without the support and involvement of many organisations, and we would like to offer a huge thank you to each of our key sponsors and partners for helping make the 2019 Women in Business a great success.


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