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Assistant to Athletic Director - American International School of Guangzhou ˹ѧУ


Guangzhou, China



Title:  Assistant to Athletic Director

SUPERVISED, EVALUATED BY & REPORTS TO: Athletics and Activities Director (AAD)



  • Perform clerical duties for AAD such as book facilities for athletic contest and maintain accurate records of team rosters and participation requirement using the online platform

  • Supervisory responsibilities as instructed by AAD may include but not limited to evenings games and weekend competitions hosted by AISG; APAC and SDRC events where homestay accommodation is required by AISG

  • Communicate with the greater community to schedule athletic contest deemed necessary by AAD

  • Coordinate and facilitate officials and local hires

  • Oversee the maintenance and updates of the athletics and activities webpage regarding, schedules, activity offerings, team rosters, pictures and the like.

  • Schedule and assigns officials and brief officials on league rules and procedures

  • Manage activity fees and petty cash accounts, including an emergency fund to traveling teams

  • Distribute and collect all athlete permission and housing forms

  • Organize housing for APAC and SDRC Tournaments and Festivals

  • Enter and maintain the Department data base

  • Assists in organization and coordination of all aspects of SDRC and APAC events

  • Assists coaching staff on all events as appropriate

  • Assists in overseeing all arrangements and running sports events at AISG

  • Assists in the coordination of transportation/logistics for all APAC/SDRC and regular season games.

  • Assists with medical/first aid coverage when needed; Observe safety and security procedures; report potentially unsafe conditions to AAD

  • Prepares program and assists in planning for end-of-season awards evening

  • Prepares certificates for all athletes earning AISG sports letters and other Athlete Awards

  • Assists in updating and publishing the AISG Athletic Handbook and the AISG Handbook for Coaches

  • Assists with organization and supervision of hosting of visitors for all of the tournaments and APAC and SDRC events

  • Prepares Housing Lists and transportation plans for APAC and SDRC Events.

  • Plans transportation for all AISG teams and fine arts groups.

  • Prepares Purchase Requests, Invoices and Payment requests for all Activities Department events.

  • Keeps up to date records of all Activities Department expenditures

  • Makes hotel arrangement for visiting coaches at weekly events and tournaments

  • Prepares and distributes required permission forms and monitors their submission

  • Creates and maintains database of all athletes participating on AISG interscholastic teams

  • Coordinates with AISG Business Office regarding student travel payments

  • Assists in supervising issuance of team uniforms for all teams

  • Assists in coordination of events between schools and area clubs

  • Assists in arranging for ordering of all awards in the athletic program

  • Gather, collect and maintain accurate travel documentation/requirements for all APAC and SDRC participants and outgoing activities

  • Assists with all aspects of trip planning and execution for APAC, SDRC, GIN, SEA Honor Band, AMIS, BEIMUN, MS MUN, events

  • Provide technical support for all athletic events:  set-up, supervising and monitoring aspects of the events. 

  • Compose, or transcribe rough draft, correspondence, bulletins, memorandums, newsletters, and other materials

  • Act as co-receptionist for all school visitors and telephone callers. 

  • Performs other duties as the Athletic Director or Head of School dictates



Language Skills

  • Fluent in English and Mandarin/Cantonese. (Both written and spoken)


Information Technology Skills

  • Skilled in the use of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Power Point as well as basic word processing, typing, and computer skills.

  • Graphic designing skills, ability to create flyers, posters, and banners for events and advertisement. (create visual concepts, by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate)


Personal Attributes

  • Ability to work to deadlines

  • Ability to make decisions within the parameters of the job

  • Ability to complete tasks under pressures and following up

  • Ability to solve problem under different situations

  • Be a self-starter

  • Patient and hard working

  • Strong sense of responsibility

  • Honesty and Loyalty

  • Willing to work overtime at APAC/weekend events



Our vibrant, positive community spirit, what we see as the heart of AISG, is one of our greatest assets

We are the only not for profit international school in Guangzhou enabling us to reinvest directly back into the school in support of our educational mission

We are the first international school in southern China with a rich history of educational excellence

We only recruit forward-thinking and dynamic instructional leaders who wish to contribute to an environment that values creative learning and quality teaching

We recruit faculty who are not simply looking for a job but who are seeking to join a connected community


This position description is designed to outlined primary duties, qualifications and job scope but not limit the employee nor AISG to only the work identified. It is the expectation of the school, that each employee will offer their services wherever and whenever necessary to ensure the success of our organization.

Interested and qualified applicants are welcome and encouraged to apply to this position by CLICKING HERE (https://hrbrg.co/jlulx0), or visiting the Current Opportunities Page on the AISG website. Please direct any questions to Ms. Shirley Chan-Director of Human Resources.

NOTE: Candidates are encouraged to apply early, as AISG reserves the right to conclude the search prior to the announced deadline.


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