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Dec 12: Leverage a Smart and Healthy Workplace 打造更弹性、更智能的工作场所


What is it about?

In today’s globalized world, staff collaborating from multiple locations has become commonplace. As the new remote working and telecommuting model emerges, concerns over efficiency, meeting effectiveness, costs, and sustainability have led to many innovations in smart office. In this workshop, the speaker will discuss how investing in smart office solutions will quickly pay off, not only in terms of reduced costs and increased productivity, but also in terms of lower carbon footprints and higher user satisfaction.

We are delighted to invite Taurus Chiu, Senior Manager from M Moser Associatesand Sunny Chu, Head of Marketing from JOS to share their experience on workplace design strategy with various project experiences and photos as well as how different configurations of office space, technology hardware and digital applications make businesses more nimble, adaptable, and eco-friendly.



Why should you attend?

New technologies, and in particular, new digital applications have already made today’s office very different from a few years back. No organizations – big and small – should miss out on digital technologies that help them grow and come out ahead. However, making technology work in an enterprise requires expertise and experience. This workshop takes the guesswork out of IT and provides managers with real-world examples of how a customized smart office solution can bring value to your brand, retain talent, optimize resources, so your business will succeed in today’s competitive business landscape. 

You will have a greater understanding of:

  1. Workplace Strategy - Translating business purpose to design solutions

  2. Design Thinking - Collaborative design delivers meaningful solutions

  3. Agility and flexibility - Leverage internal mobility and activity-based work to enable business growth.

  4. Sustainability & Wellness - A healthy business is rooted in sustainability, and a healthy office improves employees’ wellbeing and productivity, as well as attracts and retains the best talent.

  5. SM@RT Office Solutions

  6. Context-driven Smart Workspace Demonstration


Who should not miss this seminar?

  • CEOs

  • Directors

  • Human Resources managers

  • Administrative and Operations department heads and managers

  • People who looking at business development needs


13:30-14:00  Registration

14:00-15:00  Presentation by Taurus Chiu

15:00-16:00  Presentation by Sunny Chu

16:00-16:30  Q&A

16:30-16:30  Event ends


Mr Taurus Chiu

Senior Manager, M Moser Associates



Taurus has been working on corporate projects since 2004. With his excellent managing skills from the project and facilities management perspectives, in addition to his creativity in design & space perception. Taurus will be responsible for communications and daily interface on the project front, interacting with individual end-users, managing the project in terms of risk, phasing application & planning, and working with handling client’s requests, and bridging with all team members including client representatives, designers, consultants and contractors to assure successful project delivery.

Mr Sunny Chu

Head of Marketing, JOS China



JOS speaker-Mr. Sunny Chu.jpg

With over two decades of integrated marketing experience under his belt, Sunny Chu has been Marketing Head of JOS China since 2011. Having served in various B2B industries across Asia, Sunny has worked extensively on digital transformation, marketing analytics, digital operations, and social media strategy. At JOS, he also leads SM@RT Office solution developments and provides consultancy service.

Sunny earned his Master of Business Administration degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and his Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

朱英新先生曾服务于亚洲多个B2B行业,拥有超过20年整合营销及数字营销的丰富经验,主要专注数字化转型、市场营销分析、数字化运营以及社交媒体策略等工作。自2011年起至今,朱英新先生担任怡和科技中国市场总监,并负责SM@RT Office智能办公解决方案的业务拓展及提供顾问服务。



If you have any questions regarding smart workplace strategy, please send them to Cloris Sui via events@britchamgd.com by 10th December and our speakers will solve them during the event.

如果您有任何关于智能办公的问题希望在此次研讨会上提出,请12月10号前把问题通过邮箱events@britchamgd.com 发送给Cloris Sui。


Date: Thursday, 13th December 2018 

Time: 13:30-16:30 (Registration starts at 13:30) 

Price: Free for Members; Non-members RMB 300


Format: Workshop

Venue: Room 201B, Tian Yu Garden Phase II,136 Linhe Zhong Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 广州市天河区林和中路天誉花园二期二层201B

Registration: please scan the QR Code below



Terms & Conditions:

1.There  is limited seating will be provided so to ensure your attendance we encourage advance online registration and payment for the event. We cannot guarantee entry to anyone not registered in advance.


2. No-show Policy: Please note you must cancel your reservation in writing to the event contact staff 24 hours in advance. No-shows without prior notification will be charged a no-show fee of RMB100. 


3.Walk-in Policy: Please note that members who attend the event without prior reservation will be charged an extra walk-in fee of RMB50 if spaces are still available. 


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