Nov 23: Education Working Group Meeting

Education Working Group Meeting


14:00-16:30, 23rd November, Guangzhou


In 2013, the WHO announced that mental health conditions like depression would become the second leading cause of ill health worldwide by 2020.

We are delighted to invite Tom, from HealthyMind Parents Academy to present their experience on preventing and helping students to maintain a healthy mind.

Through psychology and counseling, HealthyMind Parents Academy offer a series of practical and effective parenting courses based on four core principles: Knowledge, Attitude, Skill, and Habit enabling parents to not only master the knowledge of children’s psychological development, but also strengthen the relationships with their children, as well as promoting positive development of families and communities.


The presentation will cover:

·    Background of HealthyMind Parents Academy

·    Current problems faced by schools and parents

·    Reasons behind the problems

·    Sharing of methods for improvement

·    Case study

Attendees will have a greater understanding of:

·    Effective ways of communication in enhancing the positive cooperation among schools and parents

·    Ideas on developing children and learning

               ·   Realisation of comprehensive child development both physically and mentally by KASH 




Lam Yun Tong, Tom 


Healthymind Parents Trainer
Master of Social Work
BA in Liberal Arts and Science (Psychology)
Registered Social Worker
Teaching Excellence Awards
7 Habits of Highly Effective People Certified Facilitator
Personality Dimensions Facilitator (Level 1)
NLP Practitioner
Registered Personal Development Facilitator
Certified Facilitator Designation

Over 12 years experience in working with teenagers
Former Lecturer at Vocational Training Council
Part Time Speaker at Institute of Professional Education And Knowledge
Featured on RTHK programme on parenting


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Terms & Conditions:

1. There is limited seating will be provided so to ensure your attendance we encourage advance online registration and payment for the event. We cannot guarantee entry to anyone not registered in advance.



2. If you can not attend the event for which you have registered, please inform us for your cancellation no later than one business day prior to the event. If you fail to notify us of your cancellation in a timely fashion, you will be charged for event costs. 如果你无法参加已报名的活动,请至少提前一个工作日通知英国商会取消。如果没有提前通知,你仍将被收取活动的费用。


   3. Remember to bring your ID card or passport in exchange for a visitor ID. 请携带您的 身份证或护照 换取访客证。

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