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Guangzhou British Day: 4000+ Attendees 广州英国日活动精彩回顾


Blessed with late summer British weather, the 2018 Guangzhou British Day didn’t fail to delight our guests from local and international communities who all participated and spent the day enjoying traditional British culture. It was a genuine pleasure for the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong to bring this signature event – British Day (7th anniversary) to 4,000 guests hosted at Canton Place. There were family-friendly games at most of the booths, British style performances on stage, British music and food and the exciting lucky draw with dozens of prizes which created a vibrant and lively atmosphere at the venue.




Being committed to delivering authentic British culture to the city, we invited businesses from all walks of life including education, healthcare, fitness and the food and beverage industry to share their products at our booths. There were plenty of lion-stop live performances on the stage including student performances from Yew Wah International Education School-Guangzhou and also Foshan EtonHouse International School which were greatly appreciated by the audience. Whilst the exciting live band performance by Easy Tiger also provided a lot of entertainment throughout the day.

为了给大家带来原汁原味的多面的英国文化,我们在摊位安排上精心挑选,邀请各行各业的商户来摆摊,包括教育,医疗与健康,以及食品与饮料行业。舞台上的精彩表演也从未间断。来自耀华国际学校广州校区佛山伊顿国际学校的学生表演博得大家热烈的掌声;英伦乐队Easy Tiger的乐队表演也成功调动了大家的情绪。


We must also not forget to mention the Morris Dancing which was the icing on the cake. It is a form of English folk dance accompanied by music based on rhythmic stepping and the execution of choreographed figures by a group of dancers. This dancing inspired many memories for the British expatriates but also active engagement by locals and other nationalities, making it one of the key highlights of British Day.

不得不提的是本次英国日的亮点 — 莫里斯舞,这是一个伴随着韵律音乐的传统的英式民间舞蹈。这个舞蹈不但引起了英国籍人士的思乡之情,而且也激发了本地以及其他外籍人士的好奇心,使他们纷纷参与到舞蹈中。


A big thank you to all our generous sponsors. The lucky draw prizes including airline ticket, hotel and healthcare vouchers. By selling raffle tickets, we raised RMB 6,000 to The Hopeful Heart who fund life-saving heart surgery for children from low-income families. Thank you to all who bought charity raffle tickets at British Day.



From all of us here at the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong, we would like to show our gratitude to all those who have contributed to making this day special, including our sponsors, booth vendors and helpful volunteers. Without your wholehearted support, the 2018 Guangzhou British Day would not be such a successful and unforgettable event.



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