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Inter-Chamber Networking Drinks 广东英商会跨商会联合酒会活动回顾

The Inter-Chamber Networking Drinks was held at The Grand Hyatt, Guangzhou on 12th September and at The ATLAS K'anteen, Shenzhen on 19th September jointly by British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong and other 7 International Chambers. All together around 350 business professionals attended the two events, at which we were delighted to be able to provide business networking opportunities for our members and special guests.



Beyond wonderful atmosphere, guests surely enjoyed lovely food, fresh wine and beer with friends and business partners during the whole night. Thanks to generous sponsors again, highlighting the evening during Lucky Draw section.



The Inter-Chamber Networking Drinks is a great platform for the guests to connectshare and promote your business with different Chambers at a fantastic venue with wonderful food and beverages, and quality entertainment.


1540365415311617.jpg  1540365415617999.jpg

Thanks to all participants for attending our drinks. We are looking forward to seeing you next time!


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Special Thanks to Our Prizes Sponsors

Guangzhou: EuroEyes, AllSmile-Dr.Lu Int'l Dental Clinic, Yiqifei

Shenzhen: ATLAS, Hard Rock Hotel, VISTA-SK, EuroEyes, HarMoniCare

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