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Back to School-Education Working Group Meeting 教育工作小组

On 14th September 2018, the BritCham GD Education Working Group organised the first education roundtable meeting of the 2018/2019 academic year. 

We were honoured to have representatives from our BritCham education members to join the Education Working Group. Over 20 organisations joined this event.


The meeting was conducted mainly in three sections:

● Roundtable Introduction

● Upcoming Events and Ideas

● Common Challenges They May Face


At the beginning of the meeting, there were introductions presented by Chair Peter Tsang and BritCham. Each attendee also gave an introduction to their organisation and expressed their needs and challenges.

After that, all the participants talked about planned events and activities for the Education Working Group.

1540364409521562.jpg 1540364409216979.jpg

Finally, the representatives were able to network  with each other. We all had a great afternoon.

BritCham would like to show our appreciation to  all the participants for joining this activity. Thanks  to all who attended, and we are looking forward  to seeing you at our future events.

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