Nov 8: 2nd International Sustainability Conference in Guangdong 2018 (# ISCG2018)

Coming Soon: 2nd International Sustainability Conference in Guangdong  2018 (# ISCG2018)

The second annual International Sustainability  Conference in Guangdong (# ISCG2018) will take place on 8 November  (Thursday) at the Futian Shangri-la in Shenzhen.  Join 300+ speakers and  delegates to discuss integrating responsible practices into your business, and  connect with like-minded experts to promote sustainable global businesses.   Registration for # ISCG2018 will begin in October.  For early expressions of  interest please click   here and contact our consulting partner  for enquiries.


即将举办:第二屆国际企业可持续发展广东论坛 (# ISCG2018)

第二屆国际企业可持续发展广东论坛  (# ISCG2018) 将于11  8 日在深圳福田香格里拉大酒店举行。为期一天的论坛将汇聚超过300 名与会嘉宾,共同商讨如何将可持续做法与具体项目结合起来,推动广东省及一带一路沿线地区的可持续发展。与会代表能在国庆之后正式报请通过此链接表达参与意向,如有任何疑问可通过邮件联络论坛的咨询合作机构

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