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B2B vs. B2C Marketing Seminar: How to Reach Your Audience Online

Last Tuesday, the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong held a seminar on the topic of “B2B vs. B2C Marketing: How to Reach Your Audience Online” on 24th July at the British Centre in Guangzhou.


We were honoured to have Yujun Shao, Lu Jin from Westwin, and Ian Lu from KAID as our speakers. Westwin offers China-exclusive marketing strategies and solutions to connect your brand with millions of Chinese customers. Westwin also provides a wide range of services including Market Research, Digital Strategies, SEM&SEO, Social Media Marketing and more.


As the Client Success Manager of Westwin, Yujun is experienced in digital marketing. In her presentation, Yujun shared some useful tips and advice on how to use Chinese social media to do more effective marketing, with a special focus WeChat and Weibo these 2 popular social media channels.


Lu Jin introduced to the audience her advice on how to generate quality traffic through Chinese search engines, she also talked about new tools for improving search engine optimization. Finally, she emphasized that improving your company’s official website with key words and relevant phrases is an important factor for search engine optimization.


Our third speaker, Ian from KAID, shared his opinion about new second generation’s (those born in the 90’s) behaviour and provided some case studies of this highly powerful consumer sector to help the audience understand the different motivations and messages that younger generations will respond to.


BritCham would like to show our appreciation to YuJun Shao ,Lu Jin and Ian for sharing their expertise and insight with us and our members. Thanks to all who attended, and we are looking forward to seeing you at our future events.

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