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Digital Channels


The British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong website is the central and the most official showcase source for all of the Chamber’s publicly available information. 

It receives almost 8,000 visits per month and is used by our members on a daily basis to access the most updated chamber news, members benefits, register events and other resources. BritCham offers various banner advertising options tailored to suit your requirements. 


Direct Mail

With 200 different companies as corporate members and 8,000 contact persons, BritCham provides the perfect platform to market your brand to a targeted market.



Newsletter which reaches 8000+ contact persons will be sent out biweekly. BritCham provides banner and logo exposure for your marketing.

Package Folder

BritCham members will receive BritCham membership package with a package folder. Event material with folder will be delivered to attendees in all events.

Office Tel: 

+86 181 2429 3491



2201B, International Finance Centre, No.5 Zhujiang West Road, Guangzhou, PRC

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