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April 25/26: How Excel Help HRs Work Effectively 如何运用Excel 辅助HR高效工作


Language: Mandarin 中文

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Guangzhou Session:

Date: Wednesday, 25th April, 2018

Time: 13:30-17:00

Venue: The British Centre, 22/F, Guangzhou International Finance

Centre, No. 5 Zhujiang Xi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 


Shenzhen Session:

Date: Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Time: 13:30-17:00

Venue: Room 1401-1402, Colliers Shenzhen, Tower 2, Kerry Plaza No.1-1, Zhongxinsi Road, Futian District, Shenzhen


Learning Objective

More and more HRs put the data management in an important position. But a lot of people just summarize the existing data, without digging deeper and prediction analysis. Therefore, it’s difficult for data management to bring greater influence on business decisions; communication between business departments appears to be inadequate. This course will share with you how to build a scientific and reasonable business data management system of HR, help you understand how to manage the basic data, how to analyze business problems and how to estimate the business trend. 

越来越多的 HR 把数据管理放在重要的地位。但是很多人往往仅对已发生的数据进行简单汇 总统计,缺少对数据的深入挖掘和预测分析。因此很难真正对业务决策产生更深远的影响,在对各业务部门的沟通过程中往往显得力不从心。 我们的课程将和您分享如何科学合理的建立属于 HR 自己的业务数据管理体系,帮您了解如何管理基础数据、如何分析业务问题以及如何进行业务走势预测。

Supported by a powerful data system, you can easily deal with all kinds of HR changes, be full of confidence in business communications, look far and aim high to make business decisions. It can make your work step on the road of real data management. 

在强大的数据体系支持下,您可以从容的应对各种人事变化,充满自信的进行业务沟通,高 瞻远瞩的进行业务决策分析,让您的工作步入真正的数据化道路。


Establish HR exclusive "database" 建立HR 专属的“数据仓库”

1. To create a scientific HR database 

   打造科学的HR 数据库

2. To ensure the data is updated by using functions 


3. Design an instant feedback system


Insight the business problems by data analysis 如何使用数据分析工具快速找到业务问题

1. How to use data analysis tools to find the business problems 


2. Use visualization tools to present business issues 


3. Present issues by charts 


Audience 目标学员

For the HRs who need to understand how to use Excel to assist the human resources management work.

适合需要深入了解如何利用 Excel 辅助人力资源管理工作的人力资源从业者参加.

Trainer Introduction


文雯- 易迪思金牌讲师




从事企业级Office 培训咨询及授课工作超过5年;


具有丰富的企业级Office 系列高效办公课程培训经验。


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