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Multiple Job Opportunities - Merchiston International School

1. Position: Personal Assistant to the Academic Leadership Team

Line Manager: Head of School, Head of Juniors, Head of Seniors, Director of Boarding

Salary Range7000-12000RMB

How to Apply:


Job Purpose

Personal Assistant to the Academic Leadership Team is responsible for assisting the Head of Seniors, Head of Juniors, Director of Boarding and Pastoral Care and the Head of School with their day-to-day work in the school. This is an important role which carries a lot of responsibility and requires both initiative and excellent organisational and administrative skills.


Job Duties:

       Providing help and support for all members in the Academic Leadership Team (Head of Seniors, Head of Juniors, Director of Boarding and Pastoral Care and the Head of School) as required.

       Assisting in communication between the ALT and the parents. This may include organising meetings and translating for ALT in meetings with parents and at events.

       Be able to write, translate, format and send communications (as requested) to a high professional standard.

       Take minutes during meetings.

       Manage the calendars and appointment schedules of the ALT.

       Be able to liaise with the whole school staff in the organising of school events.

       Undertake a range of administrative jobs such as managing the whole school calendar, students files and record keeping.

       Assist ALT with communicating and liaising with other departments (such as finance or admissions).


The Successful Candidate Should:

        Bachelors degree in Education, Business administration or other related fields.

        Have previous experience in administrative work. Experience in working as a personal assistant is preferred.

        Undertake any other reasonable requests from the ALT which are not specifically outlined here.

        Be able to answer the phone and pass on phone messages to the appropriate member of staff.

        Be able to balance their responsibilities across all members of ALT, as needed.

        Be the first point of contact for staff, parents and visitors wishing to contact any member of ALT.

        To present a professional image of the school in their dress and interactions with others.

        Have excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills. Be expressive and thoughtful when working for the ALT.

      Communicate fluently and confidently in both Chinese and English. Have a thorough understanding of international school and be able to work with people from a range of backgrounds.

        Have the ability to use IT and office software to support the job.

        Be a supportive, dedicated, positive and enthusiastic member in the team.

        Be willing to be fully involved in the whole school academic activities and contribute to teamwork.

        Be discrete and understand the need for confidentiality.


Benefits: Free shuttle bus from Hongshan, free lunch, use of gym and swimming pool, and extra paid annual leave


2. Position: Teaching Assistant of Design Technicians

Salary Range6000-8000RMB

How to Apply:


Main Duties and Responsibilities:

        To maintain the design department tools and equipment.

        To prepare and set up equipment and materials for workshop classes

        To ensure and maintain the cleanliness of the classroom.

        To investigate and advise on the supply of materials and liaise with the purchasing department.

        To ensure that the periodic safety testing of electrical equipment is carried out.

        To become familiar with the health and safety issues as they apply to Design Technology within school and assist the Head of Department in their implementation.

        Other tasks allocated by colleagues.


Demands of the Position:

        Bachelor of Design Technology or other relevant majors.

        Experience using and maintaining a range of machine tools and handheld power tools.

        Knowledge of correct health & safety procedures when working with machine tools and handheld tools.

        Willingness to help during lessons, to help supervise and assist the teacher when necessary.

        Good written and verbal communication skills in English.

        Experience in international school is preferred.


Benefits: Free lunch, free shuttle bus, use of Gym and swimming pool and Summer and Winter holidays entitlement.

3. Position: Teaching Assistant of Art

Overview Assist the Art, Music and Drama teachers to prepare the classrooms, teaching tools and organise various academic activities.

Salary Range6000-8000RMB

How to Apply:



        Prepare and arrange the classrooms before class;

        Make detailed record of teaching supplies of the Art department and make timely supplementary purchases;

        Maintain all equipment in the art classrooms;

        Keep the art classrooms clean and tidy 

        Assist the Art teachers to make departmental budget;

        Assist the Art teachers in organising off-campus activities for students;

        Conscientiously complete other tasks assigned by the teaching staff or the Head of School.



        Bachelors degree or above in Art-related major; Major in clothing design is preferred

        Good command of English;

        Be able to work meticulously and in organised way;

        Have a passion in the education industry;

        Be proficient in multimedia application and computer office software;

        Be rigorous, careful, patient, friendly, cooperative and communicative.


Benefits: Free lunch, free shuttle bus, use of Gym and swimming pool and Summer and winter holidays entitlement.


4. Position: Administrative Receptionist

Salary Range6000-9000RMB

How to Apply:



        Greet visitors, and direct them to the appropriate areas of the school. 

        Handle all reasonable requests from members of staff, intended for official school affairs.

        Identify and report any possible security concerns. 

        Ensure the reception area is clean and tidy at all time.

        Ensure that all telephone/office hardware is appropriately maintained and repaired.

        Ensure that all relevant documents, forms, information materials etc., relating to the job of the front desk, are appropriately filed and organised.  

        Answer all calls in a professional manner, taking messages where necessary or transferring the caller appropriately.

        Handle all email communications directed to the front-desk.

        Handle all incoming/outgoing faxes/post/messenger deliveries

        To provide administrative support to academic team. 



        College degree or above. Excellent English skill

        Familiar with office software

        Good at communication; excellent time management and organisation skills

        Be a team player, self-motivated, flexible and adaptable to different tasks at hand 

        Be responsible and have excellent attention to details


Benefits: Free lunch, free shuttle bus, use of Gym and swimming pool and extra paid annual leave.

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