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Mar 14: Communicating Persuasively using DiSC

Learning Objective 学习目标

By the end of the half-day training, participants will be able to get better results from their communication by recognising the core behavioural traits of themselves and their audience then appropriately adapting their communication style. Participants will have a strong understanding of the four DiSC Behavioural Styles and best practices for communicating with each style in different situations.


The workshop will include interactive activities, skills practise and participant sharing to ensure an engaging training where the skills can be applied back at work.


Contents 内容

What will I learn? 我能学到些什么呢?

In this half-day practical workshop you will learn: 你将从这半天的公开课中学习:

• Build awareness of your own communication preferences and analyse how these could be strengths or limitations


• Recognise other’s behavioural styles and priorities and look at how they affect communication results


• Flex your communication style to get the best results using a 4-part communication structure


Target Participants  目标学员

This workshop will benefit first-time leaders looking to influence their team, managers who need to communicate across departments, sourcing teams who need to communicate with vendors and sales executives wishing to improve their connection with clients.


What do I get? 我将得到什么?

• A detailed course manual and other materials


• Refreshments


• British Chamber of Commerce course certificate


Trainer Introduction 主讲人简介 


■ Ben Massen, Senior Intercultural Consultant, Sino Associates

Ben Massen is an Intercultural Coach who helps executives strengthen cultural awareness, build intercultural tools and develop greater cultural competence.
He has trained thousands of professionals from over 50 countries in Greater China, Asia and the UK to work, manage and communicate more effectively. After more than 13 years of experience in training and coaching professional skills in Asia, he has a
deep insight into the expectations of executives with global responsibilities.

As an Everything DiSC Certified Trainer & Behavioral Consultant, Ben coaches leaders to build on their strengths by giving concrete examples of what has been done right, as well as specific actions that can create greater impact and build authentic connections. 



■ John Dorris, Founder and Chief Cultural Officer, Sino Associates

John Dorris is one of the Founders and Chief Cultural Officer of Sino Associates with more than 17 years of training, coaching, and   facilitation experience in Asia, including 15 years of leadership development experience in China. John developed thousands of professionals in leadership   practices across Asia and North America to develop a shared vision for the future, create alignment and drive engagement.
His signature Global Leadership course enables leaders to achieve greater business results across regions and cultures using the 3A© framework for building cultural Awareness, Adapting to diverse teams and business perspectives, and creating improved Access to resources and new markets.
In addition to providing services to corporate clients, John is an adjunct professor for HKU and Duke University on the topics of leadership and coaching. 



Reserve your seat via events@britchamgd.com

or call (020) 8331 5013 ext 602 


Date: Thursday, 14th March 2019

Time: 13:30-17:00

Language: English 

Price: RMB 780 for Members / RMB 980 for Non-Members

Address: The British Centre, 22/F, Guangzhou International Finance Centre, No. 5 Zhujiang Xi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

广州市天河区珠江西路 5号广州国际金融中心22层英国中心

** Cancellation Policy:

If you cannot attend the workshop you registered for, please cancel your registration no later than three business days prior to the workshop. Cancellations of less than three business days will be charged.

** 取消政策: 如您已经报名公开课,但无法如期参加,请最迟于公开课前三个工作日取消预定,否则我们将收取一定的取消费用。  

Contact Us:
020 8331 5013
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