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Membership Spring Sale

During these difficult times, it's time to stay strong and plan for a better future!

With a planned programme of new Industry Focus Groups, a Business Savvy Series, a grand Members Convention and ongoing GBA initiatives,  we are working hard at Britcham GD to ensure that 2020 will be our best year yet for each and every one of you C our Members!

And what's more, we are delighted to announce our Spring Sale C Bigger and more Exciting than ever!

Four Options:

* Early Bird Renewal: renew your corporate membership NOW and enjoy an early-bird price of 5,100,

a saving of 15% of our new membership price.

* Our Start-up Programme: Is your business less than 18 months old employing a team of less than 10? 

Enjoy a very special price of 2,800 + 1 FREE event ticket.

* Our Referral Programme: Introduce your friends and contacts to join our growing community

C and receive an extra 3-month membership for each successful referral.

* 2-Year Membership Reward: Sign up for 2 years and enjoy a 10% discount.

Please click the button to apply, our membership services manager will contact you shortly.

Contact Us:


FAQs for Spring Sale


1.  Early-bird Special: Renew now and Enjoy 15% off the new membership fee


1)     Q: What type of BritCham GD Membership does this programme apply to and when is this program valid from?

        A: Early-bird Special is for Corporate Members only, which will be up until 31st March 2020, when new Corporate Membership fees are raised from 

            5000RMB to 6000RMB.

2)     Q: My corporate membership is due to renew in March 2020. If I renew before April, do I pay the original membership price or do I enjoy the 

            Early-bird Price?

        A: The new Corporate Membership Price C 6000RMB/annum will be effective from 1st April. Your renew will still be at the current membership of 


3)     Q: My company is due to renew in after the 1st April 2020, could I enjoy both the Early-bird Special for my membership renewal and 2-Year 

            Membership Reward programs, if I decided to renew before 1st April, 2020?

        A: Yes C You could enjoy 15% off for your 2-Year Corporate Membership Renewal with the Early-bird Special Rate and an extra 10% off with the 

            2-Year Membership Reward offer, which is 9,180RMB for 2 years membership(= 6000RMB*2 years*(1-15%)*(1-10%)).

4)     Q: We want to join but the payment process may go beyond 1st April, can we still take advantage of the early bird price?

         A: Yes - So long as you send an email to admin@britchamgd.com requesting the early bird offer price, which is received by BritCham GD before 

             1st April, we shall consider it a valid application.



2.  Referral Programme: For each referral, get 3 months extension to your existing membership


1)     Q: What is a successful referral?

        A: A referral is when you refer another company to join BritCham GD as another corporate member, and a successful referral will be when that referred 

            company successfully joins BritCham GD as a result.

2)     Q: When is this referral program valid from?

        A: The referral program is open all year round, which means you can start referral immediately.

3)     Q: What types of referrals as members is applicable?

        A: This program is a like-for-like program, that is:

              i)      Successful referrals of new Corporate Members, Supporting Members and Start-up Programme will be rewarded with 3 months if you yourself 

                      are any one of these types of members.

              ii)     If you are an individual member, if you successful refer any type of member you shall be rewarded with 3 months to your individual membership

              iii)    If you are a corporate, supporting or start-up member and successful refer an individual member, unfortunately this offer does not apply.

4)     Q: If I provide 2 successful referrals does that mean I get 6 months extension on my existing membership?

        A: Yes, that is correct, 3 months of every successful referral of a new corporate, supporting member or start-up.

5)     Q: As a Corporate Members, and I've successfully referred 2 companies to join the Corporate Membership and Supporting Membership together with 

            an additional 2 Start-ups to join BritCham GD, does that mean I get free membership for the

            coming year?

        A: Yes C Each successful referral will be rewarded with 3 months extension. You've successfully referred 4 members in total, which counts for 12 months 

            extension on your membership.

6)     Q: I've successfully referred 2 individual members to the Chamber, could I get extension on my membership form the Referral Programme?

        A: This only applies if you yourself are an individual member; please see above question for  'types of referrals'.


3.  2-Year Membership Reward: Enjoy 10% off for two year BritCham GD membership


1)     Q: Does the 2-Year Membership Reward apply to all membership?

        A: Yes C 2-Year Membership Reward apply to all our membership types (Corporates, Supporting, start-up and individual memberships)

2)     Q: Is this program for new joining members only?

        A: No, this program is offered to new to the Chamber members and existing members; therefore if you would like to renew, you may renew for 2-years

            and enjoy 10% off the membership fee at the time of renewal.

3)     Q: When is this program valid from?

        A: The 2-year renewal program is open all year round, which means you can start renew anytime.

4)     Q: If my company is going to renew at the Early-bird price, can I renew with 2-Year Membership and enjoy an extra 10% off?

        A: Yes C if you renewal date is after 1st April 2020, and you want to renew before that date, you will be able to enjoy both the Early-bird Special Rate 

            (5100RMB) and an extra 10% off with the 2-Year Membership Reward, which is 9180 RMB in total for your 2-year renewal.


4.   Start-up Membership Programme: 2800RMB + 1 Free BritCham GD Event ticket


1 Q: What are the criteria for joining the Start-up Membership Programme?

      A: You will need to provide company certificates to prove you have been registered in last 18 months from applying for the BritCham GD membership, 

          and show that the company employs a team of less than 10. We can show you how this is done during your application.

2 Q: I only satisfy one of the criteria, can I still apply?

       A: We understand that startups vary in size, example: a small factory, which employs 12 people, say, then for these the Chamber team will assess case

           by case.

3 Q: Our startup is not registered in Guangdong, does that matter?

       A: No C at BritCham GD we are open and inclusive to all startups from other parts of China even outside of the Mainland of China. The BritCham GD team 

           will work through with your meeting the criteria for any special cases.

4 Q: We don't know how to provide evidence, can you help in this case?

       A: The BritCham GD team will assist and guide you wherever possible to provide the relevant documentation if you company is registered in China. 

           For other countries it will be case-by-case support where possible.

5 Q: What is the difference as a startup member to a corporate member?

       A: As a startup many of the benefits will similar to corporates benefits, however because we understand the nature of startups, we design specific events 

           and focus groups that cater for startup journeys; we would also be introducing dedicated networking sector by sector for the start ups C the real 

           benefit is the discounted price for startups as we know at this stage of a business, its important to keep costs low.

6 Q: Can I join the Start-up Programme for 2 years and enjoy the 2-Year Membership Reward with an extra 10% off of membership price?

       A: Yes C Joining Start-up Programme for 2 years, you will enjoy a special rate at 5040RMB.

7 Q: At which event can I redeem my free ticket?

       A: Your one free ticket gives you access to any of our Chamber events, including seminars, networking drinks, industry round tables, British Days 

           regardless of your registered location Your ticket is valid for one year form the date of joining the Chamber. Your ticket excludes the following events: 

           Training and Christmas Gala Dinner where you will need to purchase tickets separately.

8 Q: Can anyone in my startup company use the free ticket?

       A: Yes C anyone within your startup can redeem and use the ticket, we shall verify the details with the representative of the startup when redeeming ticket.

Contact Us

Tel: +86(20) 8331 5013

Email: admin@britchamgd.com

Address: Unit 2201B, International Finance CentreNo. 5 Zhujiang Xi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, 510623

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