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May 25: Make Work Report Easier than Before - Excel & PPT Best Practice Course 玩转工作报告-EXCEL/PPT精英训练课程


Britcham Training Series:
Make Work Report Easier than Before
- Excel & PPT Best Practice Course



25th May, 9:00-12:30, Guangzhou


Learning Objective


Did you mad at making work report at the end of each month or year? How can we rapid making our report within large amount of data? How to present such diverse information and data in the most intuitive way in your slide? Why the slides I made have been always not beautiful enough? And for the god sake, who can end the endless overtime?

每逢月底年底,您是否都因为制作工作报告而烦恼? 面对大量的数据,怎么能最快速的整理出需要的报表?
纷繁的信息和数据怎么才能在 PPT 里呈现出最直观的效果?为什么我的 PPT 怎么做都不够美观? 无休止的加班何时才能结束?

Come and join our course, you will find making report can be so easy that you have never thought. Experience the rapid pleasure of completes the data report in 1min. Try the processes of build automatically updated reports and make your work easier than ever before!



  This course will help you to 本次课程将着重于:
  •  The method of making data report quickly
    Excel 数据报表快速制作

•  Skills and tips in PPT slide making


•   PPT typesetting and designing rules and tools

PPT 排版设计方法和工具


What will you learn? 实用的课程将让你掌握:


Learn about how to make the growth analysis, Profit analysis, mission completion analysis report by Excel


Master the skill of Excel Pivot table and Pivot chart


Learn how to use chart and graphic instead of word and data and make it more clearly and intuitive


Master the PPT typesetting rules and skills. Make a better slide than ever before. 



Target audience 目标听众

Fit to the people who often make data report and show it in PowerPoint. Need a mid-high level using skill. We will share more report designing ideas and advanced skills with you. (Senior Level training)

在工作中需要利用Excel处理数据并利用PPT制作工作报告/总结,对于Office 办公软件使用熟练,希望在使用思路和高级技巧方面进一步提升的企业办公人员(高级水平培训)


Reserve your seat via

or call (020) 8331 5013



Date: Thursday, 25 May, 2017
Time: 9:00-12:30
Language: Chinese
Price: RMB 650 for Members / RMB 900 for Non-members
Facility: Attendee needs to bring their own laptop with Office 2010 or above version
Address: The British Centre, 22/F, Guangzhou International Finance Centre, No. 5 Zhujiang Xi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou


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