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[Event] Music Festival 2017 @Shenzhen Bay


2017 第四届 深圳湾国际学校音乐节

The International School of Nanshan Shenzhen (ISNS) is proud to host the 4th Annual Shenzhen Bay International Schools Music Festival of 2017. The Festival aims to bring students from our international schools’ communities together to celebrate our global citizenship through the medium of Arts. Students have been chosen by their various schools to be a part of the festival. Performers range from the age of ten years old to seventeen years old. The festival, this year, will include Choir and Band performances as well as an Art Exhibition. The 2017 festival will be at the Poly Theatre with an expected audience of 1000+ people.

深圳南山国际学校非常自豪地宣布我们学校将主办2017年第四届深圳湾国际学校音乐节。来自各所国际学校的学生们可以借此次音乐节,通过艺术媒介使我们国际大家庭欢聚一堂 。各所学校已经选出参与此次音乐节的学生代表,表演者包括从十岁至十七岁的学生。今年的音乐节除了合唱团和乐队演出外,还将进行艺术展览。

Our Choral Director this year is Jena Dickey (USA). Ms. Dickey is the Artistic Director of the Sing A Mile High Children’s Choir Festival as well as the Founder/Artistic Director of the Young Voices of Colorado Choirs.
今年音乐节的合唱指挥家是来自美国的Jena Dickey。 Ms. Dickey 是SAMH儿童合唱音乐节的艺术总监,同时也是科罗拉多州合唱团少年音的创始人及艺术总监。

Our guest Choir Conductor for a Chinese piece is Lexuan Zhang (China). Ms. Zhang has been teaching at ISNS for four years as a music teacher and choral director. She taught in the U.S. public school system as a music teacher and is an American Kodaly Certified teacher.
我们其中一首中文歌曲的嘉宾指挥是来自中国的张乐瑄。Ms. Zhang作为ISNS音乐老师及合唱团指挥已拥有四年教学经验。她曾就职于美国公立学校,并且是一名美国认证柯达伊教学法的教师。

Our Band Director is Miranda Godkin (Canada). Ms. Godkin has been teaching at ISNS for six years in which she has fulfilled the role of Band Director. She is an experienced conductor having worked in this field for more than ten years. Her principal instrument is the trumpet and she has been a member of various jazz bands, orchestras and ensembles.
我们的音乐节乐队指挥是来自加拿大的Miranda Godkin。Ms. Godkin作为ISNS的乐队指挥拥有六年的教学经验。她也是经验丰富的乐团总监,有着超过十年的从业经历。她的主奏乐器是小号,并且是众多爵士乐队,管弦乐队和合奏团的成员。

Eight international schools are collaborating for this year’s festival, ISNS, BASIS, ISD, BCIS, SWIS, RDF, Green Oasis School and SAIS.

The repertoire caters to a multicultural audience, supporting both our local and international communities ranging from China, New Zealand, Southern Africa and North America. Genres covered are traditional Chinese, Maori, African gospel and American Jazz among others.

ISNS has made it possible for tickets to be complimentary. We would like to invite you to celebrate this exciting international musical experience with us.

This year, we are excited to introduce a visual arts exhibition component. This will celebrate the artwork of students from all participating schools and will highlight artwork from all grade levels. The art exhibition will run from April 9-14 in the ISNS Exhibition Space. Viewing the exhibition will be by appointment from 3-6pm from Monday-Thursday. There will be a closing night celebration on April 14th from 5-8pm, which all participating schools and artists are invited to attend. The exhibition will be juried by local artists from ISZAF (International Shenzhen Artist Forum) who will select the top two works from each school. These chosen artworks will be showcased at the Poly theatre during the main musical performance on April 15th, and will receive a “Best in Show” award.

Event date and time: April 15th, 5pm

For ticket information please contact us at

Shenzhen Bay Music Festival 2017
Sponsorship Package RMB15,000

1. Company name and logo display on all materials: podium backdrop, banners, brochures.
2. Recognition in announcements during the event.
3. Sponsoring company logo displayed on ISNS website and Music Festival Promotional Material with hyperlink to Company website.
4. Option to have promotional materials for audience of 1000+ people and space at the event location (Poly theater).
5. Featured in program and ISNS Newsletter + ISNS wechat platform.
6. Music festival DVD with sponsorship logos distribution.

Please contact: Karen Berrouard | Director of Admissions and Public Relations in International School of Nanshan Shenzhen

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